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"Hmmm girl, he's so fine." "No justice, no peace," shouted Reverend Al Sharpspeare from the podium shaking his fist in the air. "No justice, no peace," responded the crowd unenthusiasticaly. "Why we here girlfriend?" "I'm here to stare at Rev Al." "No seriously, what's up with this rally?" "To end racial profiling or something. Course the punk the cops stopped had 50 vials of crack on him and was drunk driving. I think Rev Al just likes to see himself on tv." "Yeah, he loves himself more then I love him." "He sure is fine. I don't know how someone can disappear for a month, return looking twenty years younger and look like he's lifted weights his whole life. Whatever he did sure worked. Wish he'd do something about that whacked hair though." ******************** "Amen brothers and sisters." Al Sharpspeare posed for the camera men, then stepped off the podium almost bowling over a young, elegant blonde woman. 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The caption explained that women sould dress sexy to please their man. The next panel showed the woman reaching into the man's unbuttoned trousers. Amber laughed at the third panel. The woman had pulled out a huge penis as long as her head and was staring at it in awe. The artist of the booklet must of had an unusual sense of humor because he drew the penis entirely overproportioned and jet black. She laughed again as she looked over the next few pages. The black man was now naked, big and muscular. The woman was also naked, the panels showed her licking around the head of the black man's penis, kissing his testicals, then sucking on the end while massaging his equally large balls, and then angling her head so that she could swallow most of the thick dark shaft. Amber turned the page. The cartoon woman now had her head back and was getting jet after jet of sperm blasted on her. Her face and breasts were covered with the white stuff. 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Al was sitting at his desk when she returned. "You may take the rest of the day off. You handled my penis so well, I'm sure Brian's will be a lot easier, but you still need to practice your oral skills. This might come in handy." The Reverend removed a box from his desk containing a foot long black dildo. It was called the black impaler and defined as the number one white pussy pleaser. "Read the booklet, watch the video, and practice sucking on this. No matter how tempting it may be, do not insert it in your vagina or you risk it ruining you for Brian's penis, these are quite addictive. I'll need to see you again just before the wedding." "Yes sir." Amber stared at his cock now dangling like a limp banana and still nine inches long. He had made no move to put it away yet. This was very strange and Amber considered getting another minister to marry her, but the invitations had gone out naming the famous Al Sharpspeare as the performer of the ceremony. Plus, how do you uninvite your boss to marry you." "One last thing before you go Amber. You just proved to me I can trust you and that you aren't a racist. I'll be needing a personal assistant. I'd like to consider you for the job. It will require a lot of traveling to rallys and such, sometimes at just a moments notice. Plus, you will have to put in a lot of hours serving my needs. It will be a pretty high profile job and I can pay you fairly well. What do you say?" "I'll consider it sir. Thank you." Amber didn't know what Brian would think about it, he wanted to start a family right away, but it was her dream job. Amber Derrickson, civil rights activist had a nice ring to it. She left the office smacking her lips and thinking Amy was right, sperm didn't taste all that bad. Continued in Part 2.