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My name is Jim. I just turned 35 a couple of months ago. I married my wife Sherry nine years ago. We have two children, a son eight years old and a little girl three years old. We have a good life but there have been some rough spots. My story is about the end of one of those rough times. About two years ago Sherry and I had a big fight. She was spending much of her time with the kids and seemed less interested in spending time with me. She got involved in the PTA when our boy started first grade. She also volunteered as a baby sitter three nights a week at church for single women who worked evening hours. I didn't see much of Sherry during that period. I confronted her about this and the fight started. Sherry defended her actions as being normal motherly activities. I told her that I was proud of what she did for the kids but that we didn't have much time together, especially 'bed' time. I also complained that she had let her appearance down. My wife had been a very attractive woman when we married. She was 22 at the time and looked as if she was right off the pages of Playboy magazine. With long natural blond hair, blue eyes, an angel face, smooth legs and a tiny waist, she got plenty of attention when she walked down the street. Seven years and two children later she had gained fifty pounds and would only wear baggy clothes. I struck a nerve when I complained about Sherry's looks. She started to cry, which was the last thing I wanted. I told her I was sorry to upset her, but that our situation upset me. She looked up at me, wiped her eyes and said she was sorry that she had not spent more time with me. She also said she would start on a diet and exercise program the very next day. Our relationship improved over the next year. Sherry managed to lose all the excess weight and through exercising had toned her body. She looked better now than when I married her. As an unexpected bonus, Sherry retained most of the increased breast size that had developed through her two pregnancies. They were very soft and drooped only slightly, proving that they were real. She measured 35D-22-35. I know because I measured myself. Her bras indicated D-cup but her large breasts always seemed to strain the material. I suspected her size was somewhere between D-cup and DD-cup. To celebrate Sherry's new look and her upcoming thirtieth birthday, I booked a vacation for the two of us to Las Vegas. My folks watched the kids while we were away. The trip got off to a great start. We gambled, ate and saw a show the first day. Sherry wore this short mini-dress she had bought for the trip. It was not the type of thing she usually wore. Being a conservative girl, she shied away from sexy clothes, but the sales lady convinced her that with a figure like hers she should show it off. The dress was white and very tight. The hem line fell half way between her knees and hips. Sherry had to be careful when bending over or she would reveal the high cut lace underwear I bought her. She wore a matching bra, cut low so that it would not cover up what the top of the mini-dress revealed. The site of a woman with long blond hair and blue eyes, a small waist, long legs and large breasts is very impressive. She finished off the look with a pair of white Gigantic Black Cock Petra Blacks On Blondes Black Big Dicks "Man, I wish you would tell me your secret." Willie looked up from where he was testing the water supply and grinned at his partner. "I just started lifting, thats all." Bernie didn't believe it for a minute, Willie was taking steroids. The formerly medium sized black man now looked like a heavyweight boxer and the change in his body had occured in only a month's time. The shaven headed black man was huge and bulging with muscles, he even looked taller. Willie finished with his water sample and stood up. "Alright we're done for the day." The two water department men walked out of the small access building in the wealthy white neighborhood outside Stony Harbor, Long Island. "You live here don't you? Nice neighborhood," said Willie. "You wouldn't be welcome here," said Bernie. "No offense, but this town is lily white." Bernie hoped Willie didn't take that the wrong way. Working with a black guy was alright, but living next to one... "You want to go catch happy hour somewhere?" asked Willie. "I shouldn't," replied Bernie. "Wife doesn't like me drinking too much." Bernie was thirty three now, but in his twenties he was quite the drinker before meeting Karen. The leggy blonde with the full bosom had settled him down a month after they had started dating. "Come on just a couple beers and we'll call it a day." "Alright, a couple beers can't hurt." ******************** "Oh god," moaned Bernie throwing up outside the bar. "Why'd you have to buy me those shots? You'd better drive me home." Willie helped his partner into Bernie's car and got behind the wheel. Bernie was snoring by the time he pulled up at his partners house. Willie slipped a key of Bernie's key ring, before helping his partner out of the car. "Where the hell have you been?" said the women throwing the door open. Willie was striken by the beautiful blonde the minute he saw her. She bore a striking resemblance to the actress Jeri Ryan. She Black Interacial Petra Blacks On Blondes Petra at Candice Nicole Cumbang is that?" Hose answered, "Ecstasy! Its a gentlemen's club." "Only men are allowed?" Sherry asked. "Naw," Hose said, "its a club where women dance on stage." "Ohhh," Sherry said with a nervous smile. The one called Nick said, "There weren't any women as hot as you, Sherry, dancing at that place." Sherry blushed and said, "You really think I'm attractive?". The forth guy called Bull piped up, "Like I told you outside, Baby, you're the best thing I've seen all year." A mischievous smile played across Sherry's face. Sly looked at Sherry and said, "I bet you could dance better than any of those