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A big wad of tobacco flew from Deputy Dennis Brown's mouth, landing outside the police car, somewhere out in the darkness. It was a nasty habit, but you had to do something to relieve the boredom. Denny was always stuck with the night shift, largely because Sheriff Al Davidson resented having a black man on his police force. Denny was a hulking, giant of a man. He had been a star running back in high school and could have gone professional, except he had always dreamed of being a cop. He had taken criminal justice at the local commuunity college and graduated a couple years ago. After doing some traveling, he had returned home and applied for the position of Deputy of the county police department. Big Al had just about laughed in his face when he applied. The sheriff was known as "Big" Al because of his substantial beer gut and also because of the way he swaggered around town like he owned the place. The sheriff had informed him that the position was filled and that he should be a good boy and go home. Denny's Uncle, the Reverand Martin Luthor Brown had created a big stink, showing up with his flock at the town council meeting and demanding that Dennis Brown get the job because blacks were not represented at all in the county government. Denny was watching the shouting match at the council Annette Schwarz Blacks On Blondes Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Dark Secret Video Tom Hamilton stood admiring himself in the bedroom dressing mirror. He had on his wife's black stocking , garter , high heels , panties , bra, teddy , and blonde wig. He looked good and the feel of the garments made him excited. His wife had gone to the west coast for a week to visit her sister , and he'd taken the week off to be alone around the house , and enjoy the time away from his demanding wife. Tom had started dressing in his mother's clothes in junior high school and developed quite a fetish. He had continued all the way up to college. He'd gotten very little chance in college to dress up.. The only opportunities had come on vacations. He'd met Valerie in his junior year. She was a stunning blonde and had taken over and directed his life from that point on. They had been married right after college, with Valerie liking the social standing that had come with a rich husband. The next year, Tom's folks had passed away, leaving them set for life as Tom was an only child with no other relatives . He worked to have something to do. Tom was only 5' 7", an a hundred thirty pounds. Almost the same size as his wife. He'd never been athletic. And he had very little body hair. His soft body looked more like a women's than a man's. His wife dominated his life. She constantly berated him for having no ambition, and when they had sex it was on her terms. He looked at his thin long cock getting hard in the panties. He'd really missed not being able to dress up, and he was going to take full advantage of his wife being away. He heard band music coming from out side and walked to the side of the upstairs bedroom window. He stood a few feet back and looked over the fence to where the beautiful next door neighbor girl was doing what looked like cheer leading routines. It was summer and she only had on a tube top and tight spandex exercise shorts. She was a sexy thing. They had moved in next door 9 months ago. The wife was a beautiful black woman with a regal stature about her, and a full figure with large beautiful breasts. The husband was a small white man with glasses. The daughter was a stunner, with caramel color skin, long legs, a pert little butt, a sensuous face with pouty lips, and perky full breasts He saw them a lot in the morning getting into their car, as he went to work. He said Hi politely and they always replied. The girl often gave him a beautiful smile. His wife didn't want to get to know them, so their contact had been limited to those morning greetings. He started to feel his cock through the panties, rubbing up and down , getting himself hard as he watched her bounce around. God she was sexy. She moved gracefully. Her movements made her breasts stick out in her tube top, and when she bent over her firm, pert, round ass was outlined in her exercise shorts. The music ended and she went over , popped out the cassette and went inside. He sighed and returned to look in the mirror where he continued to stroke himself through his wife's panties. He could feel his balls start to swell. Suddenly he heard rock music coming faintly from next door. He walked back to the window and looked out . There she was in a string bikini, and high heeled sandals. The sight took his breath away. She lifted her leg, put it on the arm of the chair, and started to rub baby oil into her body. First one leg then the other. Tom was rock hard .He moved his wife's panties down and started to stroke his