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Over the holidays I got to see a side of my wife that I've never seen before. My office party was held in a dance club this year. My wife likes to dance and is really fond of the holidays so we went expecting to have the time of our lives. I was in a great mood and was looking forward to a little flirtation with a few of the girls from the office and to a night of drinking Mandingo Brothers Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Interacial Fucking Note: This story contains characters from "Everybody Loves Raymond's Wife" and though it is not necessary, that story should be read first to better enjoy this one. "I'm so glad you showed up for class today," said Darlene Duncan as she swallowed the last of Jamal's sperm. "My husband's away again, maybe you and your father can come over tonight?" "Maybe," said Jamal putting his massive cock away after his teacher had kissed it one last time. "How's old Raymond taking the new you anyway?" Raymond had watched his wife turn into a slut before his eyes as the two black men broke her in on his marital bed. "He's hanging on. I think he feels really emasculated after seeing yours and Malcom's giant pricks. "Are you surprised?" Jamal didn't wait for an answer. "I gotta get going. If dad or I ain't busy, we might stop by and give you what you need." ***************** "No fucking way. I don't fucking believe it," said Dan. "She attacked your cock like she was in love with it or something." Dan had watched Mrs Duncan give Jamal a blow job from the door window of her class room. "Told you," growled Jamal. "Once they get the taste of a really big cock, I can turn any woman into a slut." Dan the school's quarterback blushed. Until seeing Jamal in the showers, he had been damn proud of his dick, but the black man seemed twice as big as Dan in every way, dick length, girth, even the black man's biceps and chest measurements put Dan to shame and Dan was a husky guy. If Jamal had been more skilled with a football, he could have been quarterback. Even with a minor position on the team, every member, Dan included, saw Jamal as their leader. Dan was sure that penis envy had something to do with it. Still, Dan was jealous of the hung black man. Jamal had fucked half the cheerleading squad, and he had now witnessed Mrs Duncan, a teacher he idolized and had a crush on, turn into a slut when Jamal walked into her room and pulled his pants down. Dan pulled out the twenty he owed Jamal for losing this bet. "You may have nailed Mrs Duncan, but there's plenty of women you can't fuck." "Wanna bet?" said Jamal with a cocky grin. "You're on, double or nothing, but I get to pick the girl." "Go on." "I pick the girl and you have until the prom to get in her pants, that's just over a month. There has got to be penis-pussy penetration or you lose. "Who'd you have in mind?" "Her," said Dan pointing. Samanatha Reynolds had just rounded the corner. As Jamal turned to look, she tripped over her own feet, she didn't fall, but the huge pile of books in her hands went all over the floor. She kicked one against the lockers as she tried to pick it up. "I'm pretty sure she's a virgin, Dan." "Can't do it huh, big man?" "I can do it little man. It'll just take some work. What say we up the stakes? If I win, I get to fuck Trisha." "I can't bet my girlfriend." "Don't have much confidence in her, do you?" "Sure I do, besides there's no way your going to fuck Sam within a month. What's in it when I win?" "I'll give you a thousand dollars, but when I win you got to leave me alone with Trisha for a couple nights." Trisha had been dating Dan several years. Jamal had fucked her two best friends and he knew she was curious about him. He had been planning to fuck her before the year was out anyway. Dan was still in shock from the thousand dollar offer. He was restoring a hot rod and the money would sure help. "Deal," he said shaking Jamal's hand. Jamal spun around just as Samantha kicked a book at his feet. He bent down and picked it up handing it to her. "Thanks Jamal,"she said looking shyly towards the floor. "How are things Sam?" Samantha was a nerdy girl. She had long raven black hair always pulled back, dark piercing eyes and black glasses perched on her nose. She was one of those weird girls who always dressed in black, which included black nail polish and reddish-black lipstick. She had a nice body, but hid it under bulky pants and sweaters. Back when he was a geek, she had been the only girl who talked to him. He had jerked off thinking about her many a night before becoming enhanced. "Oh how nice, the big popular boy has lowered himself enough to talk to the social outcast." "I've missed you Sam." "I missed you too, that is I missed the real Jamal. Not this testosterone-crazed, muscle bound gorilla you've become." "I'm sorry, I've been an ass. Let me make it up to you, how about a movie tonight?" Samantha turned white as a ghost. Had he just asked her out? She'd never been on a date before. Not that it mattered, she could never date a black guy, Cuckold Phone Sex Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Bellamaria at Blacks On Blondes Celine began to feel dizzy and left to go to the bathroom. As I left the room I watched as both men took Susan in their arms and danced with her. After I took a leak I stopped in the bedroom to lie down for a few minutes. I could hear the music and laughter in the living room and knew that they would not miss me for a few minutes. About 15 minutes later I got up and started down Black On Blondes Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Suckin Black Cock New Year". What could I say. This guy is my boss. "Sure. Yea. We will do it again soon. Happy New Year". I turned and walked out. Later that day I saw Mike go into Steve's office. I watched as they laughed together. I can only guess as to what they were talking about. I'm new to this feeling but I love it. 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