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Petra was a Czech foreign exchange student that had never seen a black dick before! When we found out that what she really enjoyed exchanging was bodily fluids, we set her up with 3 of the biggest black dicks we could find, to give her the final test, before heading back to her homeland. She had a perfect Euro style body and a pretty face, and although she spoke through an interpreter, we had no trouble understanding her intent. The dudes picked up on her enthusiasm, and cranked their games up a notch to match her intensity. Therein lies the problem, of them was the fattest dick around, the humongous sized sledgehammer, who is suitably named. As it happened, when Sledge went into overdrive, he broke her pussy! Shit, now what? Petra wanted to ace her finals, so she volunteered to park her wrecked pussy, and suck each of them off, and eat their "sperma", as she called it with her thick accent. So she hit her knees and actually sucked each one off, as promised, and landed an "A" to take back home with her!
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Ann was in a daze as the taxi pulled up before her apartment. Her pussy hurt, her ass hurt, and her jaw was sore. Sperm dripped out of her pussy and ass, soaking the insides of her sweat pants. She paid the cab driver and entered her apartment. Ann sighed with relief when she locked the door behind her. She was nervous carrying around so much money in her pocket. Ann took out the big wad of money and counted it again. Fifty one hundred dollar bills were in her hand with more to come. Tyrone hadn't had her bonus money available and she would be picking up the rest later. Things had gotten out of hand at the video shoot, but the sex had been incredible and the money would be enough to start off somewhere on a new, legitimate career. Three days later, Ann looked at the wad of cash and wondered where the thousand dollars she had spent already had gone to. Sure, she had eaten at some of New Yorks finest restaurants and bought some expensive wine, but a thousand dollars? That evening, Ann turned on the bath water and sat on the toilet to watch the tub fill with water. She had called Tyrone to see if the rest of her money was there yet. He had replied, no and asked her to come in to make another video. Ann had refused, but immediately her pussy had started gushing when she pictured his cock. She was still horny as she sat and watched Tyrone slowly rise up in the tub as the water level rose. Ann stripped and climbed in, sighing as the warm water engulfed her body. She relaxed for a moment before shaving her legs and crotch, her eyes flickering over to Tyrone floating around as she shaved and rinsed herself. Ann grabbed Tyrone and laid back in the tub. She brought the dildo up to her mouth and kissed Cumbang Forum Petra Blacks On Blondes Black Cock Solo It was the weekend and I didn't quite know what to do with myself. My MASTER had gone out for the day after leaving me with instructions to find some black cocks to shoot their loads all over my panties. He told me if he was satisfied that I had found men that shot exceptionally large loads he would reward that that evening with a surprise. I was extremely anxious to do as I had been told as I knew how erotic his rewards could be. I went to my closet to find something to wear that would make it a little more obvious what I was looking for. I had decided that the Swap Shop was a pretty good place to start. Not only is it situated in a predominantly black neighborhood but there were plenty of places to duck into should you need to. It was only 10 a.m. and already it was brutally hot outside. I pulled out a very short jean skirt with a short white top that tied between my breasts. Hot outside or not, my nipples are always hard and that shirt shows them off so nicely. I guess that's why it is one of my favorite tops. Anyway, I got dressed and was almost out the door when I realized I had forgotten something. I never wear panties so I had neglected to put a pair on. Considering the reason I was going out you would think I wouldn't forget something Mandingo Iafd Petra Blacks On Blondes Petra at Pregnant Interracial near the warehouse, but Tyrone had called and said he had her money. She was going home tonight and would return if Angela needed her to testify. Hopefully, her statement would get Angela a warrant and they would find enough on King to bust him without even needing her. Ann walked past a black limo, parked before the warehouse and she entered the building. It was dusk and the warehouse was deserted. There was no sign of Latrell or Suzie, and Carol wasn't sitting at her desk. Tyrone's door was closed, so she softly knocked on it. "Enter," said a deep voice. Ann opened the door and stepped into the office. A strange black man was sitting behind Tyrone's desk. Even seated, she could tell he was a giant of a man. His head was completely shaved and he sported a goatee. He was very handsome, but the beard gave him a sinister appearance. His suit was an Armani and she could see a gold rolex on his wrist. Everything about him from his dress to his mannerisms exuded wealth, power, and a complete self-confidence. "Hello Miss Dutton," said the man. "My name is Solomon King." Ann backed up a step when the crimelord named himself. She turned and looked at the door, but an ugly, massive black man had appeared out of nowhere to block the exit. He was hideous. His face was dark black, with a crooked nose, big lips, and crooked teeth. He was more fat then muscles, and he completely filled the doorway. Solomon King stood up and came around the desk, and leaned back against it. He was around six and a half feet tall and looked to have even more muscles then Tyrone. He looked a cross between Tyrone and Latrell. Latrell's height and looks, with Tyrone's bulk and confidence. "I own Ebony and Ivory Tia Ling Blacks On Blondes Petra Blacks On Blondes Crossdressing Cuckold standing out against his black face. "She's gone," said Angela. "Just drive." Angela thought of her two year old daughter. She would do everything she could to protect her from men like Solomon King when she grew up. This was her city and no one was going to prey on naive young women as long as she wore a badge. The squad car pulled out onto the bust street and sped off into the traffic. ******************** Solomon walked over to the cabinet and filed the video labeled "Ann Dutton," alphabetically right after Mayor Dunleavy. He stepped back and admired his growing collection of blackmail videos, before securing the cabinet. He lit a cigarette and put his hands in his robe as he walked out on his balcony overlooking central park. He had two sluts waiting for him in his bed, but even his mighty cock was tired from the days work out. It just wasn't the same unless he blackmailed or seduced them away from their husbands and once he had he moved on to the next conquest. He thought of the look on Ann's face when she saw the pictures in the envelope addressed to her parents, and she didn't even know he had already emailed the pictures to everyone back home. He thought of the mayors wife screaming for him to fuck her afer he had sliped excstasy into her wine. He smiled as his cock started growing. Trump had a new super-model girlfriend he had been showing off at the last charity function they had attended. She would make an excellent target. He felt cold air on his cock as it emerged from the folds of the robe. He realized it was now rock hard at the thought of seducing the millionaires girlfriend. Before heading back to the sluts, he took one last look out at the city, his city. The End