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Joseph Savior was cleaning the family room of the four-bedroom colonial, cleaning and waiting for the calm that occurred only at night in their busy home. The odd and relaxing silence that sleeping kids would bring. Oh sure, a few giggling outbursts or requests for water from the children, but then as they drifted off the blessed silence would come. Mary was upstairs putting the children to bed. Four of them. From ten year old hellion, David, to three year old Beth. With eight year old, Tommy and six year old Faith in between. Four busy kids. While Mary was upstairs with the kids, Joseph straightened up the ground floor of the home. Mary and Joseph alternated the jobs of child-bedder and home-straightener. Putting the Sega away, picking up the books and CDs, clearing the kitchen counters, loading the dishwasher and generally improving the appearance of the home for the morning when the kids would descend and start their day anew. As tomorrow was Saturday, the mayhem would continue all day, Joseph reminded himself ruefully. Upstairs, Mary was reading Beth a book. Beth was just starting to lose focus on her mother; her blinking eyes taking longer each time to reopen. Mary read the mechanically, putting less character and volume into her voice as Beth started to nod off. Deep down, Mary was wrestling with a large problem. How to tell her husband, Joseph about the URGE. Because THE URGE was upon her. It had started two weeks ago as the tiniest suggestion in her head and built steadily until tonight it captivated her waking moments, bouncing around powerfully in her skull. THE URGE. Mary hoped Joseph would take it well. Not lay too much Catholic guilt on her. THE URGE was impervious to criticism, but Mary was not. Why do I have these thoughts, she asked herself sadly? Why? As Beth drifted off, Mary closed the book and crept out of the bedroom. In the bathroom, she examined herself in the large half mirror. Mary Savior, wife and mother at thirty-six years. The Classic Soccer Mom. Had the minivan and suburban house. Identified herself first as a mother, second as a wife, third as a lover. Stood five foot nothing in her stocking flat feet; weighed between 125 pounds when she was exercising to 140 pounds when her period was in and she guiltily indulged herself in forbidden sweets and happened to be off her exercise regimen. Shoulder-length blond hair and light blue eyes. Mary would describe herself as average. Just average. Two B cup breasts after the four children; somewhat saggy with traceries of light blue veins; a stomach that pooched out slightly no matter which diet or how hard it was exercised. The bellybutton which frowned downward. The stretch marks, tiny white scars on her tummy and thighs and butt. The marks she bore for her children. Firmly resigned to wearing only one-piece bathing suits to hide her marks. Turning around and looking back over her shoulder, Mary checked to see how her bottom appeared through her work slacks. Oh yeah. The ever-present slight sag of her butt, years ago her best feature. She sighed and left the bathroom. Time to talk with Joseph. Joe was sitting at the dining room table paying the bills when Mary rejoined him. He gazed up at her fondly, his wife of 13 years. He loved everything about her. He was comfortable about her body and her pretty face. Any chance? On a Friday night? Probably not. They were generally worn out after work and coming home to fix dinner and be with the kids. She sure looked down about something. "Kids go down all right?" "Yes," Mary answered dutifully. "Beth was nodding off before I finished Winnie the Pooh. The boys are quiet. I think Faith is already asleep." She sat down next to him at the large table. She sighed. That's how Joseph knew it was talking time. "Anything the matter, hon?" he asked anxiously, wondering what it could be. "You need something?" Mary looked up at him. She didn't want to say the words. Didn't want to see the look of pain in his eyes. Again. She fought for the words and the context to put them in. She lost and just ended up blurting it out miserably. "I... I... I have THE URGE, Joe. I have the URGE and I'm so sorry..." she gushed, tears springing to her eyes. Joe felt the heat rush to his face as he stared at his wife. Not anger--he loved her too much for that--but he felt the distress and the guilty Black Cock Movie Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Black Cock Stars His finger probed her asshole, then eased into it as she bit her tongue against the pain. He pushed his finger all the way inside her, ignoring her squeaks and groans of pain as he pumped it slowly up and down in her rectum. He curled it upwards against her tailbone and jerked up a little, forcing her ass to jerk up. He grinned and began jerking up again and again, pulling against her tailbone, jerking her up like a fish caught on a hook. Each time he pulled