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Officer Joe Stevenson was a happy man. He sat sipping his post-dinner coffee across the table from his beautiful eighteen year old daughter. She was still dressed in her prep school skirt as she absent mindedly twirled a strand of blonde hair that had fallen loose from the bun on her head. She was intently studying her school work oblivious to everything else. He was proud of her, she was a good, decent girl, not a straight A student, but close. He glanced over at his wife, Mary doing the dishes. She was a loving, supportive, and compassionate woman who devoted her free time to various community and church activities. Even after twenty years of marriage, he still got a stiffy watching her ass shake while she scrubbed the dishes. Why, if his daughter wasn't here, he'd throw his wife over the table and fuck the shit out of her right this moment. She was still a knock-out at forty and they had an active and satisfyng sex life. Yeah, life is good, he thought. He had a wonderful, sexual wife and a decent daughter with a bright future. He was ten years older then his wife and set to retire in five years. They planned to do a lot of traveling then, as their daughter would probably still be away at college. The only thing he was unhappy about was working the 8-4 night shift with his new partner. Jackson. His partner was a handsome well-built black man, with an arrogant, cocky attitude and Joe thought he might even be a little corrupt, not to mention the fact that he smoked. Jackson was always bragging about his sexual exploits and his favorite story was how he made some married woman blow into his 10" black breathalizer to get out of a DUI. He said that after five minutes she was begging him to fuck her with his giant black cock and he did just that. He wished Interracial Gangbang Photos Petra Blacks On Blondes Huge Black Cock It all happend about two years ago after I had lost a great deal of weight. I am 5' 5" and used to weight 145lb. I now weight in at a pleasent 110lb and feel great. My husband Tom says I look great and loves my new look. After losing all that weight allot of men began flirting with me, now don't get me wrong, I love the attention. I soon found myself dressing alittle sexier then I should have, but I was having fun and feeling great about myself. Even my sex life has changed, due to the fact my husband finds me much more attractive. We began to try new things like anal sex, which I found to be very stimulating. My husband has always like oral sex and to Big Black Dick Fucking Petra Blacks On Blondes Petra at Black Cock Blowjobs I have you on possesion, underage consumption, open container, indecent exposure and a lot of other charges that can have you spending some time in prison," said the big black cop. He watched the scared boy's little penis shrink back into his scrotum from his fear. "Is any of the booze or drugs your girlfriends," Jackson asked? " Sir," "You know boy, I don't feel like doing all the paperwork to send you to jail tonight," said Jackson and he saw the boys eyes light up with hope. "So I'll tell you what. If you let me fuck that hot young girlfriend of yours, I'll let you go with a warning." "Jackson, what the f...," Joe said. "Shut up Joe," Jackson barked back at his partner. Jackson looked back at the wimpy little teenager. He looked crestfallen again. "Well," growled the big black man threateningly. "I..I can't do that sir," stuttered the boy. "Well why the fuck not" "Cause I love her, sir" Jackson laughed at that and opened the car door. "Well we'll just have to see if she loves you enough to keep you out of prison. She is over eighteen right?" Jackson left the car when the boy nodded yes. Joe ran out of the car to catch his partner. "Jackson you can't do this, It's wrong." "Joe," he replied. "I'm going to get me some pussy tonight and unless you want to take me home to your wife, I'm gonna fuck this girl." Jackson watched his parter step back in shock. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna make her do anything she don't consent to and you can even get a crack at her if you want, though she won't even notice your fucking her after I get done with her." Jackson left his partner standing there with his mouth open and headed for the kids pick-up. Stevenson cursed to himself and got back in the squad car. He looked back at Black Dick Fucking Pussy Petra Blacks On Blondes Interracial Sex Clips man "I..I don't think so," replied Joe. "Just do it, you know you want to," said Jackson as he pointed at Joe's erect penis. "Besides she won't even remember anything about your dick." Joe watched his partner returning to the squad car laughing as he held his uniform to his chest. Joe looked over at the girl and shined his light on her ass again. His cock jerked as he looked at her. Her ass hole was red rimmed and gaping wide open. Jackson's semen was trickling out of her ass and her pussy. Joe thought of how big and firm her breasts had looked as Jackson frisked her nude body outside the truck. He gave in to temptation and stepped out of his pants. Joe tenatively reached out a finger and slowly ran it down the crack of her ass. When he reached her rectum he slowly pushed his finger inside to the knuckle feeling how full of Jackson's sperm it was. He pulled his finger out and ran it down to her pussy. He buried first one then two fingers inside her vagina feeling how hot and wet she was. She stirred a little as he fingered her. He had never cheated on his wife and growing impatient for his first fresh pussy in twenty years he kneeled behind her and rolled her over to her back. He positioned his cock at her pussy and ran his light up her body noticing how covered it was in dried semen. When he shined his light in her face she was looking at him in horror. "Oh my god," he cried. "Jenny." "D.Daddy" she stammered. Author's Note: This urban legend has been around for many years. I've never heard it as an interracial story, but the basic plot is always the same. Cop's partner sleeps with girl and cop discovers it's his daughter. Variations are known to exist, one of which is the man who orders a prostitute, only to find out it's his daughter.