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| Added: 2009-05-25
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She should be a covergirl. She should be a model. She should be walking the red carpet and not in this grotesque bathroom stall about to do some dirty deeds. Eunique Styles is the finest piece of black ass to come our way and it just so happens her bathroom behavior is about to get nasty. Instead of going #1 or #2 and leaving, Eunique Styles takes her time to get comfortable in a bathroom that was in desperate need of cleaning months ago. If only she knew that there's a white stranger just a few feet from her then her mood would change. However, Eunique gets a close encounter of the white cock kind as an anonymous white dick makes its debut. Never going with a white dick before Eunique takes this odd opportunity to use her saliva glands to coat his white pecker with her mouth juices. Its a good thing this stranger has stamina or he wouldn't have had the chance to fuck her black pussy through the infamous gloryhole. Eunique Styles milks her first white cock all over her face like a good little black slut and hopefully she tells all her black girlfriends.
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Hello, have I got a story for you. I'm a 23 year old redhead and I work at a convenience store. Alot of guys who come in flirt with me and tell me how cute I am but I've never really seen myself as being "hot". One of my biggest fantasies has always been a little weird. I've always wanted to give head to a stranger through a gloryhole. It sounds simple enough but it is'nt. I've never been able Riding Big Black Dick Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations First Black Dick Our one and only experience that qualifies for your site came on our fifth anniversary. I was 42 and my wife (my second) was 28. We live in New York where I am a fairly successful investment banker. For our fifth anniversary we took a weeks vacation at an exclusive resort in St. Maarten. I love going to beach resorts with Jennifer. In fact the beach is where I originally met her not too long after my divorce. She is a knockout in a bathing suit. She is a Florida blond, about 5'6", 105 pounds and a body that perfectly fills out a bikini. She tans great and is very athletic, so the tan really accentuates her flat abs and tight legs. She's also just a blast to be with, always smiling, outgoing, real girl-next-door type. St. Maarten was great. We went down there with the intention of doing absolutely nothing for a week except sit by the beach and pool bar, drink pina colada's all day and screw all night. Like I said it was a pretty upscale place, and most people came down from Saturday to Saturday, so you got to see the same people everyday. By Tuesday we were on a first name basis with a lot of the people around the pool. In particular I had had a number of discussions with a black man about my age named Ray. He was a Wall Street lawyer with a very highly respected firm. He was down in St. Marteen celebrating his own recent divorce, so we had quite a bit in common to talk about. From what I saw that first weekend, he was also doing very well with the single women in the resort. It wasn't too surprising since he had to be at least 6'3" and had the body of a defensive end. By Wednesday we were like old friends and when I came down to the beach after lunch while Jennifer was in the spa, I gladly took a chaise lounge next to his at the private beach. He had on dark Hard Black Dick Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Eunique Styles at Watching My Mom Go Black men's room unnoticed and lock myself in the adjacent stall in anticipation of a man using the stall next to me. I wait and wait and finally I hear the door open. I perk up in total excitement but he does'nt use the stall, he uses the urinal..."Fuck!" I say to myself. I totally forgot that men don't always use the stall toilets, unlike us women who don't have urinals in our bathrooms. So I Black And White Dating Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Cuckold Home and leaves as I sit there with his cum still running down my face and a throat glazed with his sperm thinking to myself how fucking awesome it was...and the best part is I don't even know who he was and he's already gone and I'll never, ever have to worry about seeing him again. Not to mention nobody except me will know that I finally sucked off a black guy, and nobody will ever find out.