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"All you have to do is wear this every night for a month," said Dr Conger. Trisha reached out and took the device. It was pretty simple, a small headband with electrodes attached. "You really think this will work?" "In theory. As you know it's experimental. It should bombard your subconcious mind with images of working out and eating right. We recorded the images from a woman just like you who used to be overweight, but became somewhat fanatical about working out. Having these images bombard your brain every night for a month should make working out become a habit. I hope to see results within days of your wearing it." A before picture of the woman sat on the doctor's desk. She had been even fatter then Trish was now. Her new picture showed her in a scandalously small bikini and Trisha had trouble believing it was the same woman. "All I have to do is wear this while I sleep and you will pay me $1000?" The doctor smiled and nodded. Trisha really had nothing to lose, even if it didn't work she'd get the money, she and her husband were struggling their way through college. Trisha had found the doctor's ad in a local magazine in a strategically placed spot in her apartment. She was sure George had left it out for her to find. Trisha was about 50 pounds heavier now then when she had started college her freshman year when she had met and married George. Her fit, young body was gone, probably forever as she hated exercising and loved food. Trisha was very aware that her husband was no longer sexually attracted to her. They had known each other four years, been married three, and gone from sex four times a week to hardly ever. True, they were both always tired between classes and work, but she was sure it was because of her weight problem more then anything. Trisha returned to her classes and went to work at the diner where she waited tables and her husband worked the grill. She got off before George and she went home, changing into bulky sweats. Her big rear and saggy breasts jiggled as she walked to the bedroom with the headband in her hand. She put it on, finding it barely noticable and went to sleep. ************ Michelle put the headband on and let her hair fall over it so that it wasn't noticable. Tyrone had called her into his office and she was disapointed to see the two doctors there, assuming the giant black man had wanted a blow job or a piece of her ass, she hadn't expected to see he had company. Tyrone stood. "These men wanted a girl with a positive workout ethic, who excercises her Black Cock Suckers Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Mandingo Length My name is Leasa. I work in Silicon Valley at a well know software firm as a marketing manager. I am 5'7", 118 and blonde and blue eyed. At 30 I've kept my body in good shape: 36C-24-35. Needless to say, I was voted prettiest girl in both my high school and my college senior class. Because of this most men have always been awkward and hesitant to approach me. I never had to learn to say "no" because the men were usually too insecure to approach me. I met my husband in the Valley, fell in love and got married last fall. Shortly thereafter a much older, black maintenance man at my company, named Amos, started flirting with me and asking me out to lunch. I, of course, would decline as politely and diplomatically as I could but I always felt awkward doing so. I told my husband about this but he would just laugh it off and joke about it. After all, he had seen Amos and knew he was well over 60, fat, missing a tooth or two, and just a homely man. Then, after a few weeks of this, one day Amos kind of cornered me in one of the hallways when no one else was around. "Hey sweets, you ready to go to lunch wit me yet?' he asked with a big smile showing a few missing teeth. "Amos, now you know I'm married wouldn't be right," I stammered. But my hesitation just seemed to make him work harder at his objective. "Aw, c'mon baby, give a man a break. I's just wants to take you to lunch. Don't make an old man feel put down!" he said with this pained look on his face. I knew he was playing with me but still it all felt so awkward and difficult. "Well...I can't really..." "Baby, Blacks On Blondes Trailers Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Bellamaria at Big Black Cocks to be honest, I've been very...well, horny lately." "Oh...that's nothing unusual. People who work out usually have a higher sex drive, it goes with the excercise as well as the self confidence they feel. "I have been feeling more self confident." "Good. Then it's nothing you're concerned about?" "No, actually I'm pretty pleased with how things are going. I should be paying you." ************* "Talk bitch," growled Tyrone smacking her ass. Michelle was bent over his desk getting fucked from behind. "Fuck me Tyrone. Gimme that big black cock. I wish my husband could fuck like this. Your cock is so big, it makes me cum every time." "Fuckin slut. You got a body built for black cock." "I love black cock. I don't even like fucking my husband any more, his white prick doesn't do anything for me. I'll do anything you want, my body belongs to you." "You remember when you said, you can never get enough black cock?" "Yes, yes, god yes, getting close baby." "Well, I got a surprise coming for you next week Michelle." "Cumming!" ************ Trisha woke up from the dream, a dumb grin on her face, her body tingling from the orgasm. Damn, a dream could make her cum, but George's little worm could never do it. He was so pathetic. Trisha went jogging. She was still overwieght, but her midriff didn't hang out over her sweats and her ass jiggled now instead of shaking like an earthquake was hitting. "Yo yo, how ya doin baby?" Trisha looked up. She had been trying to remember the dream and forgotten to cross the street to get away from the blacks. It was early and there were only two playing a little one on one. She stopped, breathing heavily, and walked up to the fence. One whistled at her, checking out her body and she said, "You don't think I'm too fat?" "No baby, I like some meat on my women." "Yeah bro, more cushion for the pushin," said the other. "I'd do anything for a sexy white woman like you. Why don't you come in here and let us check you out better?" "Ok." The blacks grinned and high fived as she walked over to the gate. They were kids, probably seniors in high school, but then they should be in school now, so were probably drop outs. Both were tall, over six feet, wiry, with lean muscular bodies. Both men had negroid features, big lips, flat nose, were very dark skinned, and resembled each other enough to be brothers. Both had shaved heads, but one had a large mustache like an upside down horseshoe. One wore a tank top, the other had his shirt off. Their baggy shorts had holes in them Bick Black Dick Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Mandingo Women best friend. "Fill my white pussy with your black meat," she screamed. He looked at her oddly. Reggie ran out on the football field blowing kisses at the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders. The new draft pick had fucked half of them already and they couldn't get enough of his twelve inch cock. The entire squad had promised an orgy for the black team members if they won. Reggie new the orgy would happen even if they lost, every one of them was a complete slut when it came to the black team members. Missy had lost a lot of weight to fit in her wedding gown as she married the man of her dreams. He was rich, handsome, and great in bed. Something snapped in her the moment the preacher said, "I now pronounce you man and wife." She couldn't put her finger on it, but something was different. That night at the airport hotel for the first time, she failed to cum as she rode her husband's hard cock. She knew what was missing the minute she got off the plane in Jamaica. "What are you doing. I only bought that as a joke?" asked her husband, knowing how his wife didn't like showing off much skin. Missy had stripped and put on the tiny, indecent string bikini and was heading for the door. "There's a beach out there filled with black natives. I'm gonna go get me some real men." "You too huh," said the one girl coming up to the woman standing outside the prison. The woman nodded. This was prime fishing grounds. Late in the afternoon, the prison released a black inmate. The girls whistled at him. "Need a place to stay hunk?" Tyrone was handsome, built, and hung. He had always been a stud, but even he was surprised by the number of horny white sluts joining his gym. He ended up canceling all white male memberships and turning his gym all female, except for his black friends of course. "Do I get the job?" asked Betty, her tongue licking a drop of sperm off her cheek. Fat Ted looked down between his legs and nodded at his newest stripper. She would join the other innocent looking housewife he'd hired yesterday. The mostly black clientel in this all black neighboorhood would love these two. The nudie bar business sure was getting strange. "I understand," said George. Trisha looked at him surprised. "I'm incapable of pleasing you, it's only natural that you fuck black men. I'd like to come with you next time you fuck one." Later, George was staring as hungrily at Mark's black cock as she was, but all the black man would do was let George clean out her cum filled pussy and ass when he was done using her body. The End