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Author's note: This story takes place in the years between Solomon's escape from the Gilgamesh Project and his rise to crimelord/philanthropist in New York. The Prisoner: Prologue The giant cock jerked in Jane's throat and she felt Solomon's sperm filling her belly. She slid eight inches of his foot long cock out of her mouth, wanting to taste his hot seed on her tongue. The head of his cock was still shooting sperm into her mouth as she looked up at the giant black man that had fucked her so good, she had abandoned her husband for a life of crime. Three months earlier... Jane peeked through the blinds at her husband talking to the black man. Her husband had hired him to paint their house and was explaining what he wanted done. Jane had never seen many black men and never any man as muscular as Solomon. He was a big, hulking brute and she felt a funny feeling in her stomach as she looked at him. Jane avoided the black man for the first couple days, but found herself staring at his bare chest and beefy arms through the curtains of her bedroom window as he stood on a ladder painting her house. Three days into the job, Jane invited him inside for some iced tea on a particularly hot August day. They sat down at the kitchen table and talked. She found Solomon to be very intelligent and his voice seemed to have a hypnotic effect on her as she stared at his sweaty torso. They started having tea breaks together every day and she began opening up to him. His questions began to get personal, but he seemed to know how to get into her head and she answered every question truthfully. Jane told Solomon about how her husband could only get a partial erection and how they only had sex about once a month. Solomon laughed when she said her husband's penis was a nice size at five inches long. Jane excused herself and walked down the hall to the kitchen, passing the bathroom. She rinsed their glasses and headed back towards the porch where they always enjoyed their daily tea breaks. She heard something in the bathroom and looked in as she walked by. Solomon was standing before the toilet urinating. A torrent of urine poured out of the biggest, blackest penis she had ever seen. It was plump and around eight inches long. It was slightly crooked angling down as he peed. "You ever seen a cock this big Jane?" he asked without looking at her. "N-never," she replied staring at it. "Come into the bathroom Jane." Jane couldn't resist his commands and she crossed the threshold, slowly walking up to him, still watching the urine splashing into the toilet. "Why don't you hold it for me Jane?" "N-no, I couldn't," she answered, shocked at the idea. She hadn't even really touched her husband's penis except to squeeze it hard enough to penetrate her, let alone held it while he peed. "Touch it Jane," he said looking deep into her eyes. "Touch a real man's cock for the first time." Jane didn't know why, but she obeyed him. She gulped as she reached out and touched the shaft. She wrapped her fist around the base. He was so thick her fingers didn't touch. His cock was warm to the touch and she could feel the urine flowing underneath the skin. She aimed his cock, directing the pee around the inside of the toilet. He had drank a lot of fluids that day and his stream was strong, but eventually it slackened off to a trickle. When he was done pissing, Solomon said, "Shake it Jane, make sure it's all done." Jane stroked her hand up to the head of his cock, shaking all the urine out. As she stroked, his cock started growing in her hand and she gasped. It was only the second penis she had ever seen and it was more then twice as long Interracial Creampies 2 Petra Blacks On Blondes Cuckold Post This happened years ago when I was 27 while we were on vacation. Robert and I had talked about me having a black man when we talked about our fantasies and it really got me very hot! On a day that Robert went surf fishing I had gone down to the pool. After a few hours I was thirsty and decided to go into the hotel bar and get a drink. This was about three in the afternoon and usually there weren't many people in the bar at this time. So I just slipped a button up shirt over my string bikini and did Dating Mixed Race Petra Blacks On Blondes Petra at 12 Inch Black Cock had the most impressive physique she had ever seen on any man. The sheriff came close, but he was trim compared to Solomon's beefier, muscular form. Solomon stood up and began a series of graceful stretches that accentuated his muscles and physique. "Good morning Heather," he said without looking at her. Heather came forward up to the bars. "Good morning," she answered looking at his chest. "What are you doing?" "Tai Chi, it keeps the mind and body sharp." "Is it hard to learn?" she asked. "It takes a long time and is hard work," he replied. "Long and hard, long and hard." That reminded her of what Howard had said about his penis and she couldn't help but glance down at his crotch as he was looking away. The orange jumpsuit was bulging out impressively. Heather looked down and gasped. His penis was outlined down the right leg of his pants. It was long and hard, Howard hadn't exaggerated about it's size. She looked up to find Solomon staring at her. Heather blushed and excused herself. When she came back an hour later he was asleep again. ******************** The sheriff entered his apartment and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small hypodermic needle. 'I shouldn't do this shit,' he thought as he injected the needle into his arm. He sat down on his couch and sipped the beer waiting for the buzz to hit. He hadn't touched drugs in years, but found the craving hard to resist. The prisoner had a handful of these vials in his possession when he was arrested. It had been all to easy to pawn one as he checked in the thief's items. He finished his beer and started another. Still no buzz. The sheriff looked at the vial and chunked it in his trash. 