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Sable and Raymond Burke were a successful husband and wife team at the law offices of Burke, Leeson and Hedges in Los Angeles. They exemplified everything trendy and had the money to buy it. Sable, a pretty blond 28-year-old Stanford graduate, handled criminal defense, mostly, while Raymond, a 30-year-old Yale man, was an expert in contract litigation. Ray had noticed that his wife had been under a lot of pressure lately with a particularly heinous rape-kidnapping case she was working on. She always appeared exhausted and, over the past few weeks, seemed to have lost all interest in sex. While before the two had enjoyed a healthy, if not frequent, physical relationship now their sex lives had all but disappeared. Ray did not get alarmed. It was a usual occupational hazard that would change soon after the resolution of her burdensome case. One day Sable came into their airy breakfast room and literally threw her expensive leather brief case on to the table in apparent disgust. She pulled off her bone horn-rimmed Black Huge Dick Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Mixed Couples Ann stepped off the bus and looked up at the sky in awe. The skyscrapers strived to reach heaven like the tower of Babel from the bible. New York City, the most famous skyline in the world, was even more amazing then she imagined. Ann had just stopped at the bottom of the bus, staring at the city sights and she was rudely pushed out of the way by the other disembarking passengers. She moved out of the way still staring as she collected her bags. New York was both beautiful and ugly. The buildings were amazing, but they were also a dull gray and the curb stank of exhaust fumes. It was also the noisiest place she had ever been, car horns were constantly honking and brakes were squealing. Ann heard the word "fuck," three times in five minutes, mostly from taxi drivers yelling at one another. This certainly wasn't Idaho. "Excuse me Miss, but would you happen to be a model?" said a deep voice. Ann had just gotten her bags and turned towards the voice. A well dressed, young black man was sitting on a bench reading the Wall Street Journal. "Yes I am," she answered, then added, "Well actually no, but I'm looking to become a model or maybe an actress." "My name's Latrell," he said standing up to shake her hand. The black man towered over her five feet eight inches by almost a foot. He was only about the tenth black person, she had ever seen. Latrell was both handsome and charming. He wore a well tailored suit beneath an open trench coat. He was young, probably only about twenty two. Ann dropped her bag and shook his hand noticing how his large beefy hand completely engulfed her small dainty one. His handshake was firm, but gentle. "Ann, Ann Dutton," she introduced herself. "I'm a photographer with the E&I modeling agency," he said handing her a card. "If your looking for work give me a call. We're always looking for a fresh face." "Well sir, I'll consider it," said Ann grinning from Charmane Star Black Cock Slut Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Eunique Styles at Black Monster Cock Videos understand..." Ray began, regaining a modicum of composure. "Jerome and I have been...physical...during my conferences with him here," Sable said, hanging her head. She was holding her forearms crossed over her belly and she appeared to be as sick as Ray felt. Jerome laughed, casually removing a pack of cigarettes from Sable's brief case. He leisurely lit one with her gold lighter, studied the lighter for a moment, then slipped it in the pocket of his LA County Jail coveralls. He blew a cloud of smoke at Ray. "See, your wife was in need of some serious fucking," he began, as if lecturing students in biology. "Please, Jerome!" Sable begged, her mascara smudged, her face flushed. "It's the truth, isn't it? Didn't you tell me that your old man here is hung like a hamster?" Sable turned and regarded Ray with those deer-caught-in-the-headlight eyes. "Try to understand, dear. I was feeling lonely..." "Fuck! You were feeling horny! You see, counselor, she read in the doctor's report of the examination of the Interacial Creampie Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Interracial Amateur Creampie broke the revery of the lovers. Sable disengaged herself from Jerome's still substantial cock and went to answer it. She stood, feet apart, as thick gobs of man seed dribbled down her legs and stocking. "Yes, this is Sable Burks. Yes. Yes. I see. Okay, good work." "You're never going to believe this", Sable said with undisguised excitement. "The victim in this case has called the District Attorney's office and withdrew her complaint! She admitted that she was not, in fact, raped!" Jerome was wiping his cock head off on Ray's sleeve. "Shoot. I could of told you that. It wasn't a case of rape, it was a simple case of fuck. See, her old man caught us and she had to scream rape to keep her reputation!" Ray and Theo were quickly released. The Burks did not report Ray's violation at the hands...rather, at the cock of the brothers. Ray and Sable are trying to work things out now. They communicate a lot more and their live-in butler and chauffeur, Theo and Jerome, respectively, have been a great help.