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Fred squirmed uncomfortably beside the big black man. They were perched high up on a white lifeguard chair scanning the water. It wasn't that Fred disliked blacks, it was just that the man was so big he took up most of the chair forcing Fred to sit on his left ass cheek. Plus, he was jealous. Booker was huge. Not only was he built like a Mr Universe contestant, but he didn't seem to work at keeping his physique. The man ate greasy burgers, hotdogs, fries or pizza everyday for lunch and Fred had never seen him workout except at the lifeguard tryouts. Fred jogged, exercised, and ate right to maintain his nice physique, still the black man dwarfed him. The black lifeguards were also getting a lot of attention from the ladies too, each one already fucking several and the season had just started. What really sent shivers of jealousy up Fred's spine was that the black man had a big cock. He glanced down at the black man's crotch, even now there was this huge, obscene bulge taunting him with its superiority and Fred had always been proud of his six inch dick. It had never failed him and was thicker then most men. It wasn't just Booker either, every single black lifeguard had a huge dick. They had appeared out of nowhere during spring training. Nine, giant muscular black men all over six feet tall. There had never been a black lifeguard in Stony Harbor and the coach/head lifeguard didn't seem in a hurry to start hiring them anytime soon. However, the black men completely humiliated the other applicants. They out ran, did more sit-ups, and more push-ups then the others, barely breaking a sweat while Fred was huffing and puffing. He had no idea how they moved their muscular bulks so swiftly. The only area the whites held their own was swimming, but three of the blacks were the top three swimmers. Only one black failed to get on the force and that was from poor swimming. That left eight black men, 10 white men, and 2 white women who became certified lifeguards for the summer of 2001. Many of the failed applicants were returning veterans from previous years and friends of Fred's, but he agreed with the coach, they were in the business of saving lives and if these men could reach a drowning man quicker, they deserved the jobs, even if they were arrogant jerks with big penises and took up three-quarters of the lifeguard chairs. But really it was the cock thing that bothered him. They were all hung like horses. Fred had seen them in the showers. The first he thought might be a freak, a lucky freak, but then the second came in, big black banana cock hanging between his legs, then Devon the islander with his horse cock, and then Booker. They picked out tight red swimtrunks which hugged their huge cocks showing them off to the world. They strutted around the locker room naked, completely immodest. Worse, their dicks seemed to harden if the wind changed direction. They were always plump, swinging like black salamis around equally large coconut balls or they were half erect sticking straight out like a black foot long hotdog, and often they were fully erect, none were smaller then ten inches and the biggest was well over a foot. It was enough to make you sick. ***************** "Will you look the fuck at that?" Booker said looking behind him over his shoulder. "The June Blondes On Blacks Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Black Dick Photo They were now just moments away from their crib and Carrie remain as their captive with her waist still propped up in the air and her legs spread wide. She knew they were getting closer to their hangout because she noticed he is now making left and right turns more frequently as if he's driving in a residential area. Then she feels go off the paved road on to what felt like a dirt road that was quite bumpy. Her body was shifting left to right, up and down, and all around as the van encountered the rougher terrain. It was embarrassing for her.....her hips were being thrust into the air as if to expose her vagina even more, and the feeling of being tossed around reminded her of her vulnerability in this situation.......... As the van pulls up to their crib, Meat says, "Mutha' fucka!, it's Killer and his homi's",....."keep da bitch down and keep her ass quiet!" Not that Carrie was planning on giving her position away..........the last thing she wanted was have to more gangmembers see her! Meat got out to talk to Killer, who was with three carloads of his homi's. Evidently, Meat owed Killer some cash from a previous drug deal and Killer didn't seem like he was goin' to leave without payment. Tyrone told Bone and Iggy to "cover da bitch up wit da blanket and throw shit Porn Movie Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Candice Von at 18 Inch Black Cock her into his chest. He was so big, he had to hunch over to kiss her. Her lips parted as his face approached her. The shiver wouldn't stop when his lips touched hers and her belly began to feel funny like when she had to speak before a group. Vicki had been planning on a quick peck, but Booker's hand in her back kept their mouths and bodies crushed together. Besides, the desire to make this a quick kiss was rapidly fading and being replaced with a desire to remain in his arms forever. She gave no resistance when his tongue pushed into her mouth, her own tongue pushing back. Nor did she object when his hand moved down her back and cupped her ass cheek. "Wow!" she said when he finally broke the kiss. "Told you there was a spark between us." "Wow," she said again. His hands were on her shoulders now and he was gently pushing down. "There's something I need you to do for me." Vicki's knees gave out and she fell