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Brooke Eranovich was an attractive thirtythree year old, former beauty queen. She had long curly brown hair, a thin face with a big smile, and the kind of thick lips that men thought looked good wrapped around their dicks. Brooke had a trim, buxom figure not too much different then it was as an eighteen year old pageant contestant despite the fact that she had four children and no time to workout. Her breasts were large at eighteen and they grew a little after the birth of each child until they were huge. She liked wearing tight tops to show off her breasts along with short skirts to show off her great ass and legs. She looked and dressed like a slut, but Brooke was really quite conservative morally. She had been intimate with only three men and burned in each relationship. She was hard to get close to, but when she did meet a guy, she was furiously loyal to him. Brooke bore a striking resemblance to Julia Roberts. ******************** Brooke sat in a doctor's office in Long Island keeping one eye on her kids and one ear eavesdropping on the nurse's conversation. Apparently, a man named Andy was seeing the doctor about erection problems and wanted viagra. He had been married less then a week. She caught a glimpse of him as he left. Shame, he wasn't a bad looking guy. "That's the third man from Stony Harbor since spring that couldn't get it up," a nurse said giggling. Brooke's ears perked up. She worked for a law firm that specialized in environmental health problems. Stony Harbor was only about 30 miles from where she lived, a wealthy tourist town. Brooke had uncovered a company's cover-up in a similar town that netted her twelve million dollars when the class action law suit was settled. The nurse called her son in and Brooke pushed Stony Harbor off till another day. ******************** Brooke sped her bmw down the highway and took the turn into Stony Harbor. It was a warm day in late June and she had the top down, letting the wind blow through her hair. Both her short skirt and her low cut top flapped in the wind. Now that she was rich, she could afford luxuries like the beamer and a nanny to watch the kids. Before, the lawsuit was settled, she lived in a trailer and had an out-of-work boyfriend to babysit. Brooke avoided the town with it's beach crowd and traffic, though it was still early in the season. She wanted the developments that ringed the town. She had surreptitiously glanced at Andy's file before the nurse put it away and was looking for his address. She found his street and soon pulled up in front of his house. Across the street a truck with a lawn mower on a trailor pulled up and a giant black guy got out. She grabbed her notes and rang the bell. "Yes," Andy said opening the door. He looked horrible. He hadn't shaved for a few days, hair was mussed, and bags under his eyes. "Good afternoon sir, I'm with a firm in the city..." "I don't like lawyers, unless your a divorce lawyer," he interrupted. "I hate them too, I just work for them." "What do you want then?" "I was in the doctor's Interracial Gangbang Tube Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Nasty Black Cock Several years ago my wife Catie and I were at a party. I noticed her dancing and paying a lot of attention to a friend of ours. This guy is black and named James and seems to have some special power over women - he's good looking but Interracial Gangbang Pictures Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Candice Von at Chayse Evans Blacks On Blondes opened and then it bucked. Brooke shut her eyes just as his sticky, hot wad of sperm splattered on her face. She didn't believe a man could ejaculate that far and then another wad struck her forehead and she felt sperm hit her hair. He had already cum more then her ex had their entire marriage and a third wad struck her bare cleavage just above her shirt. Brooke opened her eyes, but held her mouth tightly shut for fear of getting any in her mouth. He hadn't stopped at three wads. Two more large wads hadn't made it to her body and had splattered on the carpet. More sperm covered her hands and some dripped down her arms. A large pool was forming at his feet as his cock slowly deflated, but still stayed bigger then any man she had ever known. She released it. "The bathroom's over there," he said pointing. Brooke still held her mouth shut as she stood and ran to the bathroom. The smell of so much seed was overwhelming and she had to resist the urge to shove it in her mouth. It took her close to half an hour until she felt she had cleaned it all off her. Brooke left the bathroom. Rashidi had removed his sweats entirely and sat on the couch with his legs spread. She wondered what something like that would feel like crammed in her pussy. Brooke felt dehydrated and took a big drink of