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For about 17 years a memory ate at the back of my mind. My wife, who is blonde, 5-3, 140 pounds, 36-D, and I met while we worked together at a restaurant. One day in the restaurant, while we were both about 20, two black guys came in who were about our age and I noticed across the room that they were talking like old friends with my girlfriend/wife, who is named Jodi. While they talked, I noticed that every time Jodi said something to one of them, she would look at him, then glance quickly down at his crotch. If I wasn't so bothered by this, I would have been laughing because it was downright comical how she almost automatically did this. I later found out she went to high school with those guys, but that was about the extent of what I could determine. Then I began to notice that whenever we were really around any black guys -- just passing on the sidewalk even -- the first thing she did after seeing them was check their crotch out rather quickly. She didn't do it to white guys. 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I never gave him information that would lead back to me, other than an email address no one knew I had. I said talking live on the internet that I didn't want him obviously running off with her, which he laughed about basically, and made light of. He's 23. Come on. He gets different younger, hot women every week. He sent a photo of himself to me. He was very dark complected, short hair, but I guess a woman would say fairly good looking. He was articulate, a college dropout, but seemed to have a kind of nastiness to his attitude. He assured me he was physically equipped for what I wanted and if I wanted I could check. I declined. The next day I sent a photo of "Dave" to Jodi at her home email address saying top secret/personal, along with a note from "Darryl" saying the offer for that hot night or maybe even more than one night still stood. 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