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Katherine pushed down on the horn of her BMW, waiting while the old fart with the handicapped tag tried to parallel park. People on the street were staring at her, until she let go of the horn and sped off down the road. She resisted the urge to give the old guy the finger as she passed his car. Katherine was having a bad day, but then most days sucked. The pool guy and the lawn boy had just quit on her, saying they were sick of her constant criticism of their work. On top of that her husband, the doctor, had agreed to do charity work and give free medical exams to some of the homeless people in town. He had done it at one shelter, decided he didn't like it and asked her to do the exams at the next shelter. She hated working with the lower classes, but the tax deduction was too good to pass up. On top of the bad drivers, poor help, and bums, she wasn't getting any at home. The doctor hadn't touched her in over three months and she felt like she was constantly horny. Katherine parked her Beamer in the alley next to the shelter and entered the building. There were about a dozen homeless men hanging around waiting for her. A small office connected to the sleeping area was to be used for the examinations. A older man with a beard was there to assist her. "What can I do to help, Doc," said the helper. Katherine looked him over and sneered slightly. The words, "worthless hippie do-gooder" flashed into her mind. "Just tell the men to strip to their underwear and line up outside the door. Then you can go do whatever it is you do around here." Snooty bitch, thought the man, but he nodded and left the room. Katherine buttoned on a lab coat and found it was tight around her large full breasts. She heard the assistant yelling to the homeless to line up as she pulled on her rubber gloves. Some of the bums were griping about dinner and she guessed that apparently they weren't allowed to eat until finishing the exam. She got a whiff from the shelter and grabbed a mask to help filter out some of the unwashed smell from the men. Katherine opened the door and rolled her eyes. Most of the men weren't wearing underwear and she got the feeling she was being punished for something she had done in a previous life. "Come on," she said pointing at the first Hung Mandingo Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Mandingo 9 Every man aside from myself in this story is a black man. Tiffany's group of black navy guys were hunting her down in Florida, and were promptly sent proper directions to my house yesterday by the new people who are living in her old house. They called us to let us know, worried for us that this huge group of black men were looking for her, we assured them it was okay. Tiffany was very excited, but alas, Eric wouldn't be here to see it, he had to go out of town on business! Poor guy! Maria was here and so was I, and Maria BEGGED her Master Eddie for permission to do help Tiffany in serving these studs. Tiffany had no problem either way, the way she saw it, the more for her, the better! If Master Eddie didn't permit Maria to do this, Tiffany would have been in her glory, in fact! You should know that Tiffany is no stranger to interracial sex by her previous stories, and that she is also no stranger to servicing MULTIPLE men at one time. She did THIRTEEN men at once the last time them black navy guys were over her old place in Florida! Tiffany the black cum slut...Tiffany, the ballet instructor...Tiffany, the most gorgeous woman of our group who received an interracial sex award for her stories! We had NO clue how many there would be, but we were sure it would at least be a dozen, and somewhat worried for Tiffany's well being, I was pulling for Master Eddie Mandingo Iafd Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Candice Von at Biracial Love She reached out and grasped it on the foreskin. It slid back slightly so that the head of his penis emerged fully. A drop of pre-cum oozed from the pee slit of the end and then more started coming. The pre-cum flowing out of the end was as much as one of her husbands regular orgasms and she realized it must take a lot to lubricate a penis that big. Then to her horror Katherine realized that she hadn't put her glove back on after scratching her head and she was actually touching a penis that wasn't her husband's for the first time in her life. She was disgusted to touch a homeless black man's penis, but she didn't let go, and figured it would be best just to get this over with. She raised up his penis and cupped his testicles. They were sized to match his giant sex organ. His testicles hung low, they were heavy, and were as big around as two small oranges. There was a half inch gap between her fingers that were circled around his penis and as she released his testicles she realized the gap was widening. Katherine once again couldn't believe her eyes. His penis wasn't hanging down because of gravity, it was hanging down because he hadn't been fully erect. It grew another two inches to around thirteen inches long. Fully erect, he angled slightly upward and like all the other black men, his penis seemed to point directly at her mouth. Katherine briefly pictured Horse thrusting forward powerfully ad his mighty penis ripping right through her mask and penetrating her mouth. Horse chuckled and Katherine was horrified to see that her hand was involuntarily stroking his shaft. Her strokes had caused more pre-cum to ooze out and the entire head of his penis was now lubricated. Ashamed of herself, she let go of his penis, turning red with embarrassment. Katherine held her head down towards the floor breathing heavily. When she looked up, Big D had moved around and was standing besides Horse. Both their big penis's were pointing right at her face. "Well doc," asked Dunnell, "do you see anything wrong with us" "Oh you both seem to be completely healthy. You don't look like homeless people," said Katherine checking her watch. She was surprised to see that she had spent thirty minutes with Dunnell and Horse, where she had averaged only five minutes Black Cock Slut Pics Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Blacks On Cougars Clips stronger, getting closer. Her eyes flew open with surprise... Dunnell quietly stood besides Horse watching for signs that she was about to cum. He knew Horse could eat white pussy for hours and wouldn't like being interrupted, but when he saw that she was close he pulled Horse back. Dunnell heard Katherine cry out in despair and frustration. Horse looked at him like he was about to rip of D's head, but calmed down when Dunnell winked at him. "Horse we should stop, this is wrong," he said. "I'm sorry Katherine, we got carried away and you were just so beautiful. We'll leave now. I know you don't want him to eat your pussy anymore." Katherine had leaned up and was looking at them in despair. "No please don't stop, I was almost there," she cried desperately. Horse didn't need to be told twice and buried his face in her pussy again. Dunnell knew he only had a few minutes, so he pulled himself out of the water and leaning his face next to her ear whispered, "It's only fair that if we do this for you, you should do it for us." Katherine had never orgasmed before and desperately wanted this one to happen, but she cried, "No, I can't cheat on my husband." "A blow job isn't cheating," he whispered. Dunnell saw that Horse had slowed down and was watching him above her pussy. "It's only cheating if we fuck you." "No, I can't," she said. "Horse let's go," said Dunnell forcefully. Katherine felt the orgasm fading away again and when Horse's tongue gave one last flick along her pussy, she changed her mind. "No wait I'll do it," she implored, "just don't stop." The feelings came back quickly as Horse once again returned to her pussy. She moaned as Dunnell tweaked her nipples between his fingers. He leaned over and kissed her passionately. She kissed him back until the feelings between her legs grew to big to ignore. Dunnell leaned over and whispered, "You made the right decision.", just as she screamed in pleasure from a gigantic orgasm. The orgasm seemed to explode from her body and she wondered how she had lived without them before. Something in the back of her mind linked her submission to her orgasm, but she ignored the thought as she writhed in pleasure. She had made the right decision. See Doctor Bitch 2: Kat the Slut