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Kacey looks like the girl next door, or maybe your cousin, or even sweet little daughter...meaning she looks innocent you sick bastards. She seems pretty damn innocent too. Listen up as Wes teaches her the art of Deep Throating. Turns out the key is taking a deep breath then swallowing the whole dick. And it works wonders for Kacey. Wish my chick would try that. Two more brothas join in on the fun and fill every hole this girl has. By the end of this scene, Kacey is drippping on the floors, covered in black seed and politely asks for more!
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My wife and I have had a rather strange relationship for the past three out of four years of marriage. She's very attractive, in fact built like the proverbial brick house. She's 5'6" tall, 128 lb. with firm breasts to drool over (40DD), narrow waist and flat stomach, and a wonderful round ass. She has long, kinky-curled brown hair and smooth, fair skin, too. Dynamite. So, obviously, her looks aren't the problem. I am. I've been so caught up in work - 60 to 70 hours a week - that, after our first year of marriage, I really began ignoring her. The truth is, if we've had sex a half dozen times in the past three years, that's a lot. I guess the other thing I need to mention is that I've always been a submissive. I had never told her that, and she really Blacks On Blondes Dp Kacey Blacks On Blondes Big Long Black Dick The poor girl never stood a chance. As she stood at the jukebox, I encircled my arms around her as I moved in close to her. "Have you ever thought about you and me hooking up?" I whispered into her sweet smelling ear. She looked around and saw it was me and melted in my arms. "God yes!" she replied and turned to face me. "I think about you all the time," she said, slightly slurring her words. I knew she was slightly drunk and I asked if she wanted to get some air. "Ok, let's go" she said as I guided her out of the bar and into Unwanted Interracial Creampie Kacey Blacks On Blondes Kacey at Free Interracial Gangbang Pictures little boy submissiveness. I know you need domination. I've known it all along. Well, now you're going to get it. From Will!" I started to stand up, but Will jumped up and knocked me back down to the floor. Then he ordered me to strip. Again, I started to protest, so he flipped me over onto my back and sat on me, pinning my arms to my side. He told Angela to remove my pants, which she promptly did. Then, he flipped me back over, sat on my naked ass and tore my shirt off me, so I was now completely naked in front of them. And... I had a hard-on! I couldn't believe it. Will got off me and ordered me to stand up. I did, with my little hard-on standing straight out. When he and Angela saw it, they both started laughing. "Look at Interacial Videos Kacey Blacks On Blondes Biracial Relationship head up and down while Angela giggled, until copious amounts of hot cum spurted deep into my throat. It seemed like it must have been a gallon of cum, and it squirted out the sides of my mouth to dribble down my chin. Finally, Will removed his prick from my mouth. "Well, boy, from now on, your wife is my woman. I'm going to fuck her whenever and wherever I want, understand? And I'm taking over your bed. You will sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed. Now, thank me for fucking your wife!" "Thank you for fucking my wife, Sir," I said. "I hope you will fuck her often." And that's how it all started. Will lives here now and my life is quite different. If anyone is interested, I will tell the continuing story in another chapter.