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Petra was a Czech foreign exchange student that had never seen a black dick before! When we found out that what she really enjoyed exchanging was bodily fluids, we set her up with 3 of the biggest black dicks we could find, to give her the final test, before heading back to her homeland. She had a perfect Euro style body and a pretty face, and although she spoke through an interpreter, we had no trouble understanding her intent. The dudes picked up on her enthusiasm, and cranked their games up a notch to match her intensity. Therein lies the problem, of them was the fattest dick around, the humongous sized sledgehammer, who is suitably named. As it happened, when Sledge went into overdrive, he broke her pussy! Shit, now what? Petra wanted to ace her finals, so she volunteered to park her wrecked pussy, and suck each of them off, and eat their "sperma", as she called it with her thick accent. So she hit her knees and actually sucked each one off, as promised, and landed an "A" to take back home with her!
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Sabrina Derrickson was the first to fuck a black man. At least Amber assumed it to be the case and she was probably correct. It happened shortly after Amber opened her last gift. She held the dildo up. It was small and white and nothing like the one the Reverend Al Sharpspeare had given her. She gave her sister a curtesy smile. "Hey, I'm a traditionalist," said Sabrina holding her palms up. The Derrickson sister's mother snorted disapprovingly. Their younger sister and Brian's mom also didn't appreciate it. Melissa, Amber's college roommate was the only one who chuckled. "You don't know the trouble I went to find that. All the specialist shops in the city are carrying these oversized black ones." Sabrina looked a lot like Amber, but had a slightly large nose. She was twentyfive, wilder, had run away from home twice, and seemed to pick out boyfriends to piss off their dad. Later, no one admited to hiring the stripper. Everyone blamed Sabrina, but the pretty blonde just shrugged her shoulders and denied it. The stripper was a black man named Lamar and Amber's pulse quickened when she saw his broad, muscular torso. He had the aura of power Sharpspeare had and she knew without Big Dick Petra Blacks On Blondes Black Dick Suckers Hi,let me tell you a little about myself. I'm 32, 5"7", 140lbs. I have long blonde hair and hazel eyes and have 36D tits. I guess you could call me pretty hot, most guys (and chicks" do. I'm single right now, I have been for almost a year. It's rather fun being single, I don't have to put up with any crap and I get as muck dick as I want. When I first Black Interracial Porn Petra Blacks On Blondes Petra at Mandingo Black Dick a drink in the hotel bar before retiring. As they left Amber noticed the black stripper from last night was coming towards the motel from the parking lot accompanied by another large black man. Not wanting to be embarrassed, she quickly wrapped her arms around Brian and gave him a big kiss wanting to cry when an erection failed to materialize against her thigh. Amber quit kissing Brian as the two black men entered the bar not noticing her. Amber and her fiance held hands as they headed towards the lobby exit. Just before leaving, Sabrina and Melissa exited the elevator heading for the bar looking excited. ****************** "You two look horrible," stated Susannah Derrickson. Amber turned from examining herself and looked at her mother staring at Sabrina and Melissa in their bridesmaid gowns. Both women looked exhausted as if they hadn't slept at all last night. Their cheeks had that rubbery look Amber's had gotten after sucking off the Reverend. Melissa was waddling a little and Sabrina winced when she sat down. Both women seemed very happy. It wasn't fair, Amber was the one getting married in a few hours and yet her sister and friend seemed happier then she was. Amber Cumbang Jada Petra Blacks On Blondes Black Dick In Black Pussy next day, outside the inn. "I love you too," Brian replied as his wife kissed him. Amber turned and entered the limo through the door being held open by a big black chauffer from E&I Limo services. Sharpspeare and his two bodyguards were already inside. Then a limo, which should have been taking the happy couple home, drove off taking his wife to the airport instead. A few guests patted him on the back to console him. Brian watched until the limo disappeared, the two bartenders from last night brushing past him, leaving the inn when they should of left yesterday after the reception. He was upset his wife was leaving, but something else had upset him even more last night and he hadn't been able to tell Amber. After going to the bar to escape the noise from his inlaws room, he found his father-in-law having a drink at the bar. After explaining that Amber was leaving in the morning, he asked, "Where's Susannah?" "In our room. She got one of those black boys parking cars to carry our luggage upstairs for her," said Mr Derrickson sipping his drink. Brian was horrified to think his mother-in-law was such a slut as toscrew a black man. The adventures continue in part 4.