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This girl and her husband came all the way from New Zealand to fulfill her interracial fantasy. They had been looking in New Zealand for awhile, but there just wasn't a good supply of good dark meat. So off to the USA they went. Her hubby sat on the couch and jacked off during this whole scene. He even got to cum on his wifes face after the bro's were finished with her. Double vag, assfucked, gaped and then given a black cum bath.
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I'm writing this story at the order of my wife's black lover, his name is Marcus, my wife's Becky and you can call me boy. That's how he refers to me. Let me start Blacks On Blondes Jennifer Brooke Blacks On Blondes Black Dick Tube I got to shoot Shame's gun today. He took me to the furthest corner of our property so that pa wouldn't hear the gunshots. It made me feel ten feet tall to shoot such a powerful weapon. I was awkward, but in Shame's hands, it was an extension of his body. Afterwards, Shame ruffled my hair and we rode back to the house. Shame's presence made me feel safe, safer then I did with pa. Bodie's men definitely left us alone whenever Shame was around. "Run along now boy, I got work to do," said Shame mussing my hair with his big hand. "Aw, alright," I said kicking the dirt as I handed him back the revolver. Reluctantly, I began the long walk back home. I passed my sister on the way. She was in one of her moods and ignored me. ******************** Shame looked up at the hot sun and grinned. It was bath time. He hopped on his horse and galloped along the edge of the property towards the spring. As he approached the spring, he dismounted and led his horse through the bush. Mary was just lowering herself into the spring. The young girl was a vision. She was the spitting image of her mother only twenty years younger. Mary's skin was unmarred and tanner then her mother's, from her excursions to the watering hole. Her breasts were nearly as large as Hetty's already. They were big and proud with long, upthrust nipples. Her bush was as blonde as her hair, but Shame already knew this, he had been watching her for a week. Shame watched her for an hour. The girl liked to swim and wash her hair. After bathing, she would lie nude in the sun and let her hair dry. Once, Shame had even watched her experiment with touching herself. The girl was just emerging from the spring when the cowboy walked out of the bushes. He was leading his horse, another mounted cowboy followed him. Mary screamed when she saw them. The walking cowboy moved swiftly, grabbing Mary around the waist. "Whoa, lookie here at this pretty filly," he said pawing at her breasts. "Save some for me, Slim," said the mounted cowboy. Slim was straining to hold the struggling girl while he fumbled at his trousers. He had just freed his erect, dirty penis when the slippery, wet girl wiggled free and dived in the water. Shame was out of the bushes in seconds. He grabbed the mounted cowboys boot and heaved him over the side of the horse. Slim was just realizing he was in danger as Shame's fist slammed into his face. The cowboy fell back, tripped over his trousers and fell into the spring. The other cowboy was getting off the ground in time to get Shame's boot in his face. Shame returned to Slim as the man was trying to lift himself up out of the water. Shame placed his boot on the man's back and pushed him back down in the water. He held slim under for about half a minute before picking the man up and heaving him over towards his partner. "Get Black Dick Sucked Brooke Blacks On Blondes Brooke at Black Cock Tubes 11'' long and as big around as my wrist. Yes my wife is in love. She would never get out of bed if she could. Let me say that from the start she seemed to enjoy my humilation Interracial Creampies Videos Brooke Blacks On Blondes Interracial Creampie Surprise a new car that I wash and wax every weekend. I just found out that she is pregnant with his child and they are thrilled. They are together all the time and fuck like crazy every day and night.