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WOW! Get ready for a real porn legend...the always scorching hot, Julia Ann! In this scene, Prince and black girlfriend Melrose Fox, are hanging out trying to decide what to do. Prince is always up for a meal, but Melrose wants something more interesting...she wants to fuck up a white girl! Prince remembers a blonde at work that showed some interest, so he makes a quick call to Julia Ann. She's down for an interesting threesome. This scene rocks with both girls licking pussies and assholes, double sucking his black spear,and Prince fucking both colors of pussy. It ends with Melrose jerking Prince's dick off in Julia Ann's mouth, and cleaning the excess off her face!
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Pamela sighed as her fiance kissed and licked around her big nipples. She could feel the wetness between her thighs. God, she wanted him inside her, but she had vowed to wait until they were married and not for the first time since they had met, she considered breaking that vow. Pamela was a typical "spoiled" little Southern Belle. She had attended only the most exclusive private schools and had just graduated fourth in her class from Princeton. It was at Princeton that she had her first and only sexual experience. She had been seduced by one of her professors, a snobbish, uptight, older man whom she had foolishly thought she had loved. He had slobbered all over her big breasts as he took her virginity and he ejaculated inside his condom minutes after penetrating her vagina. It had hurt and not been the least bit enjoyable, but she had loved him. Days later she had caught him with another student and she had fled crying from his office. She had vowed never to have sex again until the "I do's" had been said between her and a man she was sure loved her and wasn't just after her body. Michael tried to unbutton her blouse further down past her navel. He had kissed down her belly to her navel when she stopped him. "Only two more days stud," she told him as she stared at him seductively. "Then this bodies all yours." And what a body it was. Michael had never seen as perfect a figure as his future wife had. He had been waiting with her parents when Pamela had returned from college. Michael Winfeild Scott, a descendant of the general by the same name, had been set up to meet Pamela by their parents. He hadn't been thrilled with the idea of an arranged date, but had given in, when he had been shown a picture of the beautiful young woman. Michael had felt his penis stir in his pants the moment she had walked into the room. Pamela had been angry with her parents at first since she was just getting over the professor, but she had conceded to have dinner with the dashing young med student. He had quickly charmed her and she had agreed to another date. They had been dating eight months when he asked her to marry him. Michael could swear that his penis hurt, when she stopped him. "Come on honey, you can't leave me like this," he said despairingly as he stood up to show her his bulge. "I know you started taking the pill, so why wait?" "I want it too, but It's only two days honey," she said. "Then you get to be the first person to put his bare penis inside me." Michael knew about the professor and how the experience had hurt her so much. Pamela suddenly had a naughty thought, and said,"Wait here." She ran to the bathroom, put a glob of vaseline on her hand and returned to her fiance. He was still standing there with a curious look on his face when she sat down facing is crotch. Pamela looked up at Michael seductively as she slowly unzipped his shorts with her empty hand. Michael couldn't believe it, Pamela was going to give him a blow job. Interacial Pussy Julia Ann (HD) Blacks On Blondes Multiracial Love "So tell me Lauren, what are you going to do with all that money?" Lauren sighed, looked at the giant check for 200 million dollars, then back at the reporter. "Well, I plan to get a financial planner, so that I can invest it wisely." (Applause) "Are you going to work tomorrow?" yelled another reporter. "No," said Lauren after a brief pause. (Laughter) A remote held by a beefy black hand pointed at the television, before switching the press conference off. ****************** Scott watched as Lauren emerged from the water. The twenty year old woman looked great in her bikini. It was a modest, blue and yellow two-piece that graced her curvy body and pushed her breasts up so that they showed a lot of cleavage. Her tits were average-sized, conical ones, capped by small rosy nipples. Here areola were only the size of pennies, but most of that was, thick, long nipple. They were the nicest breasts he had ever seen and the only pair. Lauren and Scott had been dating since eighth grade and neither had ever been with another partner. Lauren kneeled on the blanket, leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. "I don't ever want to go home," he said to her. "We can come back any time you'd like honey. Happy birthday." "This was the best birthday ever," he said watching her comb out her long reddish-brown hair. Her face was as beautiful as her body. The tip of one ear poked out of her wet hair. Sparkling green eyes smiled at him. Her only flaw was a large chicken pox scar to the left of her mouth, but it gave her face character. And speaking of her mouth, her full, pouty lips were one of her best features. She had wrapped them around his penis last night as a birthday present. She was the perfect girlfriend, flying them to Aruba and then giving him his first blowjob. Lauren hadn't liked it of course, but Scott would never forget it. She hadn't been very enthusiastic, but had impressed him by swallowing the whole thing. He had cum within minutes. Lauren had spit his little wad out into a tissue and then brushed her teeth. He knew it would probably never happen again until his next birthday. Just thinking about it gave him a massive erection, the damn thing extended under his swimsuit and he swore it looked so big it might even measure six inches. Lauren noticed it. "What do we have here? Wanna head back up the the bungalow and put that monster to work?" "You read my mind," said Scott quickly gathering up their things." ****************** Lauren Packard, read the sign in the big black man's hands. "I didn't order a limo," said Lauren as Scott grabbed their bags off the conveyer. "Someone paid to have you two picked up," said the black man. Scott tugged and struggled to get her heavy bag over to them and the big black man reached down and effortlessly picked it up for him. The three walked out of