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"Please, no," cried Vivian, shaking her cell phone. "Come on, come on." She kept trying as the battery low message flashed and then her phone went dead. This day had started out bad and was getting worse. Vivian's boyfriend, John had tried to get her to go down on him last night, but she didn't care too much for oral sex or any sex out of the ordinary. She came from a very conservative Japanese-American family. The kind where the woman was supposed to lie still while the husband mounted her for a few minutes before rolling over and going to sleep. This led to countless arguments for Vivian to "loosen up and try new things" from her current boyfriend and several past ones. They'd had one such argument last night that had carried over into the morning. Vivian left her house, tired from a lack of sleep and got in her Lexus to go to work. Her car started making a grinding noise just as she pulled into the office. She worked as a financial advisor and with the economy in the dumps, layoffs were expected. She took lunch around noon, finding it was pouring rain and she hadn't brought an umbrella. She also discovered, she'd been so tired and angry that morning, she'd forgotten her wallet and couldn't buy lunch. Vivian returned to work wet and hungry. At quitting time, it was raining so hard, she was drenched by the time she got in her car. The grinding noise started almost immediately as she put the car in gear. Vivian decided to make a mad dash for home. There was a shortcut she usually avoided through a bad section of town. She took it. She should of known better. Vivian looked at her dead cell phone and started crying. The grinding noise had gotten so loud, pedestrians were staring at her and finally she pulled the car over. "Get yourself together, girl." Vivian sobbed, but quit crying. "Lord, please help me," she prayed. Vivian thought her prayers were answered. As she opened her eyes, a black beamer slowly drove past her car. The driver was a young black man, barely out Multiracial Relationship Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Blacks On Blondes Monica Sam Kingston couldn't remember how he got to be in the white room. One minute he was living on the street in Los Angeles and the next he was confined in a small room. He vaguely remembered a man giving him a bottle of wine before he blacked out. He was on a hospital bed with his arms restrained. Three doctors were examining him, two men, one young one old, and a woman. He was naked except for his ratty old boxer shorts. Sam looked down his gray beard at his old black body. "Who are you? What's going on?" he asked. "I"m Doctor Foster," said the younger man. "That's also Doctor Foster," he nodded at the woman, "and that is Doctor Slavisek. You agreed to try out a new drug for us." "I don't remember agreeing to nuthin." "All the wine you can drink Sam and a shot of heroin a day," said Doctor Slavisek. Sam liked the sound of that. "That's an interesting tattoo," said the female Doctor Foster examining his arm. "It's the budweiser," he replied. The woman doctor was one fine looking bitch. Large breasts strained at the fabric of her lab coat Doctor Slavisek was an older man closer to eighty then seventy. He stabbed a needle into Sam's already needle scarred arm and Sam sighed as the heroin quickly coursed through his veins. Sam smiled and blinked as the drug took affect. "Let's do it," said Slavisek bringing up another needle filled with fluid and stabbing him on his upper arm. "Lets hope C doesn't end up like A or B," said the male Foster. "You can't have an omelet without breaking some eggs," said Slavisek. "Besides there's plenty more homeless people out there." ******************** A week later, Sam got off his cot and stretched. His arthritis wasn't all that bad today. He walked over to get a bottle of wine and stopped in surprise. He didn't feel the need to drink today, a need he had felt every day for the last twenty years. He shrugged and grabbed a bottle anyway. Sam looked around his room seeing it clearly for the first time since he had gotten there a week ago. He had been drunk or doped up until that moment. A video camera was mounted in the upper corner of the room taking in everything. A small connecting room without a door contained a shower and toilet. He looked at the shower. 'Why Cuckold Escort Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Candice Von at Mandingo Club seemed to fill her mouth. The tip pushed against her throat and she gagged, spitting it out. Lou cupped the back of her head and brought her mouth back over to his angry looking cock. The head had fully emerged from the foreskin now and was shiny and wet. He pushed it back into her mouth. Vivian relaxed her throat and managed to swallow the head before she felt herself gagging again. Lou held her head in place. He pushed more of his cock down her throat. Vivian felt her throat stretching open around the huge cock. It was choking her as it pushed deeper. Finally, when she felt her air running out, Vivian remembered her nose. She exhaled, then breathed fresh air into her lungs. Her throat grew used to the big black cock and Lou pulled back thrusting forwards again. Vivian held still watching his pubic hairs coming closer and closer to her nose as he bucked his hips on the couch. "So far this aint been worth no hundred dollars. I'm doin all da work," said Lou removing his hand from her head. Leaning over on the couch was hurting her back, so Vivian released his cock. She got off the couch and kneeled between his spread legs. Lou took the opportunity to remove his shirt. Vivian couldn't help being impressed with his chest. His pecs and abs were hard and clearly defined. His knobby cockhead rested on the top of his sixpack abs, sticking straight up. Vivian grabbed the base and pulled it down into her mouth. She held the head in her mouth as he lifted his hips and she pulled his pants off. His balls were sized to match his cock and they splayed out on the couch between his legs. Vivian found this position easier and was soon bobbing her head slowly over his cock. She looked up to see if he was enjoying it. Their eyes met and Vivian felt a shiver expand through her body. His stare was intense, seeming to say this is where you belong, on your knees sucking my big black cock. Vivian broke eye contact, her gaze traveled down his bull neck taking in his muscular arms spread along Cuckold Advice Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Black Cock Master yelled, "I don't care, just fuck me, never stop fucking me. I love your cocks. Thank you." "No, thank you for filling our quota," said the truck driver. Vivian didn't get it, but didn't care. These men had taught her to really enjoy sex and the orgasms were flowing again. She relaxed and drifted off into a world of sexual bliss. Vivian awoke exhausted on the couch. Sperm was crusted on her lips, belly, and breasts which made her think they'd fucked her a few more times after she passed out. Plus, her ass was squishy with a fresh load of semen trickling out. Her body was covered with dried sperm and grease. She crinkled her nose distastefully at the mess as she began dressing. The warehouse/garage was empty when she walked out of Lou's office. Not just empty of people, empty of everything. No black men, no tools, and no cars, including her own. The only thing left was a newspaper opened to the crime report. The headline read; car thefts continue. Vivian felt a sinking feeling as she realized who Lou and the gang really were. Her car being stolen was the perfect end to a horrible day. The sex however, had been incredible and she wasn't surprised to realize she'd do it all over again if given the chance. She was surprised when she walked outside. It was dark outside now, probably pretty late and no longer raining. The streets were empty. There was no traffic, no gangs of drug dealers walking around ready to rape and mug her. What was waiting for her outside was her car. The Lexus sat waiting for her with the keys in the ignition. Vivian started the engine and put the car into gear. It purred like a kitten. She drove off heading for home, to clean up before calling John to explain she'd had car trouble. She never knew why they didn't steal her car, but liked to think it was because she'd made four men very happy. What she did know was that John would be happy with all the new things she'd willingly do with him now. But would she be happy with just him? The End