cock. She rubbed oil into her ass cheeks, and around to her tummy, pushing her hand inside her bikini bottoms as she continued. Tom was stroking hard now The sight had him totally turned on. She put on her dark glasses, grabbed her beach towel, and went into the yard and sat down. She reached up and undid her top and slipped it off. She then squirted oil out of the bottle on to her bare breasts, rubbed it in with her hands, then she laid down. Tom couldn't believe he was getting to see this beautiful young girl naked. His cum shot out of his cock and onto the window he came so hard, and it kept comming. He shook and groaned until the last bit hung on the tip of his cock. He'd never cum like that in his life. He continued to look down at the beautiful young girl, feeling flush all over his body. God , I've got to go for a swim and cool down he thought. He got out of his wife's clothes and laid them on the bed, cleaned up the cum, then got his swim trunks and headed for the back yard after slipping them on. He dove into the pool and the cool water felt good on his body. He could feel himself calming down. Boy that was intense, he thought to himself as he toweled off, walked to the pool bar refrigerator and got a cold beer. He sat down in the lounge chair next to the bar and leaned back and closed his eyes. CHAPTER TWO Hi neighbor a voice said , startling him out of his trance. He opened his eyes and looked toward the fence. There she was with her hands and face peeking over the top of the fence. I heard water splash. It's so hot. Could I come jump in your pool. S-s-s-ure he stammered. Oh goody she giggled and was gone. He could hear her heels click on the cement as she came down her walkway and up to the back yard gate. She walked in. She strode toward him with long sexy strides. She put her towel and baby oil on the bar stool right next to his chair . I'm Tanya she said. I'm Tom he stammered. God its hot, she said as she kicked off her heels walked over to the pool and dove in. She came up at the other end and grabbed the side. Boy does that feel good, she exclaimed. Her voice was high like a young girl's , but Mandingo Star Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Bellamaria at Black Cock Portal and the sheriff was close to fifty. The only possible reason Denny could come up with, was that Melissa was the type of woman who was attracted to power. Marrying the second most powerful man in the county and elevating herself to a position of prominence in the town. Why Big Al could even become Mayor one day, and who knows, maybe even Governor. Denny was just about to let her go, when he shined the light in the back seat. There sticking out of a small bag, were several nazi flags. His eyes narrowed when he saw the swastikas. There had to have been at least a dozen in the bag. "Please step out of the car Maam. I'm going to give you some field sobriety tests." Melissa looked over at him and a chill ran down her spine. His eyes had turned cold and he had an angry look on his face. Frightened, she quickly opened up her car door and followed him around behind her car to stand in the headlights of the police car. "Ok Mrs. Davidson," said Denny, "hold your arms out and walk along the yellow line." He watched her gulp and then she slowly walked away from him along the line. Denny admired her long legs running up into her skirt and the tight, firm ass, being hugged by her dress. "Now turn around and walk towards me please." Melissa spun around and almost stumbled. Denny fet his cock grow Interracial Orgy Bellamaria Blacks On Blondes Cuckold Website and grimaced at the sperm liquifying on her cheeks. She'd have to clean up quickly before Big Al got home from the party. Her husband was sure going to get fucked tonight, she thought. Melissa was so horny, she wanted to rub her slit along her seat. She had trouble believing her horniness was because of a black man. She hated him. In fact, she decided that she would do everything in her power to see that he was fired and that he never worked anywhere in this county again. Melissa smiled to herself as she hurried home. God, she was horny. Denny drove back to his speed trap and parked, taking out another wad of tobacco and plopping it in his mouth. His radar went off a minute later. This car was going twenty over the speed limit and a minute later Big Al sped by him on his way home. Denny hoped that Melissa wouldn't have tme to brush her teeth before kissing her husband. He felt guilty over what he had done. Something had come over him as she stared up at him crying and begging to be let off the hook. Worse, he felt that he would do anything to sink his cock into her white pussy just once. He felt his pulse race as he thought of the power he now had over the beautiful councilwoman. Deputy Dennis Brown looked up at the new video camera mounted on the dash. He patted it affectionately.