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"Alright honey, now take your top off." Danielle, posing in her bikini, looked up at her husband and said, "no way." She had joined a diet program and lost sixty pounds. Her body, once plump, was now fit and lean. Her stomach was now flat and you could see her abs when she flexed. Her ass was now hard and firm, only her breasts staying big, though they had perked up where once they had sagged. Her straight red hair framed her pretty face, focusing on her large, piercing green eyes. Her husband, Jack, an amateur photographer, had freaked out over her new body. Even now she could see an erection poking out of his shorts. Dani licked her lips at the sight of his erection. She had been unusually horny the last month or so, since losing the weight and Jack had trouble keeping up with her. "Come on honey, show off that hot bod." "Promise you won't show anybody?" "I promise," lied Jack already thinking of ways to show his buddies what a hot, sexy wife Dani had become. Dani gulped and untied the sides of her string bikini. The truth was that her bikini didn't leave much covered anyway. She only wore it in their back yard, which was large and generally private. The homes around Stony Harbor had nice sized yards, many with pools, and their neighbors weren't much for hanging out in their yards anyway. "Great honey, now push them big titties together and lean forward." Dani did as she was told getting in to it. Her nipples were hard and she could feel her bikini bottoms growing wetter as the ever-present horniness grew in intensity. She liked showing off her body. "Oh that's good baby. Now pull your bottoms up so that I can see some ass. God your hot." "Come see how hot," said Dani untying her bottoms. Jack set the camera down and was out of his shorts in seconds. ******************** "What do you think?" asked Danielle twirling around on their patio. She had bought a new thong bikini, figuring her ass deserved a nice tan too, but her husband wasn't even looking. He was staring at a giant black man that had just walked around their neighbors back yard. "Wow, he's huge," she said watching as the black man, obviously the gardener, took out a weed-eatter and started it. He was wearing jeans and was shirtless. Every single muscle on the human torso was large and prominent on his body. "That guy is built." "As is my wife," said Jack finally catching on to the fact that her new bikini didn't appear to have a bottom. "Thanks," she said blushing, but noticing that his attention had returned to the gardener. "What are you thinking?" "I was wondering if he would pose for me. That boy's got to be the ideal subject." Dani Interracial Porn Galleries Petra Blacks On Blondes Interracial Orgy This is a story of a couple who went on vacation to a remote mountain cabin, there was John the husband and Mary the wife. They were excited about going swimming in the lake and exploring the forrest. The cabin was located miles from the nearest town so they made sure to pack plenty of food and provisions. What they didn't know was there were three escaped Downloadable Porn Movies Petra Blacks On Blondes Petra at Interracial Creampie Breeding again at that giant black cock. Xavier was the perfect model for beefcake shots, but there was still something missing from the pictures. If he could just put his finger on it.... ******************** Dani was reclining on the chair trying to sweat out her frustration when Xavier walked around the corner. Her nipples hardened the minute she saw him, some primal instinct telling her that here was a virile man. She grew embarrassed as her nipples poked out the bikini top, stretching the already thin material and she wished she had brought out a towel so that she could cover herself up. "Afternoon Dani, sorry I missed you last week." "Hi Xavier," she said. His eyes were greedily taking in her scantily clad figure which angered her because he made no effort to cover it up, like he felt he had every right to ogle her. She decided she liked him looking at her. Her body was too nice to cover up, maybe she'd even wear her bikini to the beach next time. Her shyness was a leftover from her fat years and she should move on. After all, Xavier was welcome to look, but he could never touch. "How's the photo's going?" "Great, your husband's very talented. Has he shown you any of them?" "No, he hasn't." "He showed me some of yours," said Xavier staring directly at her breasts before moving down to the thin patch of material covering her pubic hair. "I got to see a lot of you. You're one sexy woman." Dani flushed, not with shyness, but with anger. Jack had shown a stranger their private pictures, and a black stranger at that. First there was his erection problems and now he was lying to her. She was really getting pissed. "I'd like to see your pictures sometime," she said through gritted teeth. "Why look at pictures when you can watch us?" ******************** Jack was setting up his camera when Xavier walked down. The black man was wearing jeans and a tank top. He quickly took off his shirt and shoes, sitting on the couch while Jack focused the camera on him. A few minutes later, Danielle walked downstairs. She had pulled shorts on to cover the thong, but was still wearing her bikini top. "Hi honey, need something?" he asked. Dani just flashed him a glare that alerted him to the fact that she was pretty pissed about something and Xavier said, "I asked your wife to watch our session. I hope there's no problem?" Jack did have a problem, but he didn't want to piss her off more then she was now. Dani went over and sat on a stool away from the camera. "Alright Xavier try some poses." Dani stared raptly at Xavier as he flexed his muscles. His body was simply incredible. She had never seen anything Cuckold Hubby Petra Blacks On Blondes Cuckold Movie between their bodies and diddled her clit until she came again and several more times while he pumped her ass for about fifteen minutes. The black man began grunting, thrusting wildly. "Get ready Jack," he groaned. and seeing Jack sitting across the room growled, "Why the fuck aren't you getting this on film?" "I ran out," shrugged Jack pointing towards about twenty rolls of film sitting on the table. Xavier ignored him after that, thrusting a few more times until he grunted and came again. He pulled out and shot a wad across her ass cheeks and back. The third load, thought Jack, and he's still cumming buckets. Xavier's cock quit squirting and he rested it on her ass, sperm still leaking out. When he was done, he smacked his cock across her ass cheeks a couple times forcing out a couple more drops. Jack watched as Xavier stood up and stretched. He was sweaty and panting, but the black man didn't seem to be the least bit exhausted after cumming three times in two hours. Instead, he seemed invigorated. Xavier grabbed his clothes and bag, leaving Dani lying on the floor with her ass still thrust up. "Better go check on your wife," said Xavier walking over to him. Jack nodded and walked over to Dani who still hadn't moved. He watched as her ass slowly closed forcing sperm out, to run down to her pussy and drip on the floor. "Shame you didn't get a shot of that great ass fucking," called Xavier from the stairs. "Be sure and buy more film for next week. I'll bring a video camera and a buddy of mine along." "No", yelled Jack feeling a little more manly now that the imposing black giant was out of the room. "There's not going to be a next week. This is it Xavier, you hear me?" Jack turned around, proud of himself for standing up to Xavier. He wouldn't even develop the film, he would just destroy it, though he would never forget today. Then, he noticed that all twenty rolls of film were gone. ******************** Xavier threw his bag into the truck and decided to blow off work for the rest of the day. He aimed his truck out of Stony Harbor towards New York City. If these pictures came out as good as Jack's other ones, they would be worth a fortune. Tyrone Jones could have these up on their web sites by tonight and in Ebony and Ivory Illustrated in time for next month's issue. In the event Dani came to her senses when the pheromones wore off, he could use the pictures to blackmail the couple into making Jack videotape them next week with Mustafa or Rashidi or both. Then, after that, he could bring her down to the studio to make a professional video. Her possibilities were endless. The End