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Kacey looks like the girl next door, or maybe your cousin, or even sweet little daughter...meaning she looks innocent you sick bastards. She seems pretty damn innocent too. Listen up as Wes teaches her the art of Deep Throating. Turns out the key is taking a deep breath then swallowing the whole dick. And it works wonders for Kacey. Wish my chick would try that. Two more brothas join in on the fun and fill every hole this girl has. By the end of this scene, Kacey is drippping on the floors, covered in black seed and politely asks for more!
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Megan stretched cat-like as she reclined in the lawn chair in her backyard. Her long blonde hair was tied up on her head, except for a wayward strand dangling over the dark sunglasses, that covered her bright blue eyes. Several drops of sweat trickled down her shoulders. One got caught by the cup of the small, blue string bikini she wore and another dodged under the string and ran down her tan, flat stomach to disapear into her navel. She stretched again and looked around. Megan was restless this afternoon. She had awoken very horny and as usual her husband, the Doctor hadn't been interested in taking care of her problem. She was waking up horny a lot these days and at 36, she realized she was at her sexual peak. Harold, the Doctor, on the other hand was 52 and by her calculations that put him about 35 years past his earlier male sexual peak. In fact, he had been about 20 years past his peak when they married 15 years ago. Megan's mother had introduced her to the Doctor when she was 20 and she had immediately fallen for his distinguished looks and charming manner. They married a year later, Megan, a beautiful, shy, young virgin and Harold, a graying, busy surgeon. Megan had lived a very sheltered life. There were no children her age anywhere near her house growing up and she had attended a small private all-girls school. She had gone straight from living with her parents to living with the Doctor and had never gotten to experience life outside of a protected enviroment. She had a few friends back in school, but never a best friend until Betina moved in next door. Betina and her husband, Jamal had moved in about a year ago. Megan had been dying for someone to talk to at that time. She did nothing all day, but sunbath, excercise, and cook dinner for the Doctor, which was usually cold by the time he got home exhausted at the end of a ten hour shift. Megan had even found herself watching soaps during the day. Overall though, she found Cuckold Videos Kacey Blacks On Blondes Cuckold Mistress I had a long affair with an incredibly sexy woman named Daru. She wanted me to leave my wife and marry her, and she hoped that doing anything I wanted sexually would do the trick. It didn’t, but I had lots of fun along the way. In our time together, we did many perverted sex acts, including with other couples, but I never thought that I could get her to suck cock at a glory hole. So I came up with a plan. I couldn’t have dreamed that my plan would work so well as it turned out. It was her birthday, so I bought her a bottle of expensive champagne, and while we were Interacial Kacey Blacks On Blondes Kacey at Gauge Interracial the couch in her little thong bikini fidgeting from nervousness. She looked up at him and he could see the hope reflected in her blue eyes. "Well Megan," said Jamal popping the cassette into the living room vcr. "First things first, it sounds to me like neither you nor the Doctor have much experience with sex. So I'm going to start by showing you how to please him." He hit play on the remote. Megan gasped in disgust, when she saw the screen. "Yuck," she said. "I heard there were movies like this." The tv showed a big breasted blonde slut crawling on her hands and knees over to a naked black man. The black man was huge and had what looked like a ten inch penis between his legs. It was the biggest, thickest thing she had ever seen and she gasped again, this time with fascination. "What's wrong," asked Jamal fast forwarding it to the next scene. "That penis," she exclaimed. "It's huge!" "That one," Jamal said, pausing the tape at the part where the cock was spraying it's seed all over the white girls face. "It's about average." Jamal smiled at the look of shock on Megan's face. Then her expression changed to one of perplexion and Jamal knew she was comparing her husband's penis to the well hung studs in the video. Megan watched him fast forward it past another scene. The black penis in this scene was about an inch shorter then the previous one but it was a lot thicker. "Jamal, are all these white women with black men?" "Yeah, sick isn't it." he lied. "One of my friends gave it to me as a joke." "Here we go," he said stopping at the next scene and hitting play. The tv showed another blonde kneeling between the legs of the first black man. The blonde unzipped the man's pants and took out his long cock. She began kissing around the head and licking the sides lovingly. "I love sucking your black cock," said the blonde. "You want me to do that," said Megan, a disgusted look on her face. "Megan, a blow job is the greatest pleasure a woman Cuckold Videos Kacey Blacks On Blondes Black Cock Slut her lips down to hold it still and she could feel it's powerful vein pulsing as it continued to pump sperm into her mouth. Regretfully Megan needed to catch her breath and she pulled back only to have a large strand of semen splatter against her forehead and then he came on her breasts. She now understood what his big balls were for. She caught her breath and saw that his cock was deflating rapidly. Megan wrapped her lips around it and swallowed as much as she could. She squeezed her lips tight and tried to milk out all his left over cum. When she felt that she had sucked him dry, she let his limp cock plop out of her mouth thinking that it was still twice as big as her husbands. "A+," said Jamal, covering his face with his hands to hide a devilish grin. He had always been told that white women knew how to treat black cocks, but hadn't quite believed it until now. "Oh Megan," he moaned. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to enjoy it, but it was the best blow job of my life." "Don't worry Jamal," she tried to comfort him. "You had no idea I'd be so good at it. It's not your fault." "Your right, I'm sorry for getting so upset. Your one incredible lady. Harold's one lucky guy." Harold? Oh yeah her husband. "Speaking of Harold," she said glancing at the clock. "That can't be right, I swear we started fifty minutes ago." "I'm sorry, but I enjoyed it so much, I came pretty quickly. I usually last a lot longer. I'm sure Harold will do better." She was looking at him kind of funny as she pulled her thong on, noticing how wet the area between her legs was. Beth tied her top on and thanked him before turning around towards the back door. "Don't thank me," he said staring at her in awe. "Your going to do great." Megan was filled with pride and knowing he was probably still staring at her, She put an extra shake into her walk, wiggling her bare ass as she left his house. Jamal started laughing as soon as she left. She'd be back for more.