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Jessica sipped her coffee, unconciously leaning closer into her kitchen window. Her neighbor Donna was kissing her husband goodbye as she always did, but this time Jessica would swear it wasn't as deep or as passionate. "Honeymoon must be over," she murmured. "Welcome to the club." Donna and Jeff had moved in next door about a month ago and the two women had become friends, though Jessica was 25 years older then the 20 year old newlywed. Jessica was envious of the young woman's figure, she had to work hard to keep fit, but her boobs were bigger, thanks to two kids. Jessica poured a cup of coffee and waited for Donna, handing the cup to her when she knocked on the door. Neither woman worked, Jessica because she didn't have to and Donna because she was trying to have a baby. Donna didn't appear as chipper as she usually did. "Hi Donna, how is the house coming along?" "Great, we finally got the water hooked up last week, no more borrowing your pool shower. Thanks for that." "Our pleasure." Jessica noticed circles under Donna's eyes. "How are things with you? You seem upset this morning." "'s's kinda embarrassing. Jeff and I didn't have sex all weekend and we've done it every night for the five months we've been married. Jessica felt a twinge of jealousy and a surge of longing. She and Roger hadn't had sex for months and to make matters worse, she was hornier then usual. Jessica fingered herself every morning and often many a night as she lay beside her husband. "You didn't expect that to last forever did you?" "No, but I didn't expect it to end so soon and we are trying to have a baby." The look of sorrow on Donna's face made her feel guilty for the little bit of satisfaction she got seeing that Donna and Jeff weren't as perfect as they appeared. "It's nothing to worry about." A tear rolled down Donna's cheek. "You don't understand, I couldn't even turn him on. He seemed completely disinterested." "I understand alright." Jessica hadn't even seen an erection on her husband for two months. The monthly arrival of Playboy had usually been enough to get her laid that night, but now two unopened magazines sat beside the toilet. "Oh well, gotta go. I have some errands to run. Thanks for the coffee." "Come back later and we'll hang out by the pool." "Sounds good." ******************** Jessica stretched out Mandingo 2 Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations New Mandingo It had been a while since our last encounter. I had dreams of his long hard cock ramming into my hot pussy. I tried to suppress the need to have him again, but couldn't help myself. When I couldn't take it any longer, I finally gave in to my body's need and picked up the phone to give him a call. I trembled Mandingo 9 Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Candice Von at Interracialporno as she realized it didn't taste bad and that she was now giving Jessica as much pleasure as the older woman had given her. Donna aped what Jessica had done to her until Jessica sqirmed on the bed, her orgasm dripping down Donna's fingers. "That was great," sighed Jessica. "Who needs husbands." The two women were about the same height and spent the next half hour in the sixtynine postion, eatting each other to several additional orgasms until Donna had to go home. ******************** Donna didn't stop by for coffee the next morning and Jessica knew she was having regrets. She gave into the horniness around noon and showed up by the pool as Jessica was laying out. Donna was wearing a new bikini that flattered her figure and made Jessica's heart rate increase. She wasn't in the bikini for long. Donna came over everyday after that. A week after their first encounter, Donna walked into Jessica's kitchen for her morning cup of coffee. She wore her robe with nothing on underneath. The two women had formed the habit of having a morning quickie, splitting up for a couple hours to do errands, then getting together several hours before their husband's came home for sex. This morning Jessica was grinning and said, "I have a surprise for us upstairs." The surprise was sitting on the bed. Jessica picked up the ten inch dildo and looked at it longingly. "You don't now how hard it was for me to keep my hands off it til you got here." "But it's black and it's so big." Donna frowned at the thing she would have found depraved just a few weeks ago. Now, it made her vagina itch just to look at it. Jessica's tongue and fingers were good, but she craved to have her husband's stiff penis inside her again. "Black ones are all the stores are selling these days. I tried to find a flesh colored one with a realistic size like Roger's, well maybe an inch or two bigger... and thicker, but they all were these overproportioned black ones." Donna saw the box the dildo had come in sitting by the bed. A message on the box read, 'Made from an actual mold of Tyrone's cock as seen on E& A picture of a black man's muscular torso accompanied the statement. His penis was covered by a black dot, which made sense because he couldn't possibly have a penis this big. "You wanna go fist?" asked Jessica. "No, I think I'll let you" "Great." Jessica sat on the Cuckold Punishment Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Kacey Blacks On Blondes girls," said Mustafa. He seemed friendlier now that he had exerted his dominance over the two women. The three took a shower together with Mustafa in the middle, his large size filling the shower and making the two women's nude bodies press up against him as they washed him. Donna was fascinated with his body as she ran the soap across his muscular back and down between his ass cheeks. Jessica was running a cloth across his chest. She kneeled down before Mustafa and cooed in delight. When the large black man turned around, so that Donna could soap his front, she saw that he had another erection. She quickly ran the soap across his chest and then kneeled soaping every inch of his cock and balls. Mustafa turned so that Jessica could wipe the soap of his cock and Donna frowned as Jessica began bobbing her head between his legs. He turned around again, his cock now rampant and Donna took her turn taking him in her mouth. They moved out of shower and finished the day with Mustafa sitting in a chair and both girls fighting over his cock. Jessica and Donna settled on one sucking him off while the other licked his balls. Donna waited until she was sure he was about to cum and pushed Jessica off as she clamped her mouth over the tip of his cock and was rewarded with a mouthful of sperm. Jessica pushed back trying to get her own mouth over his cock. The two ended up getting more sprayed on their faces and hair then in their mouths. While Mustafa was getting dressed, Jessica grabbed the camera to get the film of her with Donna. "This says you didn't take any pictures," she said staring at the zero on the top. "Yeah, you caughts me when I was going to my car to gets the camera. I didn't gets a chance to take your picture." Donna cried for betraying her marriage over an empty roll of film, but mostly for knowing she would never get fucked like that again, but she was wrong... Mustafa showed up the next day and fucked them both again. Donna ran over to Jessica's the moment she saw his truck pull up out front. Jessica didn't look all that happy to see her wanting Mustafa to herself. Despite getting the fucking of her life the day before, she was still horny as hell and Jessica felt the same. Mustafa hadn't gotten a chance to do the windows the day before and he didn't that day either... It gave him an excuse to come back. The End