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This girl and her husband came all the way from New Zealand to fulfill her interracial fantasy. They had been looking in New Zealand for awhile, but there just wasn't a good supply of good dark meat. So off to the USA they went. Her hubby sat on the couch and jacked off during this whole scene. He even got to cum on his wifes face after the bro's were finished with her. Double vag, assfucked, gaped and then given a black cum bath.
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Stephen and I have been married almost 8 years now. However, it didn't take long for the bloom to go off our marriage, or at least the sexual part of our marriage. Even with the limited experiences I had before marriage. I soon realized that Stephen was not exactly a great lover in bed. For one thing he tended to get off long before I had a chance to reach any kind of climax and for another his somewhat undersize equipment didn't exactly thrill me (5" and rather Black Dick Blowjobs Brooke Blacks On Blondes Mandingo Stream This story is dedicated to my wife, whom I love very much, and to our friends that have remained our friends throughout these years. As they have continue to be there for my wife, our children, and me. After much encouragement from my wife and her black lovers, I finally decided to tell our story of how my wife, our children, and I ended up as a large happy family by raising several children from my wife's black lovers. When my wife, Kim, and I were married, she was 21 and I was 32. By the time I was 39, and my wife was 28, I had had several operations, which left me somewhat lacking in the sexual performance category. My wife was always really good about me not being able to perform for her, and I tried to please her as much as possible. But it was never like it was during our first few years of marriage. I knew she was frustrated and I wasn't able to help much, though I knew she stilled loved me very much and just put up with the situation. I bought her toys to use on herself, and I would help her out sometimes if she wanted me too. But most of the time she preferred to use her toys alone. Now Kim is fairly good looking. She's not drop dead gorgeous or anything like that but she is very pretty as far as I'm concerned, and most men I think would agree. She's 5'4" tall and 115 lbs, auburn hair, and green eyes. Her eyes are what attracted me to her when we first met. They are striking in contrast to her hair and light olive skin tone. She doesn't have large breasts, 34 b-cups, but they are firm and kind of tear dropped shaped. She never needs to wear a bra, although she usually does wear one of those push up bras to make herself look larger in the chest than she really is. But she has a beautiful figure and a beautiful face that just seems to fit together perfectly. She doesn't have much hair around her pussy and what she does have is just a dark little auburn triangle above her clit that she keeps trimmed pretty short. I would rent her porno movies to watch as she masturbated and this seemed to really get her off more quickly while Interracial Brooke Blacks On Blondes Brooke at Melanie Jagger Blacks On Blondes obvious bold attempts at a sexual rendezvous. After a few more drinks we called for a cab (as none of us were in a condition to drive). As we were waiting for the cab, we continued to chat about the men who were trying their hardest to "pick us up" ... sort of basking in the warmth of their attempts to seduce us as a kind of enjoyable compliment and ego trip for us. However, we all agreed that deep down we'd really like to make it with a black man some time. Interracial Gangbang Videos Brooke Blacks On Blondes Cuckold Hot Wife naughty thoughts of having him fuck me in the bed I share with my husband. My black stud has even boasted that one day when my hubby finds out about all this that he'd like to have him watch us. He says he's dying to show him how a real man can fuck his wife. Whenever we get together he has dominated me completely, and I love it. He so much more of a man than my wimp husband Steven that I know I could never do without him!