her ass up he thrust into her hard, then eased out as he let her ass back down. He watched her ass bounce up and down as he fucked it, her moans and groans sweet music to his ears. He slid his cock out so only the tip was inside her. " Beg for it, white girl," he sneered. She didn't reply. "I said beg me for it, slut! Beg for my cock!" "P... p... please," she whimpered. "Please what, slut?" "Please, fuck me," she whined. "Fuck you? You want me to fuck your little white pussy?" "Please," she sobbed. "Say it, whore. Say fuck me with your big nigger cock!" "Please fuck me! Please fuck me with your big nigger cock!" "Say more, slut? Tell me what you want." "Fuck me! Fuck me with your nigger cock! I want your nigger cock!" "Where, white girl?" "In... in my... my cunt. I want it in my cunt!" "You want me to stick it up that shiny little pink twat?" "Yes," she moaned. "Stick it in my cu... cunt! Fuck me with your big niggeAAAAHHHhhgghghgh!!" He buried twelve inches of thick black cock in her with one mighty thrust. She Blacks On Blondes Free Clips Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Bellamaria at Xxx Black Dick the tape off the opening in the wall, she inserted a nail file from her bag and pried the square from her glory hole and set it aside. She cleaned around her wall opening; made it clean and ready for its intended purpose. She felt almost giddy. Her pussy felt loose and wet as she finished her work. Mary removed the Polaroid camera and set it carefully aside. Last, but not least, she pulled a rectangular neoprene kneeling mat out of her bag and set it down on the floor in front of her glory hole. Now she was ready. She pulled her top off over her head and folded it neatly into her bag. She unclasped her bra and pulled it off. Her titties felt heavy and her nipples tingled excitedly. Now she was absolutely ready--naked except for her skirt and sandals. "I'm ready, Joe," she called softly. "Okay," Joe answered. He took a deep breath. This was the hard part--selecting the men who wouldn't mind some action--the ones who wouldn't be offended enough to refuse and then call the State Police. Judging strictly by appearance which men were alone and which had women or families waiting for them. Offering his wife to other men didn't come easy to Joseph, regardless of the raging hard- on he would inevitably get. He left the bathroom and went back out into the lobby. Looking casually at the wall map, he also scanned the approaches to the building. He didn't have long to wait. An old black man, about fifty or sixty years old shambled up the sidewalk, his back bent; his work clothes straight out of Sears and Roebuck. A suitable candidate if he was willing. As the black man pulled the glass door open, Joe was already walking back into the men's bathroom. He took his place at one of the sinks and turned the water on. He called urgently to Mary. "Got one coming--black guy." The old black guy entered the bathroom and went to the urinal. Joe watched him fumble with the front of his pants and fish himself out. Seconds later, the old guy peed weakly into the urinal. Mary was sitting on the toilet in exited anticipation. She stroked her slit lightly, feeling her liquid excitement; waiting for the moment. She could hear the gentleman peeing and waited for Joe to make the approach. Her mouth started to water. A black guy! Joe tended to use the most direct approach to these men so they wouldn't get spooked into thinking he was offering them a blowjob. His heart in his throat, Joe approached the black guy as he zipped up. "My wife is in the last stall. She wants to give you a blowjob. If you step into the third stall, she'll do whatever you want..." The old black guy goggled at Joe. He looked away and then up at the ceiling before shuffling past Joe to peer down the line of stalls. Mary heard Joe's offer. She moved her legs towards the door so the man could see her feet with her painted toenails. The old black guy turned back on Joe. "Yeah... Yes sir, I'd like that." Joe pointed over to the third stall and the black guy headed in. Mary slid off the pot and down onto her cushion. She peered thru the hole. The old black guy peered curiously at her. "Bring it here," Mary breathed, and the old guy responded. He unzipped and pulled his black cock out. It was a long, uncut, ebony cock of medium girth. It hung down. The black guy picked his limp member up with his right hand and stepped up to Mary's gloryhole. Mary watched this gnarled old cock come at her face. She grasped the limp cock with her right hand and rubbed it slowly over her cheeks, luxuriating in its warmth. It responded slightly, growing thicker, but not able to support itself. Maybe the guy was too old. It didn't matter. Mary sniffed him where his cock met his balls. The old guy's meat smelled of manly sweat. His cock had a powerful smell that set Mary off. She skinned his head back slightly. This was only the second