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This girl and her husband came all the way from New Zealand to fulfill her interracial fantasy. They had been looking in New Zealand for awhile, but there just wasn't a good supply of good dark meat. So off to the USA they went. Her hubby sat on the couch and jacked off during this whole scene. He even got to cum on his wifes face after the bro's were finished with her. Double vag, assfucked, gaped and then given a black cum bath.
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This is how my sweet loving wife became a little slut………….with my help I am afraid! My shy quiet wife Anne has brought up our children to be virtuous and good and with a little help from me she has made up for all those years of being the faithful loving wife who went to church every Sunday and thought of nothing but what to cook for dinner and occasionally condescended to having missionary sex with me, about once a month if I was lucky! I have often fantasized about her with another man, it seems that most of us do from time to time and when she finally got back to work after almost 20 years off bringing up the children I never thought anything would happen, at least not so soon. She got a job at the local hospital, taking blood samples etc, just 2 days per week. The very first week she had changed, she was confident and cocky and looked different. She had started to wear makeup again, which I thought was OK given her new job and all. She had always been reluctant to wear the sexy underwear I had bought her but slowly it came out of the bottom of the wardrobe and I began to see it on the washing line. I had of course to do more round the house as I knew I would but she seemed to be taking advantage Black Cock Mega Brooke Blacks On Blondes Interracial Gangbang Porn I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my first black experience. I nearly creamed myself when hearing that your wife took the black guys cum down her throat. This is one of my biggest turn-ons; to have Interracial Pron Brooke Blacks On Blondes Brooke at Mandingo Judy in my own home, when I find my husband watching porn in front of my friends??’ ‘I don’t think so do you?’ and continued to scold me loudly and forced me to say sorry to her. She then instructed me to get a drinks order from her new friends, Bev who I had heard so much about, James and Andy both trainee doctors. As I reentered the lounge she whispered to me to apologize to them also, so I said quietly ‘mmm, sorry about before, what can I get you to drink?’. Anne followed me in…’that wont really do will it Neil’, ‘apologize properly, something like, I am sorry for my embarrassing behavior earlier, but I am a pervert and need help’, at which point she pushed me forward to them and was doubled up with laughter. I smiled and fetched some beers. When I returned to the room, Beverley was sat on James’ lap and I could see right up her skirt, beyond her stocking tops to the beginning of her knickers, she didn’t notice or care and took the bottle from me. Anne explained that James and Andy were both trainee doctors who worked so very hard and this was their first night out for weeks. She said Andy had looked after most of the night and I should thank him, which I did immediately. Hes so cute Interracial Creampie Videos Brooke Blacks On Blondes Lisa Sparxxx Interracial Gangbang running out of her pussy. “Neil darling she called, as you missed out on getting your mouth round Andy’s dick, its mine now anyway, I don’t want to share it with you, but would you like to clean me up a bit…….. please honey” I went to get up to fetch some tissues” No my petal they are too rough, you know how much you like licking my pussy, just use your tongue”. I knelt down before her, not quite sure where to start, when she grabbed my head and pushed me hard into her pussy, the aroma was incredible, she reeked of sex and as I gasped for air I got my first taste of another mans cum, salty yes but not unpleasant, I proceeded to lap his juice out of her pussy and then ate the globules that laid in her pubes. She meanwhile was lying in Andy’s arms kissing and cuddling. Bev and James hadn’t ventured very far, content with kissing and cuddling, evidently her husband doesn’t mind her having a bit of fun, but she is not to go too far……….silly fool he doesn’t know what he’s missing……………….. And Oh did I tell you Andy is Black, but maybe you guessed that already!!! Beverly and James left soon after but Andy stayed the night and into the next morning.. but that’s another story..XX .