the airport to where a limo waited. The driver opened the door and Scott slid in first, followed by Lauren. Lauren sat, noticing how pale Scott had suddenly gone and he was still sunburnt. Sitting across from them was another huge black man pointing a gun at them. Just as it dawned on her, the locks clicked in the car and it pulled out into traffic. "Who the hell are you," she said. Scott seemed too terrified to speak. "Little black Sambo," growled the black man, "and that's Aunt Jemima." He nodded back towards the driver. "Fuck you," said the driver, laughing. "What do you want?" "All Black Cock Story Julia Ann (HD) Blacks On Blondes Julia Ann (HD) at Black White Marriages lives. He had wasted a years worth of sex waiting for this day, and she was going to pay for every minute of it. He missed most of his brother's speech as he fantsized about tonight. He caught the usual B.S. found true love, happines, eternity,blah, blah, blah. The large wedding party, cheered for the couple as they downed their champagne. Michael frowned a little, at the taste of his. His father- in -law must of skimped on the good stuff, he thought. **************** Michael pecked at some of the left over food as Pamela hugged her parents goodbye. The caterers were returning in the morning to clean up everything so that the couple might get something to eat if they got hungry later on. Michael was a lot drunker then he had planned on and he stifled a yawn. This past week had really worn him out. Pamela waved to her parents and shut the door with a sigh. "Finally we're alone" she said as she walked into her husbands arms. She felt his penis harden in his pants and playfully gave it a little squeeze. Michael bent over and lifted her into his arms and with a groan he struggled to carry her up the stairs. He entered the honeymoon room and dropped her on the bed, breathing heavily. He began to undress as she watched. "Wait, honey," she said in excitement. "I have a surprise for you." Pamela lifted up her long gown and ran out to the room she had spent her last night as a single woman in. She stood before the mirror and unzipped the back of her dress. She struggled out of the dress and looked at herself in the mirror. She wore a small lacy white bra that pushed her large breasts up and revealed the tops of her half dollar sized nipples. Just under her navel she wore a white garter belt that supported her white nylons. Her panties were see through and revealed her well trimmed bush. She ran a hand down her belly and into her panties, she was already wet with anticipation. Then clad only in her lingerie and heels, she walked back to her and Michaels room. Mark and Will were hiding behind the outdoor hot tub, just off the beach. They had left the inn, parked their van around the next block and had hurried back down the beach. The ony light on in the old inn was upstairs in the bride and grooms room. They snuck up onto the deck and entered through the large sliding glass door, which Will had made sure was unlocked ealier. Mark had brought a flashlght and he shined it before them as they crept throught the dining area towards the steps. Pamela walked down the dark hall to their room, She opened the door and stood before her husband. "See anything you like," she purred. He didn't respond. Michael had stripped to his boxers and was lying on the bed fast asleep. That insensitive bastard, she thought. What kind of a man passes out on his wedding night? She climbed up on bed and throwing one nylon clad leg over his body, she straddled her husband. Pamela began rubbing her crotch against his moaning. "Please honey, wake up, I need it so Black Cock Cartoons Julia Ann (HD) Blacks On Blondes Cuckold Tube on pleasing the men. Soon she was screaming as another orgasm permeated her body. "Fuck my ass, fuck my pussy, never stop fucking meee," she screamed in pleasure. The orgasms just kept coming like a rapid series of machine gun bursts and she felt like she was going to pass out again. "Ooooh, you guys are good at this," she moaned. "We've had plenty of practice," Mark grunted in her ear. Their rhythm was perfect as she rode their cocks. They had been fucking her like this for about half an hour when she felt them cum again, filling her pussy and ass. Their orgasms triggered another big one and she passed out again from the pleasure. ***************** She awoke the next morning in her bed. Michael was stiring next to her. Briefly she thought it had all been a dream, but her whole body was sore as she stretched and the sheet was wet from where al their semen had leaked out of her ass and pussy. "W..what happened," groaned Michael as he held his head. He couldn't remember a thing. His wife would be furious at him for passing out on her. He glanced over at Pamela and he saw the red marks all over her gorgeous body and the dried sperm crusted on her mouth and crotch area. He must of really fucked the shit out of her. He smiled she was absolutely stunning and seemed to be glowing with an inner beauty. His six inch cock was the hardest its ever been as he looked at her. "How was it," he asked. Startled she looked over at her husband. "It was better then I ever imagined it could be," she replied. He swelled up with pride at the compliment and heard her moan with pleasure as he pulled her on top of him for round two. His penis slid in easily. He was surprised and disappointed at her looseness. Where was the tight virginal woman he thought he had married? He couldn't believe that he hadn't had sex in a year for this. Pamela moaned with pleasure when she felt Michaels cock head penetrate her pussy. Finally, she was going to have sex with the man she loved. She felt very little once the head was in. "Oooh lover, let me have the rest of your cock," she begged. Michael looked down at his penis buried inside her to the hilt and then up at his wife. They just sat there and stared at each other. The women were going wild at the club as the hunk cowboy slowly stripped before them. Mark was behind the bar, his chest was bare except for a bow tie. It was a busy night and he was taking advantage of a brief lull to catch up on the dishes behind the bar. The cowboy, Stallion, was a favorite amongst the regulars and always drew the crowd away from the bar and towards the stage. He was bending over when someone said. "Whats a girl gotta do to get a drink around here" Mark looked up into the grinning face of the beautiful Pamela Scott. He knew she would be tracking him down sooner or later. "I said whats a girl gotta do to get a drink around here?" Pamela repeated. Mark grinned and replied, "Whatever I tell her to do."