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Kacey looks like the girl next door, or maybe your cousin, or even sweet little daughter...meaning she looks innocent you sick bastards. She seems pretty damn innocent too. Listen up as Wes teaches her the art of Deep Throating. Turns out the key is taking a deep breath then swallowing the whole dick. And it works wonders for Kacey. Wish my chick would try that. Two more brothas join in on the fun and fill every hole this girl has. By the end of this scene, Kacey is drippping on the floors, covered in black seed and politely asks for more!
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"I don't think that's wise. I'm not used to drinking. Besides, who's driving?" "Loosen up Alisa and have another margarita," said Sherie. "It's your party for god's sake and we're calling a taxi." Debbie got up and followed Sherie into the kitchen where they started mixing up some more frozen margaritas. The four best freinds were celebrating Alisa's bacheolorette party. They had known each other since high school and kept in close contact ever since. The four young women were in Sherie's house in Northeastern Pennsylvainia. Alisa and Kerry lived relatively close in New Jersey and New York respectively while Debbie lived in New York City. It was three days before Alisa's wedding. "I don't think Alisa appreciated your gift," said Sherie. Debbie had given the traditional gag gift of a dildo to the conservative young woman. "I know," said Deb. "I looked all over the city for a realistic white one, but all the sex shops seem to carry anymore are oversized black ones and they're all ten to fourteen inches long. Besides, that's not the only thing I got her." "Alright," whispered Sherie keeping her Blacks On Blondes Siterip Kacey Blacks On Blondes Black Cock Blondes I'am a blond women of 48 years of age married to a loving white husband for almost 30 years. I've managed to keep myself in shape, and have been told I look much younger than I'am. My husband on the other hand has lost most Kacey Blacks On Blondes Kacey Blacks On Blondes Kacey at Deep Throat Black Cock had a nice figure. She had not been able to lose the extra weight she had put on during her pregnancy. Her breasts were now large udders and her body jiggled in places once smooth and firm. For now, she had the kind of voluptous body that drove men crazy, but promised to become fat by the time she was thirty. "I think he's sexy, even if he is black," said Sherie clapping her hands in delight when he came back over to dance for her. "I wish my husband had a chest half this nice." "You can touch it if you want," said Lamar. Sherie ran her hand down Lamar's chest to his rock hard abs. There wasn't an ounce of fat on his body, everywhere was hard muscles. "Me too," said Debbie jumping up and running her hand across Lamar's torso. "I've never felt a chest this hard." "Any of you ladies want to feel a cop or cop a feel?" he asked Alisa and Kerry. Alisa's face was bright red as she shook her head no. Kerry shook her head also. Debbie sat back down as Lamar moved on. The man had been sweating and her hands were slick from rubbing his chest. She could smell him on her hands. In fact the whole room was Haileey James Blacks On Blondes Kacey Blacks On Blondes Black White Couples drop wandering why she had always refused to swallow before. There was something undescribably wonderful about kneeling before such a masculine man and swallowing cum from his huge cock. She squeezed the head between her lips until it shrank a couple inches and she was sure he was done as she stroked every drop out of his long shaft. Lamar pulled it out and smacked his wet cock against her cheeks. "You want this cock?" "Yes, but my friends..." "Come to my club and I'll give you what you want." ******************** "What took you so long? Have you been crying?" asked Sherie. Debbie's cheeks were all puffy. "No, I'm fine. I was getting directions. Lamar invited us back to his club. He said he will have the dancers put on a special show for us." "I don't know. It's kind of late," said Kerry. "Free drinks," said Debbie. "Count me in then." said Sherie. She looked at Alisa. "How about it Alisa? It's your party." "Alright, let's go, but we're taking a taxi home if we get too drunk." Debbie had the largest car and the three girls followed her as they left the house. Next: Part 2 Sherie