'Maybe it's some type of steroid,' he thought, picturing the prisoners over muscled body in his mind. Extradition (-10) Heather was horny and frustrated when she went into work. She had seen Howard for only a couple hours the last four days when he got on duty, then she went home to sleep. Heather moaned in her sleep, then woke up abruptly. She reached down between her legs and ran her finger along her slit. It was wet with her juices and her clit was engorged. She couldn't remember her dream, but it must have been pretty hot. She ran her finger around her clit, thinking of her fiance. She fantasized about Howard getting off work and throwing her down on the bed and making love to her for the six hours until she had to go to work. Unfortunately, Howard got off work and collapsed exhausted on the bed, his snores resounding through the bedroom three minutes later. She got up and dressed for work. Heather stopped at a deli to pick up some sandwiches for herself and the prisoner. She had found herself talking to him every night during his Tai Chi excercises. When she got to the police station, the sheriff was out on patrol and Agnes was manning the phones. Heather was tired of being alone and starved for human conversation. She talked to the old dispatcher for an hour before Agnes got off work. When Agnes left, Heather puttered around bored out of her skull. She'd try to remember to buy something to read tomorrow night. She looked at her watch. Time to take Solomon his dinner. She grabbed his sandwich and a soda, carrying it back to his cell. The prisoner was doing his Tai Chi movements again, every perfectly developed muscles on his chest and arms accentuated and glistening with sweat. Heather watched for a minute, admiring his body and not wanting to interrupt. "Dinner time," he said without looking at her. It was almost like he could sense her presence. "Yes, I didn't want to disturb your workout." Solomon Dark Cavern Cuckold Petra Blacks On Blondes Slut Wife Cuckold black men are great fucks," screamed Jane as the sheriffs cock exploded in her pussy. Their black cocks seemed to draw the orgsms from her body. She fell forward on the sheriff and rested. "I could fuck you all night, but my man is waiting for me." Jane kissed the sheriff and began to get dressed. ****************** Tears were pouring down Heathers face from pleasure and guilt. As Solomon's cock filled her pussy with cum, she knew she was hooked on black cock. She passed out again as the orgasm over took her. Solomon was fucking her again when she woke up, but in a different position. She was handcuffed to the cell bars standing up and Solomon was pounding her pussy from behind. He had somehow reached her pile of clothes and freed himself. Solomon pulled out and brought his cock up to her ass. Sweat broke out on Heather's forhead when she realized where he was heading. "No not my ass. Your too big." "Sluts like you love to get their asses fucked," said Solomon pushing his cock head in. Heather screamed at the pain and started struggling against the handcuffs. Solomon was gentle and let her grow used to each inch before pushing another in. He met resistance at eight inches and began slowly fucking her ass. Soon she quit struggling and started pushing back into him. "You love my cock don't you slut." "I love it. Fuck me. Fuck my ass." Heather threw her head back and screamed in delight. Solomon fucked her until he filled her ass with cum and she passed out again. Solomon pulled out and watched his sperm rise to the surface as her ass slowly closed. He turned around and calmly walked out of the cell. "No, don't go stay. I only want to fuck you from now on." called Heather after him. Solomon walked over to the lockers, retrieved his clothes, and the precious vials of the X-serum. He walked out of the police station just as Jane pulled up in the car. ***************** The sheriff ran into the station a hour after Solomon had left. He had yelled for help unti someone called the hotel manager and the man had unlocked his handcuffs. The sheriff entered the cell with gun drawn. The first thing he saw was the beautiful Heather hanging nude, handcuffed to the cell. "Thank god," she cried. "Please just let me down and promise not to tell Howard. What are you doing?" The sheriff had walked behind her and was pulling down his trousers. "I've wanted this for a long time," he said pushing his cock into her cum-soaked pussy. Within seconds, Heather was pushing back into his cock moaning. "Your pussy belongs to me now bitch." "Yes, god yes, fuck me sheriff." "Our careers are over for this fuck up Heather." "I know." "Leave Howard and runaway with me." "Anything, as long as you keep fucking me." "I don't think that'll be a problem." ******************** Solomon had noticed one of the X-serum vials was missing and judging by the flushed conition of Jane's skin, he could make a guess what had happened to it. He could smell the other man's scent coming from her crotch. Well at least the sheriff was a brother. He looked down on women so much, he didnt feel jealous sharing her with another man. These two women would go around spreading the myth about gigantic black cocks. Solomon liked the idea of making sluts of white wives and destroying marriages. He shook the vials reasuringly in his pocket. He was begining to form ideas about the future. He looked down at Jane sucking his cock while he drove. He wished her tits were as big as Heather's. He was tired of her already and decided to drop her off at the next town. Solomon aimed his car towards the border and drove off still thinking about the future. The End