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| Added: 2006-10-29
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I got to shoot Shame's gun today. He took me to the furthest corner of our property so that pa wouldn't hear the gunshots. It made me feel ten feet tall to shoot such a powerful weapon. I was awkward, but in Shame's hands, it was an extension of his body. Afterwards, Shame ruffled my hair and we rode back to the house. Shame's presence made me feel safe, safer then I did with pa. Bodie's men definitely left us alone whenever Shame was around. "Run along now boy, I got work to do," said Shame mussing my hair with his big hand. "Aw, alright," I said kicking the dirt as I handed him back the revolver. Reluctantly, I began the long walk back home. I passed my sister on the way. She was in one of her moods and ignored me. ******************** Shame looked up at the hot sun and grinned. It was bath time. He hopped on his horse and galloped along the edge of the property towards the spring. As he approached the spring, he dismounted and led his horse through the bush. Mary was just lowering herself into the spring. The young girl was a vision. She was the spitting image of her mother only twenty years younger. Mary's skin was unmarred and tanner then her mother's, from her excursions to the watering hole. Her breasts were nearly as large as Hetty's already. They were big and proud with long, upthrust nipples. Her bush was as blonde as her hair, but Shame already knew this, he had been watching her for a week. Shame watched her for an hour. The girl liked to swim and wash her hair. After bathing, she would lie nude in the sun and let her hair dry. Once, Shame had even watched her experiment with touching herself. The girl was just emerging from the spring when the cowboy walked out of the bushes. He was leading his horse, another mounted cowboy followed him. Mary screamed when she saw them. The walking cowboy moved swiftly, grabbing Mary around the waist. "Whoa, lookie here at this pretty filly," he said pawing at her breasts. 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Jerry looked at his sexy wife sitting on the bed with the dirty story magazine lying next to her. She was nude and had her legs spread wide. He could see the light reflecting off the moisture between her legs. He stripped off his suit and was inserting his hard dick into her pussy in less then a minute. Her nails dug into his back as he slammed his dick repeatedly into her hot pussy. Jerry came quickly, but he was a generous lover, making sure she climaxed just before he did. Terri climbed out fom under him and went to go clean up. "Thank god for dirty stories," he muttered patting the forum magazine. Their sex life had gone down the tubes during ten years of marriage until he had introduced his once shy and conservative wife to porn stories. They had gone from fucking once a month to three times a week. She had even loosened up, talking dirty, dressing sexier, even wearing a tiny bikini to the beach last year. He grabbed the magazine and started reading. 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"I read most of the stories and they were good, but it was all interracial crap." "Sorry, it didn't look interracial when I bought it." "I know, false advertising. Just don't buy anything from Black Coks Bailey Skye Blacks On Blondes Bailey Skye at Blacks On Blondes Freeones of Shame's cock. Each inch seemed to prolong her orgasm until she couldn't take the pleasure anymore and collapsed on his chest. When she recovered, Shame had turned her over and was rapidly pounding his cock into her. She wrapped her legs around his back and began raising her hips into his thrusts. "Do you like my cock ma'am," he grunted. "Oh god, I love it," said Hetty through gritted teeth. "Tell me to fuck you." "Fuck me Shame, fuck me," she moaned. "Do you like it's size?" "Yes," she screamed having a small orgasm. "I love your big cock. Fuck me with your big cock." "Only black cock's get this big," he said hunching over to kiss her neck. "Fuck me with your big black cock Shame. I love your black cock." 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"Why Shame," she said lowering herself in the water up to her neck, "what are you doing here?" "I saw you coming out here Miss Mary and thought I had better check on you." "You were worried about me?" she asked. She was really starting to feel funny. Her nipples were hard and she could feel her heart beating as she remembered him running his hands all over her body to see if she was hurt. "I was worried. It ain't safe for a beautiful girl like you to be out here alone." An excited shiver ran down her spine when he called her beautiful. "You're right Shame, maybe you could stay and keep an eye on me?" she asked. Funny but this was her private time. The one time of the day when she felt free of her family and chores. She valued thie time more then anything, but she wanted Shame to stay. "I'd be happy to keep an eye on you," said Shame getting off his horse. He took off his hat and wiped the sweat of his brow. "It sure is a hot one." Mary stared at him a moment, her mind racing. "W-why don't you join me?" "I'd love to Miss Mary, but I can't swim." "The water's not that deep and I can keep you afloat where it is." "Alright then," said Shame Multiracial Relationship Bailey Skye Blacks On Blondes Chayse Evans Blacks On Blondes I didn't hear gunfire." Shame looked grim when he said, "A man is what he is Caleb. Someday you'll understand." He then mounted his horse and turned it. I knew he wasn't going back to our house. "Oh Shame, don't go," I yelled trying to follow him. "Shame come back. Shame......" I could hear Bodie's men laughing from the saloon as I collapsed crying while Shame rode off. ******************** Some months later, I got a brother and became an uncle within weeks of each other. My brother had skin as dark as Shame. My nephew's skin was a little more milky colored. The bastards humiliated my pa and Bodie moved in on our land, destroying everything pa had built. My pa and I both ended up working for Bodie driving his cattle. My ma and pa stayed together. At first, pa had been furious with ma, but they came to some kind of agreement. They spent a lot of time together in their bunkhouse on Bodie's ranch and both seemed happy for a while, though ma would stare wistfully down the road Shame had appeared on from time to time. Pa took most of his frustration out on my sister and he drove her away. She became the town whore, servicing Bodie's cowboys for $5.00 a lay from a room at the saloon. Slim blew a lot of his money on her. Unfortunately, Pa had been right and the days off the free range rancher were over. More homesteaders came until Bodie just gave up and retired with his fortunes. Homesteaders even moved in on our old land. Being jobless, I decided to move on. Pa was a worthless drunk then and ma had lost all her looks. I didn't even say goodbye to them though I did stop to see my sister. She said, she'd quit whoring when she found the man who could satisfy her. She was about thirty then, but looked ten years older. It was then that I decided to go after Shame. He was easy to find. I just followed the trail of black children. They got younger as I closed in on him. Finally, near the dawn of a new century, I found him in a small town in Utah. I knew I was getting close. The half-breed baby in the last town had been less then a year old. I crested a ridge and looked down on a ranch. Shame was there talking to a young women as he mended a fence. The sunlight reflected off his black skin and his now silver hair. As I stared down at my old hero, all the hatred fled me. I didn't hate Shame, he had turned me into a man. I grew tough defending my little black relatives and working for Mr Bodie, roughing up homesteaders. Without Shame, I would have grown up a dirt farmer, afraid of defending myself like father. I turned away from him and rode off in the direction of the setting sun. "A man is what he is," Shame had said to me. Well Shame was what he was. He rode into our town in the summer of '89. He turned a boy into a man and left behind him what he was....Shame. The End