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| Added: 2009-05-11
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WOW! Get ready for a real porn legend...the always scorching hot, Julia Ann! In this scene, Prince and black girlfriend Melrose Fox, are hanging out trying to decide what to do. Prince is always up for a meal, but Melrose wants something more interesting...she wants to fuck up a white girl! Prince remembers a blonde at work that showed some interest, so he makes a quick call to Julia Ann. She's down for an interesting threesome. This scene rocks with both girls licking pussies and assholes, double sucking his black spear,and Prince fucking both colors of pussy. It ends with Melrose jerking Prince's dick off in Julia Ann's mouth, and cleaning the excess off her face!
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My name is Leasa. I work in Silicon Valley at a well know software firm as a marketing manager. I am 5'7", 118 and blonde and blue eyed. At 30 I've kept my body in good shape: 36C-24-35. Needless to say, I was voted prettiest girl in both my high school and my college senior class. Because of this most men have always been awkward and hesitant to approach me. I never had to learn to say "no" because the men were usually too insecure to approach me. I met my husband in the Valley, fell in love and got married last fall. Shortly thereafter a much older, black maintenance man at my company, named Amos, started flirting with me and asking me out to lunch. I, of course, would decline as politely and diplomatically as I could but I always felt awkward doing so. I told my husband about this but he would just laugh it off and joke about it. After all, he had seen Amos and knew he was well over 60, fat, missing a tooth or two, and just a homely man. 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