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| Added: 2006-10-29
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Today we got a visit from a hot little 20 year old blonde named Bailey Skye who tells us that she has only done a few porn scenes. She immediately got Dogfart's attention when she came in asking specifically for a shot at a big black dick. "If you let me fuck a whoppin' black snake, I'll gladly let him blast off in my mouth, and swallow it all!" That's one request we never turn down, so we turned her loose on John E. Depth and his pussy pounder and she started counting orgasms! This is a great scene with really hot fucking, screaming orgasms, and a first class ending that has her kneeling down and sucking off his throbbing black monster and taking every drop in her open mouth. Then she shows it off for the camera, and as promised, swallows it down with a sticky smile! Bailey admitted that in her private life she has only fucked 5 guys, but only one of them was white. She prefers the dark meat!
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