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I don't know exactly when I first became suspicious of my wife's activities, but those suspicions had been growing for weeks before I actually decided to do something about them. When I married Laura, she was only twenty-two years old. I was more than eight years older than her. We had lived together for over two years before we finally took the plunge and the sex had always been great. Soon after the wedding, it started to fall off and was gradually replaced with fighting. Then, about two weeks after I took my present job, the fighting stopped and Laura actually seemed happy for the first time in a long time. We hadn't made love for so long that I couldn't remember it so it couldn't have been about sex. Or so I thought... I had taken a job playing with a band that backed up a singer-comedian named Jimmy Smith. I played piano along with a bass player and a drummer and a very large and older black guitarist named Ted. Laura got along great with Ted right from the beginning but I didn't think anything about it. Ted was in his mid fifties at the time and old enough to be her father. He literally towered over her five foot five inches height as he stood in at around six foot five and maybe three hundred pounds. Laura is very petite and has long dark hair and baby blue eyes. No, I didn't even think a thing about it... We lived together in an old house in San Jose that belonged to one of the band leader's friends. He just let us all stay there for free. I Guess he was kind of a "groupie". Laura and I shared one room, Jimmy had the master bedroom and Ted had his room at the other end of the hall. The other guys lived in the same town so they just stayed at their own places. Jimmy was hardly ever around because his wife lived quite a ways away and he wanted to be with her as much as possible. So when I drove down to San Diego to visit my kids from a previous marriage every other weekend, I would essentially be leaving my wife alone with Ted for over two days. That was the situation that I wasn't thinking about. Maybe my suspicions started when I remembered something from when Laura and I had started seeing each other. I remembered her telling me about having dated a black man when she was around seventeen. About all she said about him was that he was a med student and a very good dancer. I also remembered her reaction to a movie named, "Mandingo" that we had seen at a drive in theatre. She seemed a little nervous during the scene where Susan George seduces Ken Norton and we both joked about it saying how we wanted to pleasure one another. And then there was the way that she always liked to dance with a previous bandleader's son who just happened to be black. She wouldn't dance with any of the white guys at the club. Only him. Well, to be perfectly honest I had told her that I didn't want her to dance with anyone at the club but later modified my order to exclude her black dance partner. And then later I let her dance slow dances with him too. Hmmm... what was I thinking? She would always be the one to ask him to dance too. I really couldn't believe my own jealous suspicions but I just had to know for sure. The next time Black Cock Helicopter Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Suck That Black Dick Edward watched his wife get dressed from the corner of his eye as he tied the tie around his neck. "Honey, why don't you show some leg?" "Edward!" said Claudia perturbed, but smiling. She liked that after ten years of marriage, her husband still couldn't take his eyes off her. "I'm serious," said Edward. "If this deal goes through, we stand to make one million dolllars in commission. Anything to get him to sign his name on that contract." Edward sold real estate around Stony Harbor, Long Island. The House in question was a fifteen million dollar beach house. Those houses were owned mostly by the rich and famous of New York City and rarely came up for sale. "Ok honey," said Claudia letting the dress she was wearing fall to the floor. "I have just the right dress." Claudia stood there wearing a lacy white garter ensemble and let her husband stare at her in her underwear. She turned and pulled out a tight black dress that only reached halfway to her knee. Edward held his breath and felt his penis stir. Claudia was a beauty and was born near to perfection. What hadn't been perfect, a boob job had taken care of. His wife was a tall, leggy, raven haired woman with the body of a swimsuit model and the tan to match. Her breasts had been large before the operation, but she insisted on adding a cup size. Her large boobs changed her appearance from a pretty model to a sexy stripper, but at heart she was still a decent small-town girl. Edward was a good match with his wife. He was tall, good-looking, and fit with only a slight paunch that Interracial Creampie Vids Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Candice Von at Mandingo Ambassadors ordered, "Bend it down. Bend that mother fucker down!" Laura did her best to do that by holding his cock in her mouth and trying to bend it down. But it was so stiff that the best she could do was to not be lifted up by it as he flexed it. Finally she let it out and it popped up and pointed toward the ceiling. Strands of her long beautiful hair stuck stubbornly to his big black cock. Ted pulled Laura up and took her into his arms. He kissed her white breasts and licked and slobbered all over them. He kissed her and their tongues played together with a lot of wetness from both sides. She leaned over and let her long hair trail down over his huge black erection as she smiled