to her knees at his feet. She found herself staring at the outline of his huge cock which had turned fully erect from kissing her. I did that, she thought, I made it that big. Booker's cock was so big that the knobby head stuck out of one leg. "What do you want me to do?" "I need you to get me off. Make me cum." "What? I can't, I've never done anything like that before. My boyfriend..." "Do this for me and I'll buy all the booze you need for the rest of the week. You'll be the most popular girl in the motel. It's easy just take it out and stroke it for me." Vicki wasn't a virgin, but she'd only had sex with her boyfriend twice. It would have been more, but he tended to orgasm before he even got it in her. She found sex to be disappointing to say the least. She knew about handjobs, but had never done it. She also knew that women occasionally used their mouths to get men off. The other girls had done it, Ginger actually seemed to enjoy doing it and had sucked off several men even swallowing their cum, but then she was a bit of a slut. "I'm not a slut," she whispered. "Vic, this won't make you a slut. You're doing me a favor. Besides, after all you made it this big, you should make it go down." "You wont tell the others?" "Of course not." Dumb bitch didn't want the others to know she had touched a black man's cock. Vicki decided right then to go for it. She reached out and pulled on the waistband of Booker's red swimming trunks. She stretched it out and yanked it down freeing the black monster cock which flew up toward the ceiling. There it was again in all its glory. Seeing it last night at the party had been shocking enough, but that had been nothing compared to having it pointed just inches from her face. Last night she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw it and thought her memory must of exaggerated it, but here before her eyes it looked even bigger. Vicki gulped and tentatively reached one hand up to touch it. Her hand wrapped around a shaft so thick, her fingers didn't touch. It was hot to the touch and so covered with puffy blue-black veins, she could feel it pulsing in her hands. Vicki had never seen an uncircumsized penis before and at first she thought it was deformed. She pulled back on the shaft gasping in surprise as his huge cock-head emerged from the foreskin. "What do I do?" she asked. "Spit in your hand and coat my cock Blacks On Blondes Streaming Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Mandingo Versus Jack sheer amount of sperm his enhanced balls produced, nor how quickly they refilled. "Jesus, you're incredible," moaned Vicki pushing herself off the rafts. "I wish I wasn't leaving in three days." "We will just have to make good use of those three days then." "You mean it?" "Yeah, I'll take you out tonight. Let the others go on the booze cruise. I don't want to be stuck on a boat with a bunch of teenagers." "That's fine with me. The others have been kinda bitchy to me since last night. I think they're jealous." The way Vicki was smiling gave Booker the impression that she wasn't upset about being envied. "Apparently, while you were rocking my world, their guys performances left something to be desired." "White men often have problems when the see a superior black cock," said Booker watching her put the tiny bikini back on. Booker stared at her ass as they left the shack. The little bit of material that covered her ass and kept disappearing between her butt cheeks was soaked with semen. "Are you telling me that all black men have cocks like yours? I figured you were something special." "I am baby, but we're all hung. If you don't believe me walk down the beach and check out the packages on the black lifeguards versus the white." They reached the stand and Booker said,"Pick you up at eight." He was smirking as he climbed up beside Devon. ******************* "You got white gook all over the back of your leg," said Allison. "Oops, seagull got me," replied Vicki. She flicked the wad of cum off her leg wishing Allison wasn't watching then she could of lick it off her fingers. The two girls had went for a walk down the beach. Allison thought they were going to find Ginger while Vicki wanted to verify what Booker had told her about black men was true. She was shocked to see that it was. Every black lifeguard had a huge bulge. Some even had giant cock-heads extending beyond their suits. They found Ginger besides Fred's chair. He had a gorgeous blonde surfer type lifeguard sitting beside him that Allison stared at constantly. As they walked back to their blankets, Allison said, "can I hang out with you tonight?" "Oh, I'm doing something with Booker." Allison's eyes showed her disapproval. She wasn't a bigot like Mandy, but she clearly didn't approve of mingling between the races. "Come on, I get motion sickness. I really don't want to be stuck on a boat for three hours. Plus, that lame guy I hooked up with last night is going." "I guess you could hang with us." "Hey maybe Booker could set me up with that viking god sitting beside Fred?" "I'll ask him." ****************** "Nope," said Booker. "I ain't gonna hook her up with no white boy. Devon here will come with us if you want." "She won't date a black guy. No offense Devon." "She don't know what she missin mon," said the black islander. "We won't tell her then," said Booker. "Tell her I'll set her up with Sven and then say he canceled at the last minute. Devon will take his place." "I don't like lying to my friends," said Vicki. "You want her lookin down her nose at you for sleeping with me? Devon will just have to change her mind about black men." "She has been kinda snooty lately." "Good, I'll pick you both up at eight." "Tonight then," said Vicki. The End