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WOW! Get ready for a real porn legend...the always scorching hot, Julia Ann! In this scene, Prince and black girlfriend Melrose Fox, are hanging out trying to decide what to do. Prince is always up for a meal, but Melrose wants something more interesting...she wants to fuck up a white girl! Prince remembers a blonde at work that showed some interest, so he makes a quick call to Julia Ann. She's down for an interesting threesome. This scene rocks with both girls licking pussies and assholes, double sucking his black spear,and Prince fucking both colors of pussy. It ends with Melrose jerking Prince's dick off in Julia Ann's mouth, and cleaning the excess off her face!
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I'm submitting this story because it's true, and I thought the members of B.O.B. would find it interesting. To get the full impact of it, first a little background on my wife and I. "Dee" and I are currently 36 and 39 respectively. We dated for six years before tying the knot two years ago. I can sincerely say that to me, she is the most wonderful woman on this Earth. I believe we are very happy and are looking forward to receiving our first child in a few months. While we dated, we had a somewhat rocky relationship. Although we hit it off immediately, we both had past "issues" that would often interfere with our relationship. That's a whole other story which I won't detail you with here. When it came to sex though, we had/have NO PROBLEMS pleasing each other. She's often mentioned (and I feel this way too), that her and I connect on some level above intimacy…….We seem to grasp each other's souls when we make love. It's totally cool!! Dee is a very pretty woman, inside and out! 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As they lay there talking, I asked one of the guys watching them a few questions…… "So, you guys in town for training?" "Yeah…..we all jus got drafted by a popular Canadien Football team and we're done here for physical training and shit" "And so, you guys get physical exams?" "Shit yeah brutha!" We get ‘em EVERYDAY DAMN day down here! They always checking for drugs and shit…….we gotta get the full test EVERY DAMN DAY!" "What….like drug tests?" "DRUGS…..AIDS…..STD's….HEPATITIS…..all dat shit man!… aint cool! So, tonight, we bustin out……YEAH….YEAH BRUTHAS….we bustin out!" So, I thought to myself….."if everyone in this place is "clean" and since they'll be gone tomorrow…..hmm?" I couldn't believe I was thinking what I was thinking, but I had to do something about Dee's nasty drinking behavior…….or it would just continue. And believe me, no matter how "HOT" a woman is, if she can't handle herself with drugs or alcohol……it will end up a mess!…… So, I took a deep breath and walked out the door. By the time I was back into the room with my camcorder, the blonde was working her way down the back of Dee's tight body. Dee just lay there relaxed, her arms crossed, head resting to one side….smiling! The woman squeezed and massaged Dee's lower back, then moved down onto her ass. Slowly she made her way down Dee's beautiful long legs (by the way, she's got killer legs too!) then to her muscled calves and finally her feet….. Then, without hesitation, or even being asked, Dee rolled over onto her back!! The other woman, slowly made her way up Dee's body, first massaging her thighs, then her arms, then her stomach. The woman then massaged Dee's shoulders and let both hands move to one breast. 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