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It was an uneventful trip because the Black Knight (Corbin) and I (Alex) decided to make the journey without stopping except to piss and grab some grub. Although there was that truck stop we gassed up at and encountered an interesting event, but that's another story for another time. As we pulled into Tampa Bay off Interstate 275, Corbin and I were deciding where we were going to stay. We decided not to rent and buy a house for our winter get away or retreat from each other. We're not gay, actually we're very much heterosexual but switch hitting now and then only shows how secure we are in our masculinity, besides everything is cheaper with two footing the bill, as long as you split the costs evenly. Therefore, it was decided to buy a house and possibly rent out the extra room to some college students or Spring Break "Girls Gone Wild". The first thing we did was turn to a realtor, Century 21 seems like the company to go with, so we looked them up in a telephone book and stopped at the office. We walked in the office and this knock out strawberry blonde look alike to Marg Helgenberger from "China Beach" and "CSI" seemed very intrigued with the Black Knight and his physique. Realtor - "Good after noon sir is there something I can help you with. My name is Janet and I would be happy to help you." Black Knight - "My friend and I are looking to buy a house on the bay or the ocean front. We own a condominium in Chicago and we're down here to do some construction work for the winter. Right now, land seems to be a commodity and as construction workers we have money to invest." Realtor - "Well let me get my listings, coat, and the newest member to our family and start looking at some homes." At that moment, Janet introduced us to this gorgeous, voluptuous, leg up to her ass, Cuban goddess, her name was Cheryl and had just gotten her real estate license the other day. Janet and Cheryl got into their car and had us follow them to some homes along Old Tampa Bay. Alex - "Did you see those tits on Cheryl and those legs, man I would like to have some of that sweet Cuban pussy on my tongue, and Janet, I wonder if she is a TRUE strawberry blonde if not who cares, I sure would like to see if her cunt is the same color as her hair on her head, while she's giving me head." Corbin - "Mmm, either way, both those women's pussy look like they are aching for a fucking and I think we are just the two who need to show them that we are the fuckers to do the fucking. The first house we see, I'll take Cheryl and you can have the brown sugar and the next house we will switch and the final house we look at, we will fuck them both together in a daisy chain style." Janet - "Did you see that big black stud and his oriental friend looked might fine Interracial Gangbang Dvd Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Black Dick Movies I have been meaning to write in for a long time to tell you about my wife, Janet. We have been married for 8 yrs now. I am 30 and she is 27. When we got married I know she had been with black men (she had a 3 yr old daughter that was half black), and she knew I had a thing for watching white gals get used and gangfucked by blacks. With that in mind and in the open we still decided to settle down after we wed and start Interracial Sex Video Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Bellamaria at Ashley Blue Blacks On Blondes a filling of hot cock and you definitely look like you could fill the bill. Be gentle, I haven't had anything that size up there is years, and I was much younger then. In my younger years, it was anything of any size and it was as rough and hard as I could get it." Wrong thing to say to a mad cock (not to be mistaken with mad cow), Corbin got that smirk on his face and he laid Janet on her back and he kneeled between her legs and gently spread them as far as they could go and then spread them some more. She let out a little squeal and decided he was a professional and didn't want him to think she couldn't take a little pain. Corbin leaned forward and french kissed her again and this time let her tongue go after a little tug. He next moved down to her perky tits, sucked, bit them gently, and then licked them until they stuck out like little missiles getting ready to be fired out of a miniature cannon. He then licked his way down her stomach and was impressed on how flat and firm it was, he concentrated on her navel for some time and licked in and out of her belly button. Janet was going nuts her moans were like howls and her legs were twitching and squirming like she had to pee, but all she wanted was a cock up her pussy and he was taking the long and scenic route to get there. Janet - "Baby, stop teasing me, my pussy is aching for a fucking and all you're doing is working me up, can't you see my pussy leaking and I'm not sure how I'm going to get these cum stains out of the carpet. I need some black cock up my pussy and I need it now, I can't stand it any more please fuck me, fuck me, fuck my dripping pussy, please fuck me with that big black licorice stick." That's all the Black Knight was waiting for, after licking her belly button he moved down to her pussy lips and sucked on her twat until she screamed out of control. Her head was thrashing back and forth and she was clawing the carpet and humping her hips up to his mouth. Corbin had a skilful tongue and he knew how to use it and until she was squirting or cumming by herself he wasn't going to fuck her yet, and then it happened her cum came gushing out of her pussy and the staining of the carpet was the least of his concern. Janet was breathing heavy and her tits were bouncing like a Globetrotter putting on an exhibition of basketball drills. She couldn't stand it any longer, she cried out: Janet - "FUCK ME YOU BLACK BASTARD OR I'm GOING TO BITE YOUR COCK OFF. Fuck me now, I have got to have that cock in my pussy and I don't care how you do it, but just FUCK ME." Corbin patiently placed the head of his cock at her dripping hole and it slid right in with little effort, he then did his trade mark lifting of his body up so Janet could see the contrast Best Interracial Creampie Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Dirty Porn and kept oozing out of him. Cheryl's cunt muscles started to milk his cock and she reached down and started to finger her clit and get herself all worked up. Cheryl - That's it big boy give me that cum up my pussy, don't spare the sperm and don't spare the ramming. I want your cum coming out of my pussy and onto your balls so I can clean you off." Alex obliged her and kept ramming his cock up her pussy and their cum started to leak out and she quickly put her hands down by his balls and smeared it all over his sack. She squeezed her cunt muscles a few more times and his cum continued to flow out, she slid herself out from under him and his cock made a pop sound and she got behind him and started to clean up his balls. Alex - "Yes, yes, yes, I love my balls being clean, let me show you what happens with that." At that moment, he grabbed his cock and started stroking it like it was cartoon character. Cheryl figured he was done cumming and that he was just relieving himself, but as she finished licking his balls, a shot of cum came shooting out and flew into the air. Cheryl couldn't believe her eyes and she quickly opened her mouth and tired to catch it before it fell on the carpet. It hit her on her forehead and she was disappointed, but as soon as that one hit, another flew into the air, and she positioned her mouth again and caught this one and the next one, and the next one, it was like tossing popcorn in the air and trying to catch it before it hit the floor. She was very impressed with his performance and when it started to ooze out of his pee slit she clamped down on his cock like a carpenter gluing two pieces of wood together. Cheryl sucked him dry and as she wiped her face clean, and Alex lay there with his cock in his hand, the door pushed open and in walked Janet and Corbin. Janet - "I see you didn't get too far in showing the place either, why don't the two of you get dressed and Cheryl you ride with Corbin and Alex you ride with me to the next house, I think you will find the next place to your liking a little better." Alex - "Oh, I don't know, this place seems to have all the amenities a person could want for a little piece and quiet during an intimate moment." Alex finished jacking off and Cheryl finished getting dress, he stood slipped on his tight shorts and stuffed his cock back into his home. Corbin helped Cheryl on with her blouse and gently brushed her tits with his large hand and knew that the ride was going to be exciting and adventurous. Each realtor looked at the other and gave each other a wink and a smile and they knew that they wouldn't be disappointed with their new shotgun partners and knew that the ride to the next place was over an hour away. Part 3 to come later, "The car ride"