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This girl and her husband came all the way from New Zealand to fulfill her interracial fantasy. They had been looking in New Zealand for awhile, but there just wasn't a good supply of good dark meat. So off to the USA they went. Her hubby sat on the couch and jacked off during this whole scene. He even got to cum on his wifes face after the bro's were finished with her. Double vag, assfucked, gaped and then given a black cum bath.
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In the first part of this story my husband told his side of what happened in our relationship over the last three years. Now I want to tell my side. I’m Valerie and it all started over two years ago as I started fucking my husband with a big black strap-on, then started dominating him He’ll say I was turned on by the idea and I’ll tell you he was the one who brought the first videos home and he’s the one who was excited by the idea, and he’s the one who bought the first strap-on. He also started bringing home the domination videos. I must admit, now I’ve grown to love dominating him. The whole experience awakened me sexually, and has led me to a wild sex life that I love. I started to notice I was sexually attracted to men and women at work, and all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind. At first I fought my desires, but as I grew more dominant over my husband, I realized I controlled him completely and I could do anything I wanted to. This gave me a new found freedom. It started with an oriental girl, Gwen, in the shipyard office. She was really hot, then she got this great boob job and she was the talk of the shipyard. One night when the girls went out, we ended up together at her place. We were a little drunk and she asked what I thought of her boob job. I told her I thought they were great. She asked if I wanted to see them and I immediately said yes, getting very excited. She stood and took off her top and bra. Her breasts were full and big. They’re Black Cock Picture Brooke Blacks On Blondes Big Black Cock It was before the war spread south to Georgia. It was a time when Atlanta was still beautiful and the home of many of the ConfederacyÕs finest gentlemen. It was then that Leasa Edwards, daughter of Colonel Everett Clyborn Edwards, was the most sought after beauty south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Heiress to one of the largest plantations in GeorgiaÑÔTaraÕÑLeasa Edwards was both wealthy and lovely. This stately, young woman caught the eye of all and any fine, young, southern gentleman in her vicinity. Who could resist her slender, 5Õ7Ó frame swaying through a southern breeze? And who could not admire her fine, blonde hair coiffed demurely in a bun or rolling freely down her back. And those deep blue eyes set in a perfect face of pale white, delicate skin were found irresistible by any man who met her acquaintance. Most men also admired her goddess-like figure: 36C-24-35. She was as close to perfect as ever a woman was...with a personality to match. She was kind-hearted, gay, and bright. Leasa Edwards was truly a treasure of Southern femininity. Atlanta's nights would see many of the cityÕs finest young gentlemen calling on ÒMiss LeasaÓ. They would take strolls with her along the paths of the city and around the plantationÕs many acres. They would sit with her on the mansionÕs veranda, just gazing on her beauty. But all of the courting was very much chaperoned, of course, by LeasaÕs family as well as some of the house slaves. Some nights LeasaÕs daddy, the Colonel, would hold parties on the grounds of the plantation. There would be much drink, food, and partying. Some lucky young beau would get to hold LeasaÕs hand while they watched the darkies dance and sing for the pleasure of the upper crust Whites in attendance. Old, fat SamboÑone of the older slavesÑwould dance for the revelers and make everyone laugh till their sides split. Leasa would love to watch the funny, fat, black man dance Mandingo Xvideos Brooke Blacks On Blondes Brooke at Mandingo Brown air so his cock was pointed right at his mouth. I got up on the coach and started ramming a large black dildo in his ass. Cum in your mouth you slimy faggot, I screamed. That’s all you are is a slimy faggot ass whore. He cried out as I really slammed his ass. I loved it. 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