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I was walking down the street the day before my 25th birthday, when a small plain man, with a sour smell about him, walked up to me and said, in a deep voice, "Bob, I have a gift for you and I know your going to like it very much. I know that you're a good guy and that you've only had a few girlfriends and that your fiance ran off on you last spring. I know also that tomorrow is your 25th birthday, so here is your gift." I looked at this man and I knew I had never seen him in my life, for he was so ugly, and smelled so damn bad, I would have remembered him. I started to speak to him, when he handed me a small black box, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, and a sheet of paper. The paper had some hieroglyphics and some writing on it. I looked at the paper and then looked up to ask the man who he was and what this was all about but the man was nowhere to be seen. He was gone as fast as he had come. So I read the paper. It told only how to use the box and said happy birthday to me... Damn this was strange! The paper said that this black box would make any women go horny and would make them have to perform wild sex acts and would make their mind go blank after I turned off the box. They would not remember a thing or know that they had even performed for me. They would only retain a warm sexy feeling, if I chose them to... Yeah right, I thought to myself. I took the box and went home to test it out. When I got home I saw three black women, two around 40 or 45 years old, walking from door to door and talking to people. There was a young girl with them (about 18 or 19 years old, I would guess) Angel Long Blacks On Blondes Petra Blacks On Blondes Mandingo Red Christy Simmons was enjoying her typical day, cleaning up the house while her husband Todd was at work. They lived in a large suburban home, far from the crime and dirt of the city. Christy had just about everything she could wish for, two cars in the garage, plenty of food in the fridge and a house that her neighbors envied. They didn't have any children yet but there was still plenty of time. She was only 27. Todd said his work was just too frantic at this point to think about having a family. He often worked late, sometimes not getting home until around eight. Once in a while he even had to take extended business trips. He could be gone for several days at a time. She often felt lonely but she was grateful for all the wonderful material things he could provide her with. It was Tuesday and Todd had just called to say he would be home around seven. Christy began whistling while she was polishing the silver. A small stain got on her long powder blue dress and she was about to go wash it off when the door bell rang. Christy was startled by the sound because they rarely had visitors. Perhaps the UPS man, she thought. At the door were two tall men in dark suits and reflective sunglasses. "Good morning, ma'am," the dark haired one said as he flashed a badge. "My name is Jenkins and my partner is Smith. We're with the FBI, Fraud Division." Christy's heart raced as she peered around the door. She said, "What . . . what can I do for you?" "Ma'am, we've been investigating a couple of scam artists operating an insurance fraud in your area and we'd like to talk to you about it." "Well I . . . that is, I don't know anything about it." "We know, but with your help we think we might be able to stop these dirt bags. May we come in?" Christy wasn't sure what they thought she could possibly do, but of course she let them in. She led them down the two steps into the open living room, over to the large plush sofa. She offered them tea. After they were settled, Blacks On Blondes Siterip Petra Blacks On Blondes Petra at Black Dick Sex Lord's message through to you. She said that she and Mizz Taylor would be back for me in an hour." I opened the door and had her come to the front room and I asked if she would like for me to take the bible that she was carrying. She handed it to me and I asked if there was anything she would like to drink. "A Pepsi?" she said. I got the Pepsi and thought to myself, this box is really great! I need to get into her pants and see what secrets little black girls hide. I could not wait to see what was under that dress, to see if her pussy was the same as the white girls' I had fucked. I walked back in and handed her the Pepsi and said. "Would you like to sit down and let me feel your pussy?" "What did you say?" Shauna gasped, her eyes going wide as she sat down. Even though her skin was the color of coffee, I could distinctly see her cheeks blush red as she winced in surprise. "May I put my hand up your dress and into your underpants and feel your pussy?" I said calmly. Shauna looked up at me, her head cocked and her hands at her hips now as she rocked, from side to side, in that defiant way only black girls do, and said, "What'chu sayin? Feel ME up? You're one crazy honky! I'm a Christian gal! I am not lettin' any man touch me! Not till I get married." I chucked at her insolent expression as I picked up the box, from the coffee table, and turned it on, watching as her face softened and her arms relaxed at her sides. She then looked at me in a different way. Her eyes seemed to roam up and down my body and settle on the bulge at the front of my white shorts. I said, "You look like Cuckhold Petra Blacks On Blondes Riding Black Dick her soft, warm, brown body and squeezed her tightly to me as the two of us were locked in the embrace of an intense, orgasmic union that seemed to last a full minute. When it was done, we relaxed our grip on each other and I just lay atop her, panting into her ear as I listened to her pant into mine and felt my cock slowly shrinking inside of her. When I finally raised my head and looked at her face, she smiled back at me with a pretty, satisfied expression. I cradled her face in my hands and kissed her, aware that all of my sexual energy was now gone. I wouldn't be able to muster another hard-on for, at least, a full week! I scampered up from her and walked to the coffee table. It was time to turn off the black box and return Shauna to her normal, chaste, Christian self. "What's that?" she sat up and asked, as I picked the box up. "Nothing," I replied, watching her sit erect with her knees up and her legs wide apart. I could see my white sperm, flowing out of the pink hole, in the center of the black slit of her pussy, and dripping down her brown ass cheek to the carpet. 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