uncircumcised penis she had ever done. They were a weird turn-on for her. It was clean under there so Mary put his cock right into her mouth and started sucking the old black guy. She would have sucked him if he had been dirty anyway... Joe opened Mary's stall door. Her eyes were closed as she performed, sucking up and down that cock, lubricating it with her abundant saliva as she worked. She made a slight motion with two fingers for Joe. He bent down and picked up the camera. The room was quiet except for her avid sucking and Big Black Cocks Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Mandingo Redhead his wife moaned. She had told him before that the act of a man cumming in her mouth was a huge turn-on for her. She liked the thought of being able to coax them to shoot off just by using her mouth. He snapped another pic dutifully. The boy's cock must have finally gotten ultra-sensitive because he backed away from Mary. "That was so fucking good," he gushed enthusiastically, "that was just so fucking good..." "I'm glad you liked it. You have a beautiful taste sweetie," she said blushingly. The boy blinked at her incredulously and then smiled sheepishly. "Thanks." The third boy, the black-haired one, entered the stall. His buddies had moved off, guarding the door to the men's while they chattered excitedly in low tones about their experiences. The youth dropped his shorts and kicked them off, along with his shoes. Don't kids wear underwear anymore? Mary wondered as she spied his rigid penis jutting out of a hairy groin. Mary slowly laid back down on her mat and the boy knelt between her spread legs. He didn't waste time on niceties. His penis speared Mary's cum-filled snatch and he commenced to fuck her on the floor, boning her with short fast strokes that kind of took the wind out of her as he rested on his elbows above her. He did the classic push-up position over Mary, resting is weight on his arms; his body never touching hers except where their organs met. His face was near hers-his eyes were closed in concentration. She watched his face as he worked inside her. The stall was filled with the sound of him exerting himself and the slap of his groin meeting hers. Joe snapped a Polaroid. Soon Mary felt his strokes reaching deeper and faster into her. She reached out and grasped the young man's buttocks with both hands and helped drive him down into her. He was pile-driving her now and she raised her butt cheeks off the mat to enhance his fuck. "Where do you want it huh? In you or on you?" he panted. "Pull out and shoot on me," she whispered, releasing her hands from his ass-cheeks. The youth gasped and popped his boner out of Mary. He shot streamers of white goo onto her stomach and chest and then rubbed himself furiously up and down her pubic triangle, coaxing his spend out, shooting dying spurts up to fill her navel with his sperm. "Yes, yes, that's it," she coaxed him, watching him excitedly. She felt so randy-she and Joe would have to fuck once more back at the motel just to help her unwind from this evening. She had loved these young men. The boy finally came to his senses and backed off Mary, admiring his handiwork. Mary watched his eyes as she idly trailed her index finger through his ejaculate. She fished around in her belly-button and then put the creamy digit into her mouth. The boy goggled at her. "Shit you're hot, lady," he gasped. "You're really hot,". She blushed in appreciation. The boy rose shakily to his feet and dressed as Mary rested. The semen on her belly and chest slowly cooled as she waited. Finally, the boy left the stall and she heard them outside slapping high fives as they exited the bathroom. Joe peered in and then snapped a pic of his cum-spattered wife. "You ready, hon?" "Yes," Mary answered, rising tiredly to her feet and slipping her skirt back on. She put her bra in her bag and pulled her shirt over her head. The fabric clung to her skin where the wet deposits of spunk were. She felt sated. She packed up her gear and carefully replaced the missing piece of the wall. "I'm ready, Joe. And thanks. I really appreciate this, Honey." Joe looked away and then slowly looked back at his pretty wife's face, shiny in places, and crusty in others. Time to tell her. "I just want you to know. I kind of like it, too. Mary. It's kind of a turn-on for me." Shocked, Mary stared at him. " like it, Joe? Really? Then its ok?" she asked hopefully. "Yeah. I guess its okay. I thought it might bother you if you knew I liked seeing you with those men. It does bother me, it really does, but it also gets me going, too. It's pretty exciting to see you in action. Anyway, I love you Mary." "Oh, I love you too, Joe. Let's go back to the room and look at our pictures. I think there's only one cock I'd like to revisit and it's one I'm really hot for right now." Holding hands, they strolled companionably out of the Men's room. Joe Savior and his Glory Hole Wife.