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Lisa was scared. She had never seen a storm this bad in her entire life. The rain was beating down upon her roof and the house was shaking as the gusts of wind hit it. Her husband had just called to inform her that the bridge to the island was out and he was trapped on the mainland. The hurricane had taken an unexpected turn and was passing the island a lot closer then expected. Most of the residents had evacuated or were staying in the shelter at city hall, but she had decided to wait for her husband. Bryan had been attending an important meeting when he got trapped on the mainland and Lisa sighed, not only did it seem that he was never around any more, but he was now going to miss their anniversary, tonight. Lisa and Bryan had been married eight years and all of them had been happy, though not very exciting. She had been a 21 year old model when she had been introduced to Bryan at a party. He was 15 years older and was a handsome junior executive with a small company in the city. He was so gentle and caring, but it was the fact that he seemed so full of energy and life that had made her fall in love with him. Unfortunately, all that energy had been directed towards starting his own business and she felt neglected. Her modeling career hadn't been all that great to began with as her breasts were a lot bigger then most models. They turned off the serious designers and seemed to attract the low lifes. She refused dozens of offers to pose in bikinis to help sell cars or to appear half naked in lingerie ads or worse. She really didn't like to show off too much of her body to strangers and realizing that modeling hadn't exactly been the best of career choices, she quit working. Not that she really needed to work. Bryan was doing quite well, and on her twentyfifth birthday he had surprised her with a waterfront house on a small barrier island. She was delighted and pictured an idyllic life with her husband strolling down the beach at sunset and snuggling up by the fire on cold nights, but Bryan was almost never home and she only had one friend that lived nearby to keep her company, Karen. Lisa and Karen spent their days jogging or sunning themselves. They were both lonely and satisfied themselves by sharing trashy romance novels. The men in the novels always seemed so strong and dominant, the kind of men who took what they want, so unlike Bryan and she always pictured herself Black Cock Compilation Kacey Blacks On Blondes Black Dick Gagging Ann's porn lay out hadn't been all that bad especially, when the $1200 paid her rent and a nice chunk of her credit card bill. The only negative consequences to her photo shoot was that she was horny all the time. The biggest benefit, after the money, was that she had discovered the joys of masturbation. Ann had discovered how to make herself orgasm and found herself masturbating twice a day. She would wake up every morning aroused after dreaming about big cocks all night and her hand would immediately move between her legs. At night, while relaxing in the tub., she would run the soap over her body, closer and closer to her horny pussy until she couldn't resist it any more and her fingers would plunge into her pussy. Latrell called several times over the next month with more nude offers. She rejected each one saying that it had been a one time thing only and hoping he was calling with an offer from a big name company. Ann was starting to wonder about E&I and decided to put in applications at some of the bigger modeling agencies in the city. She walked into the first one full of confidence, looking in awe at the modern building filled with beautiful people, thinking this would be a great place to work.Ten minutes later she was on the street thinking, 'My breasts aren't too big.' By the end of the week her self-esteem had been crushed from all the rejection. "You're not what we're looking for." "This years in-look is waifish and flat chested, sorry." "Not enough experience." One sleazy man had even laughed and told her she had a stripper's body not a model's. Ann was feeling dejected when she walked up to the newsstand to by this month's Cosmo. The attendant was an old black man and Ann's eyes flickered down to his crotch wondering what his cock looked like. When her eyes looked up from his impressive bulge, they settled on a picture of her and Tyrone on the cover of a porn magazine. She gasped when she saw that her face hadn't been doctored like Latrell had promised. She blushed as she bought the magazine. The black man snickered, but luckily didn't notice it was her on the cover. When Ann got home, she brought out the magazine to examine it. The cover was a picture of Tyrone in his lifeguard shorts carrying her like he had just rescued her. Her breasts had been dotted out. She flipped through it and was shocked to see that all the male models were black and all the women white. She closed it and looked at the cover. The magazine was called Ebony and Ivory. Ann opened to the table of contents and read the subscription information. The magazine was published by E&I Enterprises. Ann