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This girl and her husband came all the way from New Zealand to fulfill her interracial fantasy. They had been looking in New Zealand for awhile, but there just wasn't a good supply of good dark meat. So off to the USA they went. Her hubby sat on the couch and jacked off during this whole scene. He even got to cum on his wifes face after the bro's were finished with her. Double vag, assfucked, gaped and then given a black cum bath.
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This story is dedicated to my wife, whom I love very much, and to our friends that have remained our friends throughout these years. As they have continue to be there for my wife, our children, and me. After much encouragement from my wife and her black lovers, I finally decided to tell our story of how my wife, our children, and I ended up as a large happy family by raising several children from my wife's black lovers. When my wife, Kim, and I were married, she was 21 and I was 32. By the time I was 39, and my wife was 28, I had had several operations, which left me somewhat lacking in the sexual performance category. My wife was always really good about me not being able to perform for her, and I tried to please her as much as possible. But it was never like it was during our first few years of marriage. I knew she was frustrated and I wasn't able to help much, though I knew she stilled loved me very much and just put up with the situation. I bought her toys to use on herself, and I would help her out sometimes if she wanted me too. But most of the time she preferred to use her toys alone. Now Kim is fairly good looking. She's not drop dead gorgeous or anything like that but she is very pretty as far as I'm concerned, and most men I think would agree. She's 5'4" tall and 115 lbs, auburn hair, and green eyes. Her eyes are what attracted me to her when we first met. They are striking in contrast to her hair and light olive skin tone. She doesn't have large breasts, 34 b-cups, but they are firm and kind of tear dropped shaped. She never needs to wear a bra, although she usually does wear one of those push up bras to make herself look larger in the chest than she really is. But she has a beautiful figure and a beautiful face that just seems to fit together perfectly. She doesn't have much hair around her pussy and what she does have is just a dark little auburn triangle above her clit that she keeps trimmed pretty short. I would rent her porno movies to watch as she masturbated and this seemed to really get her off more quickly while Cumbang Galleries Brooke Blacks On Blondes Blacks On Blondes Free Video > My name is Jenny. My story is about a major change in my life. I'm 35 years old, married and have two children. My husband is a Minister in a small town in Texas. We've been married for 17 years. My life has been very prim and proper but satisfying until recently. About two weeks ago I started out to attend a bible seminar in Dallas, which is about a three hour drive from home. I kissed and hugged my two sons Brad and Jeff and husband Jim and promised that I would be careful on the road. I told Jim that I would call him from the hotel to let him know I was OK. The trip went fine until I got near Dallas. A road construction crew was working on the road and had set up a detour. I checked my map to see how far this would put me from my final destination. No problem, it turned out, if I used a county road about 5 miles from the detour. Unfortunately, my car decided to die after about 10 miles down the county road. I lifted the hood to take a look at the engine even though I know nothing about cars. I had hopes that someone might come along and help. I hadn't passed any cars on this stretch and I was worried it might be some time before someone came by. It was a hot July day and I was beginning to perspire. My worries ended when a pick-up truck pulled up behind my car. Two very large black men got out and walked to the front of my car. I was startled at first and a little afraid at the sight of these two giants. They seemed polite enough when they asked if I needed help. I smiled and answered yes. Both looked under the hood and after a few minutes' one of the men said that it looked like a bad fuel pump. He offered to give me a ride into town to arrange a tow. I accepted his kindness and introduced myself. The man that offered the ride told me that his name was Fred and his friend's name was Joe. We all got in their truck with me sitting in the middle. The pick-up was old and had no air-conditioning. It was a standard size pick-up but I was still cramped between these huge men. I noticed that my shirt was beginning to cling to my skin. Fred and Joe had noticed as well. They kept stealing glances at my chest as the wet material of my shirt outlined my breasts. They remained gentlemen, however. The attention is something I am used to. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I have been considered pretty since I was a little girl. When I entered my teen years my body blossomed beyond my parents' expectations. They kept a tight rein on me. They knew I would be the target of every boy in school. As Cuckold Brooke Blacks On Blondes Brooke at Blacks On Blondes Thread her before. Tom got about 8 inches in her when Kim's eyes got really big and she looked at Tom and just gasped. She couldn't' say anything, but she brought her hand to his chest to have him stop entering her. Tom must have sensed that she was starting to feel pain and backed out 1/2 an inch. Kim's eyes' rolled back again and she had a big smile on her face again. Tom just held himself there while Kim regained her composure. Slowly Kim began to thrust her hips against Toms cock and Tom just looked down her chest at his cock going in and out of her. Kim was moaning again and picking up the pace so Tom started to thrust back and this just drove Kim wide. I could hear the slurping action that his cock was making sliding in and out of my wife's cunt and I knew Kim was really wet by now from the sound of it. Kim pulled Tom down on her and they began kissing deeply again. Tom was pumping my wife's cunt really fast now and I could hear Kim beginning to reach another climax. Tom was starting to grunt to and they sound like a couple of animals in heat. I could tell Tom was on the verge of cumming too, and I spoke out. "Tom, my wife doesn't use any birth control". I guess that was all the encouragement Tom needed. Within a few moments he let out a loud grunt and froze himself in the pushup position over Kim while he looked down at his cock buried deep inside my wife. Kim's eyes went wide and she started saying "Oh, Oh, Oh", which I knew meant that Tom was shooting his cum inside her. Kim always makes that "Oh" sound with each spurt of cum shot inside her. She says it's like mini orgasms every time she feels a shot of hot sperm shoot inside her. She loves the feeling. Kim must have let out about 15 "Oh's". I could see Toms black cock deep inside my wife and the contrast of their skin was incredible. I could see he had already filled her cunt with his seed as it was starting to ooze out from inside my wife's cunt, and around his cock. From my position on the love seat I had a perfect vantage point and wished I had a video camera. I actually Black Sucking Brooke Blacks On Blondes Black Cock Sluts We admired him for that. As Kim's belly got bigger, Ray would take her out to the night clubs more often to show all his friend's his handy work. Ray and my wife would tell them it was Ray's baby, and this of course may not have been a complete lie. The baby could be his. Ray just loved the attention Kim would bring him from his friends. Some of them would always try to convince Kim to leave Ray and go with them. They never really knew the real situation which delighted Ray to no end, as Ray's friends were convinced that Ray must be one fantastic lover to keep her. My wife admits that Ray is one of her better lovers anyhow. We had a beautiful daughter born to us, and all the guys that where still interested in Kim would come over and bring gifts for our (their) daughter. She was the most beautiful little girl we'd ever seen with black hair and black eyes and dark skin. She was, and still is, amazing to us. Within a few months, Kim was back into fucking on a regular schedule, including John, our 15 year old whom was now 16. Kim had a constant 7 black lovers now, as a few of the guys whom stuck with Kim while she was pregnant, brought a friend in to take the place of those that stopped seeing us. Then again, within a few months, Kim was pregnant with our second black child. All and all, our lives have become very enriched by bring in several black lovers for my wife. I know she cares for all of them and they seem to care for her. We have 3 children now, 2 boys and a girl, and Kim is expecting our 4th, as she is a little over 2 months along right now in this pregnancy. A few of the men seem to like helping out with the children when they can. The rest just seem to be more interested in trying to keep Kim pregnant with black babies. But we don't mind because we're the beneficiaries of the seed they deposit within my wife. We love our children and wouldn't change anything. As long as they continue to fuck my wife and make her pregnant, Kim and I are happy. We'll keep having and raising their black children for them as long as we can.