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It was about 2p.m. on a Wednesday when Carrie's boyfriend called and suprised her by letting her know that he wanted to take her to dinner that evening. Needless to say, she was happy, because things hadn't been going very well in their relationship lately and she felt that he didn't act interested in her for the past couple of months. She asked her boss if she could leave work early that day, and without explanation, she was allowed to. Carrie wanted to buy a new outfit for the evening, so she drove to the mall and went to her favorite store to pick out an outfit. Being that she mostly wore mini-skirts or pants with button down blouses, which was not the way an English girl with a royal bloodline Haileey James Blacks On Blondes Brooke Blacks On Blondes Interracial Porn Site Mike Boyer felt ill when he saw the giant black man board the plane. "Great, he's here," he said sarcastically. "That's Jack!" whispered Ali. "My god, he's huge. You never told me he was black." Mike shrugged. His rival was decked out for vacation, sunglasses around his neck, shorts, sandals, and a Hawaiian shirt open enough to show the replica of a viking hammer necklace that he always wore. Jack Hammer was around 6'6" with very dark skin and a flat top haircut. "Yo yo what's up, Mikey? Ready for some fun in the sun? Move over, I'm too big for the window seat." "I can't sit by the window," said Mike's wife. She was a nervous flyer. Mike got up and moved leaving his wife in the seat between the two coworkers. "Aren't you bringing one of the girls from the office?" asked Mike buckling his seat belt. "No, canceled on me at the last minute." "Oh," said Mike confused. Jack had a steady stream of female coworkers with the hots for him. Several had openly campaigned to get invited to go on vacation with him. "You must be Ali," said Jack holding out his hand and gently squeezing her little white one into his big black one. "John J Hammer. I feel like I already know you. I see your picture on Mikey's desk every day. It doesn't compare to meeting the real thing." "Thank you," said Ali blushing. Mike kept a picture of her in a bikini from their honeymoon six years ago. Jack didn't let go of her hand until he finished talking and Ali felt an odd fluttering in her stomach as he touched her. "Nice of Mr Gilbert to let you both go on vacation." "It sure was. Ain't that right Mikey?" Mike nodded. The two men worked for a plastics company in upstate New York Cuckold Forums Brooke Blacks On Blondes Brooke at Black On Cougar boyfriend looked at his watch, he was shocked to see that it was 10:20p. Although the restaurant was in a dive neighborhood, it had a great little asian charm about it. It was easy to pass the time in there on a slow evening. Carrie's boyfriend payed the bill, and they left for home. She felt satisfied that at the very least, the evening was pleasant, thus she was content to sit quietly in the car as they drove home. Not long after leaving the restaurant, Carrie noticed that this wasn't the usual way they went home so she mentioned it to her boyfriend and he said it was a bit quicker because of the freeway construction on the way home had not affected eastbound traffic on their way to dinner. Black Cock Dildo Brooke Blacks On Blondes Mandingo Porno laying back in the passenger seat, she hears, "Check out what da' fuck's in the ride, nigga's!" "It Look like a White bitch in the wrong crib". Carrie was so frozen with fear, she didn't even realize that her panties were covered by only about two inches of the hemline of her silk mini-skirt. She had the fear of an innocent child on her face... Then she heard "Outta da' ride, bitch!" along with the crashing of the drivers side window! Carrie screamed! Immediately, a hand reached in and unlocked the drivers side door. He was in the car in a flash, and it was clear that his objective once he got into the car, was to unlock her door so she could be removed from the car! -end of part one-