looked at the table of contents and opened it to her layout. She was aghast at the pictures. There was Tyrone licking her pussy, her ass hole, his cock poised on her wet pussy, and her Cuckold Wifes Kacey Blacks On Blondes Kacey at Black Dick My Wife fix her something warm to drink. Lisa held the towel around her as she walked around the living room. She glanced out the front window, the dog was sniffing around an enclosed pick up truck filled with boxes. Rose's "for sale" sign was gone from the yard. "So you guys bought old lady Rose's house huh," she said. "Yep," said Mark as he handed her a hot mug of tea. "I hate to break this to you," she said pointing at the truck full of boxes, "but, if your thinking about packing up and fleeing the storm, your too late. The bridge is out. "Actually, we hadn't really unpacked yet," he replied. "Otherwise I'd offer you one of my shirts to wear. Maybe I do have something else for you though." Mark bounded up the stairs and entered the bed room. He couldn't stop thinking about the naked white girl he had held in his arms a few minutes ago and his cock was aching for relief. He walked over to the closet and rummaged through all the dresses, he wanted to see some skin again and was looking for something skimpy for her to wear. He cursed himself for not hiding that blanket before she grabbed it. Mark pulled out a short terry cloth robe and headed back downstairs. Lisa was delighted, when he handed her the robe. He stood there watching her expectanty, as she held the robe. "Where can I change," she asked? He looked disappointed and just nodded his head towards a bathroom. She went inside and shut the door. She removed the blanket and neatly folded it laying it on the counter. Lisa looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her har was disheveled, mud was splattered all over her legs and her feet were covered with grass. Her nipples were still rock hard from all the fear and excitement of the day and she carefully twirled one between her thumb and forefinger, causing a ripple of pleasure to travel up and down her spine. Lisa felt herself becoming aroused. Bryan had not made love to her in over a month and she had been looking forward to anniversary sex tonight. She sighed and got to work making herself look presentable. Lisa cleaned her legs and feet in the sink. She found a brush and began to untangle her long dark hair. When she felt she was presentable she put on the robe. It was sized for someone a lot shorter then Lisa and barely covered her rear end. It also showed off a lot of cleavage. She thought it actually made her look very sexy. And so did Mark, He let out a long whistle when Big Black Dick Pic Kacey Blacks On Blondes Mandingo Mama walked inside their house. ********** Several days later, Bryan had returned to work and she was craving black cock again. He had given her an expensive diamond necklace for their anniversary and she had pretended to enjoy sex with him. Lisa smiled as she thought of the fucking she was about to get. She slipped into her sluttiest lingerie and pulled a sun dress over it. She was humming to herself as she skipped down the street to Mark's house. The first thing she noticed were the two cop cars parked in front of his house. One was a state cop and the other the town sheriffs. Rose was crying in one of the cars and her friend Karen was comforting her. Lisa asked what was going on and Karen told her that the sheriff had evacuated Rose during the storm and when he brought her back the house had been robbed. Lisa was horified to realize she had been fucked by a couple of criminals. She was even more horified to realize she wouldn't be getting fucked by them any more. She saw the sheriff and went over to confess to seeing the two men. She told him she had just gotten trapped outside and had ended up spending the night with them. She left out having sex with them but, the sheriff still stared at her like she was some kind of slut. Anyway he told her it was a state police matter and called inside to the state cop. Her eyes lit up when she saw the giant black cop. He was bigger then Mark and very handsome. She was eye level with his waist and found herself staring at a long, hard black billy club.She had to strain to look up at him and she sad she felt faint and asked him to drive her home. She kept glancing at his crotch as he drove her to her house and she knew that he noticed it. He followed her inside to get her statement and nodded knowingly when she described Mark and Leroy. "Yes maam," he said. "Mark and Leroy Jones. Mark just got released from a three year stint in jail and is beleived to be responsible for a string of robberies up and down the coast." "There's one other thing maam," he said after slamming shut his notebook. "There were dried semen stains all over the couch and the floor in front of the fire place. Were you raped?" Lisa let her dress fall to the floor and stood before the giant black cop clad only in her lacy white bra and panties. She saw his cock growing beneath his uniform pants. It seemed to be as big as his billy club. "No officer, I was educated."