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Kacey looks like the girl next door, or maybe your cousin, or even sweet little daughter...meaning she looks innocent you sick bastards. She seems pretty damn innocent too. Listen up as Wes teaches her the art of Deep Throating. Turns out the key is taking a deep breath then swallowing the whole dick. And it works wonders for Kacey. Wish my chick would try that. Two more brothas join in on the fun and fill every hole this girl has. By the end of this scene, Kacey is drippping on the floors, covered in black seed and politely asks for more!
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OK first I want to make sure that everyone is aware that we have been at it for several years now, but I think I need to post a little less frequent less I run out of true adventures, I don't want to make shit up, First it's hard and time demanding and you all deserve the truth right? so here goes one still fresh in my mind A little background Jaylynn Sinz Blacks On Blondes Kacey Blacks On Blondes Black Dildo For about 17 years a memory ate at the back of my mind. My wife, who is blonde, 5-3, 140 pounds, 36-D, and I met while we worked together at a restaurant. One day in the restaurant, while we were both about 20, two black guys came in who were about our age and I noticed across the room that they were talking like old friends with my girlfriend/wife, who is named Jodi. While they talked, I noticed that every time Jodi said something to one of them, she would look at him, then glance quickly down at his crotch. If I wasn't so bothered by this, I would have been laughing because it was downright comical how she almost automatically did this. I later found out she went to high school with those guys, but that was about the extent of what I could determine. Then I began to notice that whenever we were really around any black guys -- just passing on the sidewalk even -- the first thing she did after seeing them was check their crotch out rather quickly. She didn't do it to white guys. We got married 2 years later. I became a free lance commercial photographer and she got buried in her business of financial advising. Gradually this habit disappeared. She became what I call suburbanized. We had 2 kids and a decent sex life. She faked many of her orgasms like any woman, but sometimes shot Superior Black Cock Kacey Blacks On Blondes Kacey at Black Cock Records inside a booth , we heard doors openeing all around us, they caught a glimpse of my wife as she walked in and that's all we needed.As luck would have it , we walked into a booth showing 2 guys (doing a gloryhole suckoff) movie playing. not our first choice, since we prefer straight films but gay films are fun also. My wife was wearing a knee high Big Black Dick Tube Kacey Blacks On Blondes Monster Black Cock admitted she felt more sexually pleased knowing how it happened , as she put it herself " My whoring ways got me this way huh baby? How could I refuse a woman like this. This is a true story and pretty extreme, hope no one takes offense by it, like I said You guys are getting the truth , no matter how graphic or tasteless till next time