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| Added: 2006-10-29
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Today we got a visit from a hot little 20 year old blonde named Bailey Skye who tells us that she has only done a few porn scenes. She immediately got Dogfart's attention when she came in asking specifically for a shot at a big black dick. "If you let me fuck a whoppin' black snake, I'll gladly let him blast off in my mouth, and swallow it all!" That's one request we never turn down, so we turned her loose on John E. Depth and his pussy pounder and she started counting orgasms! This is a great scene with really hot fucking, screaming orgasms, and a first class ending that has her kneeling down and sucking off his throbbing black monster and taking every drop in her open mouth. Then she shows it off for the camera, and as promised, swallows it down with a sticky smile! Bailey admitted that in her private life she has only fucked 5 guys, but only one of them was white. She prefers the dark meat!
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My wife's name is Caroline and mine is Joe. We are both very successful business persons in our early thirties. We have been married for five years. I am the owner of a thriving insurance agency and my wife is an insurance underwriter. We had met when she was my underwriter and had gotten married a year later. We are very much in love and have become each other's best friends. Many had given me credit for being able to melt Caroline's rather aloof demeanor. While she is a very nice person, she had come from a privileged background and at times could seem rather snotty. This personality combined with a dynamite body, pretty face framed by a brown page boy hair style and a deep husky voice made her a very desirable, sexy woman. Many of my friends commented that I was a very lucky man. We were in the process of moving into a new home, one that was rather large and perfect for raising kids. 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They had met at church, Julie's father, the Reverend Anderson, had introduced her to the shy and quiet George Sommers five years ago when George was forty-five and Julie was twenty-eight. Reverend Anderson was overprotective of his daughter and had spirited her off to an all-girls private school as soon as she was old enough to attend. Her father had kept one eye on her after Hot Interracial Sex Bailey Skye Blacks On Blondes Bailey Skye at Black Dick Girls Her head bobbed back and forth along the long black shaft, now glistening with her saliva, while her hands caressed his muscular thighs and ass. Caroline did things to Roy's cock that she had until then never thought of doing before. She sucked on his nuts and at one point Roy turned and had her lick his ass clean. He was really treating her like a slut and she was loving it. She tried a couple of times to deep throat Roy's dark member but each time she gagged violently after getting about 2/3 of him down her throat. 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