coyly at it and kissed and licked it. Then she raised up and then leaned back and he was over her. He opened his mouth and she spit in it. He ordered her to give him some more and she spit in his mouth again. "Get nasty! Get nasty," Ted ordered. Laura spit in his mouth again. I had been so fascinated by this that I hadn't noticed that he had entered her pussy with his humongous black cock. He was fucking her! They fucked like this for maybe a half an hour before he turned her over and took her doggy style. He slapped her ass and ordered her, "Give me all the ass you got, Laura! Give it to me! All the ass you got, baby! Your little white hubby gonna be gone for three whole days! Give me that ass, baby." They fucked this way, changing positions and moving around the room for several hours. Their rhythm was slower and more relaxed for quite a while then it increased in intensity until Laura was screaming in ecstasy. If they had been in an apartment where there were neighbors close enough to hear them, someone would probably have called the police. Now Laura was trying to recover from her most intense orgasm of the night before Ted started to lay into her again. She was trembling all over and kissing and licking his face. Ted was smiling at how his young white love thing was taking it all so seriously. He was a little more than half way inside of her now and teasing her with his humongous black cock. She was trying to get him to fuck her hard again but he wanted her to talk dirty to him first. "Is this how far your husband can reach?" he asked, grinning down at her. "You know how far he can reach...I told you all that weeks ago...come on, now...please don't stop..." She tried to pull him deeper into her tight, tight little pussy but Ted continued to tease and hold back her pleasure. She was starting to get a little impatient with him but she was afraid to go too far. If she pushed to hard, he might never give her what her heart desired. Ted pulled out a little more. Now only six inches of his foot long, wrist thick black cock remained inside of my sweet young wife. "How about this? Is this what he gives you?" Laura frowned then made a motor boat sound with her tongue and lips directly into Ted's taunting, grinning face, scolding him as it were. Then she said, "Yes, darling. At least that's what he used to give me until we stopped doing it altogether. But even then, he wasn't half as thick...Ok?" Ted beamed with pride. Black Cock Slut Wife Candice Von Gloryhole Initiations Olivia O Lovely Mandingo for a few seconds and then pushed it back in. I had no idea she could do this. She sucked on him like this for the better part of an hour then she suddenly released him and jumped up on her knees and exclaimed, "Okay ! I'm ready!" "Are you sure, Laura?" "Yes sir..." "Okay, fetch the KY..." "Yes, master," she teased as she jumped up and ran to the bathroom. She returned in a few seconds and jumped back on the bed and handed the tube to her black lover. "As you requested, master," she giggled. Ted smiled as he took the tube from her and grabbed her long dark hair and pulled her face to his and kissed her long and deep... Then Ted finally said, "Laura, I think it's about time you got that facial that we've been talking about." Laura immediately got into a seated position on the couch and Ted stroked his big black cock in her face. Laura spit on the tip of his cock and held her tongue out. Ted's cock suddenly let out several streams of thick white liquid as he let it ejaculate into Laura's face. The first stream went straight into her mouth and she closed her pretty lips but couldn't hold it all in and some came back out of the corners of her mouth. The second stream made a pearly river from above her forehead all the way along the side of her cute little white nose and ending by dripping off the end off her chin. The third stream almost hit her in her right eye and covered half of her cheek with it's thick hot gooeyness. Then Ted proceeded to smear his cum all over Laura's beautiful face ! That's what he had meant by "her facial". He meant to cover her entire face with his semen ! And, true to his word, he didn't miss a spot on her lovely face. He even scooped up some cum with his finger and pushed it up her nose, making her blow cum bubbles from both of her cute little pussycat nostrils, much to both of their delights. Laura hadn't spit out the cum that was in her mouth but when she saw how she was making bubbles from her nose, she laughed and some of the cum in her mouth must have gone down the worng pipe and she started to spit and choke a little. Now it was all over her face, up her nose in her ears, eyes and hair and down her throat. Finally the fireworks seemed to be over for awhile at least and Laura cuddled up with Ted. Her face was still completely covered with his cum and I guess the idea was that she had to let it dry and set in. Before too long, they were both asleep in each other's arms. I laid there in my little attic hideaway for about an hour before I heard sounds below me again. I was still in shock at what I had just witnessed but it was beginning to hit me that I had actually enjoyed the whole thing and I realized that it was the biggest thrill that I had ever had. If there was going to be any more action between my beautiful white wife and her steady black stud, I would be sure to remember to masturbate to it this time! Down below me I heard Laura's voice. I heard her say, "Okay, sleepy head, wake up! Remember what you promised?" Ted groaned, "Teach you Anal?" Laura smiled, "Up to it now? or do you want to wait till tomorrow night?" -to be continued-