Babes at the club." Sherry shook here head and said, "I've never done that type of dancing before. Hose said, "Aw Baby, you're built for that type of dancing!". Sherry looked apprehensive and said, "I don't know." "Aw, come on baby," begged Nick. The others added their encouragement as well. Finally Sherry downed another glass of wine and said, "OK guys. But, you let me know when I do it wrong." Sly turned up the music and Sherry stood up. She started to sway back and forth, swiveling her hips in rhythm to the music. The guys start to ooh and ahh as Sherry bumps and grinds. She had never done that sort of thing in all our years together, but now she was dancing like a pro. "Turn around, Baby, and show us your butt," ordered Nick. Sherry smiled and complied, grinding the whole time. Hose said, "Bend over and stick that butt out," and Sherry complied. She was obviously getting into this. She turned back around and began to notice the tents again growing in the guys swimming trunks. She smiled deviously. Bull yelled out, "Its time to start taking it off." Sherry shook here head with a pout and crossed her arms over her breasts. The guy's faces looked disappointed. Sherry then smile again and lightly flicked one strap of her shoulder. They were all smiles again as she slowly pulled her dress over her bra. Her bra filled breasts bounced as Sherry freed them from the tightness of her dress. Sherry continued slowly past her waist and over her hips. Finally, she dropped the dress and kicked it aside to the whistles and cat calls of the four black studs. I had the feeling now that this was not the end of her show and I was right. To my amazement she reached behind and unhooked her 36D bra and as she swayed slowly released her massive tits to the pleasure of all assembled. She then teased the men by grabbing the waist band of her panties on both sides and pulling up and down to the beat of the music. The studs yelled, "Take it off! Take it off!" Sherry shook her head and said, "No" as if scolding our baby daughter. She smiled again and turned around so that her back was facing the studs. Sherry slowly lowered her last stitch of clothing except for her high heel shoes. She then swayed over to the bed and, in a sexy way that I had never seen before, crawled on the king size bed on her side and raised one leg straight up. This revealed her blond pussy in all its glory. The studs started to drool. Sherry lowered her leg and said in a sexy voice, "Now its your turn." These guys didn't need to be told twice. They were out of their clothes in no time. Sherry looked from one stud to the next. Her mouth was wide open as she looked at Cumbang Thread Petra Blacks On Blondes Black Sucking Dick bed and sat down. Her hand drifted to her pussy where some residue, from her last fuck session, was leaking out. She collected the juice with her finger and put it in her mouth, licking her fingers clean. My angel had become completely nasty. I eased out of the lawn chair and headed for the interior entrance to our room. I met the four black men at the hallway entrance. They were commenting about the great piece of ass they had just had. "That's the best white woman I have ever had," exclaimed Hose. He added, "She's the only woman I ever had that took me down her throat." I said hello as we passed. Nick returned the greeting as the others walked away. I opened the door to the room and walked in. Sherry was adjusting the hem of her dress. She definitely had a just fucked look about her. Her hair was mussed up and her skin was red and damp with perspiration. Sherry attempted to straightened her hair but gave up when she saw me. She smiled at me and said, "I take it that you watched from the patio?" I nodded. She added, "Have you ever seen anything like what happened?" I said, "No. Why, Sherry?" Sherry asked back, "Why did I fuck four black men?" I nodded. She continued, "They were very nice to me. At first I just wanted to show you that other men wanted me. I was feeling good from the wine and one thing led to another. Oh, Jim, it felt so good. I hope you're not angry with me. I figured that you would have interrupted me out at the pool if you wanted me to stop. When you didn't, I thought that you might be turned on." "What about the comment you made about having something to remember him by?" I asked, then added, "Were you trying to get pregnant?" Sherry's jaw dropped. She said, "NOOO. Jim, you know I'm on the pill. At first, though, I didn't want a mess in my pussy. But, when I tasted cum I loved it. I just wanted to keep some cum inside my pussy so that I could taste it as it leaked out. Unfortunately, it's about all gone." I noticed that although she had dressed, her bra and panties were on the floor. I asked, "Why do you have your dress on without your underwear?" Sherry replied, "I'm going out to get more cum. I think I can attract more men without underwear. It will make undressing and dressing easier, too." I couldn't believe it. I said, "You mean four men for an hour and a half was not enough?" She said, "I enjoyed myself too much to stop now. Tomorrow, I go back to being your faithful wife, but, until morning, I am going to be a nasty slut. I am going to fuck every man I see and eat every bit of his cum until sunrise." Sherry walked out the door with only her tight white mini-dress and 5 inch heels. Her nipples were poking through her dress. At the time, I hoped she knew what she was doing. I was amazed and turn on by her performance that night. I couldn't wait to get at her myself. I was also worried that I might lose her. Since that time Sherry and I have lived an exciting life. We have a lot of fun with sex. However, we keep that aspect of our lives separate from our traditional family activities. We relive that night occasionally as part of foreplay. Sherry is working on her own story of what happened while she was out roaming the streets. I look forward to reading it when its finished.