coke. "Ready to find out how good this feels in your pussy?" It was like he could read her mind and impossibly, his cock was growing again. She had to get out of there before she gave in. "No thanks, I've got to get going." "Come on baby, don't leave me hanging like this." "Look, if you want to get laid that bad, there's a horny teenager lying out by a pool a few doors down." Brooke turned and left. Brooke sat in her car and tightly gripped the stearing wheel. A new wave of horniness was washing over her. She considered going back inside, but started the car and headed down the road. Brooke did a u-turn in the cul-de-sac at the end of the road and headed back out of the development. She passed Rashidi walking through the yards towards the horny nanny. The arrogant bastard actually thought he could screw someone he had never seen before. Of course, as horny as the nanny was, he had a chance. Indeed, even she had never responded to a man like she had to the black man. She hadn't wanted sex so bad as she did when she saw Rashidi's cock. She still wasn't sure she had made the right decision passing on his offer. She had probably missed the chance of a lifetime. Brooke decided to head into town for a bite to eat. On her way out of the development, she drove by Andy's. The black lawnworker that had pulled up hours ago across the street was just leaving. A plump white woman in a robe was kissing him in the doorway of the house. The lawn hadn't been mowed. As she left the development, Brooke noticed a water department truck pulled up at the filtering station. Feeling this opportunity too good to pass up, she pulled up beside the truck. A giant black man came out of the building as she walked up to it. He wore a water Judy Star Mandingo Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Interracial Gangbang Sites cock and balls. Brooke's clothes were over a chair. She dressed and walked downstairs, entering the living room just as Solomon came in from outside after toweling himself off. "Good afternoon Miss Eranovich," he said. "Mr King," she nodded. "I need to get going now, but I was wanted to know something." "Anything." "What exactly is going on in this town?" "I admire your dedication Miss Eranovich. I'll tell you, if you'll agree to work for me." Brooke almost said yes. "I'd like that, but 'm happy where I am. I owe my boss a lot for giving a poor single mother a chance." "I see," said Solomon. "Come into my den, there's something I'd lke you to see." She followed him into a large den. One wall was covered with tv's. One large, and then ten smaller ones surrounding it. Solomon pressed a button and they all came on. They all showed a view of the outdoor hottub from different angles and ranges. Brooke's face turned pale as the implications hit her. There must be a dozen camera's hidden in the rafters of the upper deck. Solomon pressed another button and images f herself with the three black men covered the screens. One showed her undressing down to her lacy bra and panties, one showed her jerking off Xavier, and one was zooming in on Solomon's cock pushing into her ass. "Bull got to sit here and make a very hot movie from all this action," said Solomon. Even after last night, his cock was getting hard under his speedos as he watched the action on camera. "What do you want from me?" "Like I said, I want you to work for me. I could use a woman of your intelligence and fortitude." "And if I refuse you'll blackmail me?" "That's right." "How do you know you can trust me?" Solomon pressed another button and a picture of her front yard appeared on the man screen. The image showed her getting out of her minivan leading her four children into the house. The image froze on her four children. Brooke recognized her outfit. This video had been taken just a few days ago. "Are you threatening my children?" she asked narrowing her eyes. "Of course not. I would never physically hurt children. However, imagine their emotional distress when this video found it's way into their father's hands. Brookes eyes widened. She'd lose custody of her kids. Her ex was a drunken bum who had beat her on several occasions. She couldn't allow him to raise their kids. Jesus, he could even demand child support and take half her money. "You're a bastard." "I know," he said sliding his hand under his bathing suit and freeing his cock. "Now come show me you accept." Brooke found her knees weakening as she stared at his cock. Even after last night, the horniness was returning. She fell to her knees and kissed the head. Damn him! Damn herself! Her body was responding to him. Her nipples were hardening and her pussy was gushing. She liked obeying him. She liked being used like a slut. She wanted to suck him off again. "Welcome to E&I Enterprises," said Solomon as she pushed her lips down around his cockhead. The End.