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Dennis was laying on his side as he slowly ran his hands down between his fiance's breasts and over her belly. They had been together for eight months and tonight he had proposed. They had set the wedding for ten months from now. Michelle sucked in her belly as his hands touched her. "Don't touch my stomach," she said, "I'm too fat." "Your still the beautiful cheerleader I fantasized about in high school," he replied lovingly. "Besides, I'm not exactly a hot stud myself." After high school, Dennis had taken over his father's car dealership and was doing quite well for himself. One day, he had walked into the diner for lunch and he had seen a worn sad-looking woman eating alone and had recognized her immediately, despite the fact that she was about sixty pounds heavier then she had been in high school, ten years ago. He went over to say hi, and despite the fact that it had taken Michelle several minutes to remember who he was, ended up joining her for lunch. In high school, Dennis was a typical nerd. He was short, fat and had worn large black rimmed glasses, and now ten years later he looked exactly the same, except that he was now almost completely bald. Dennis couldn't get over the changes in Michelle. He didn't care about her appearance, it was her spirit that had changed the most. He remembered her as the fun loving cheerleader, always quick to smile, and nice to everyone, even nerds like himself. She had developed large breasts before any of the other girls, and always got a lot of attention from boys, but there was really only one guy for her. Jed was the star quarterback. He was muscular, handsome and bright. They dated all through high school and he had gotten both an academic and a sports scholarship and was going to college to be a lawyer. Though every boy in school dreamed of having Michelle for themselves, none could hate Jed, he was just to likable. The only bad thing Dennis remembered about Jed was that he always seemed to get way to drunk on weekends. And that was the problem. As Michelle filled Dennis in on the past ten years, he sadly nodded as she told him about her marriage to Jed. In high school, Jed was known as a fun drunk, In College, as a binge drinker, and as a married man, an abusive husband. His descent began, right after they were married at the age of twenty. Within a year he had been thrown out of law school and took a job as an auto mechanic. He would spend his evenings sitting in front of the tv drinking beer. At first he was fine, but after a couple years, he had developed a temper. Jed took out his own failings as a man on his wife, yelling and belittling her constantly. Michelle's self esteem had been destroyed and she had turned to food to get her through the day. His insults just kept growing worse as she gained weight, until one day he had hit her. Jed had said that he regretted it and had promised to change. She had foolishly stayed with him. Then, after they had been married five years, Jed had broken her arm after another fight. Michelle had called the police and he had been sentenced to four years in prison, for assaulting an officer, DWI, and wife beating. Dennis had asked Michelle out to dinner that night, and they had begun dating. "Did you?" he asked as they lay next to each other. "No dear," she replied "but it doesn't matter, I still enjoy it." Dennis was frustrated that he couldn't make his fiance orgasm. His penis was smaller then average and with his few previous Monster Black Cock Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Huge Black Cocks My wife Ann and I havebeen married for nearlt 10 years. Throughout our relationship we have explored the boundaries of our sexuality and have fullfilled a variety of fantasies. One of my favorites is watching Ann pleasure others, both men and woman. Ann is a 36 year old Asian beauty, gifted with a lucious set of 42-C tits that are capped with large dark nipples which come alive when aroused. Keira Kensley Blacks On Cougars Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Eunique Styles at Interracial Oral Creampie her and she felt her nipples harden and they stretched out the already straining fabric of her leotard even more. "Living proof that my workout works, people," Tyrone shouted. Then he blew his whistle and the all started shadow boxing as Michelle joined them. Michelle felt great when the workout was over and wanted to go talk to Tyrone but he was escorting Carla into his office. Sara and Jennifer came over and asked her if she wanted to join them in the jacuzzi and soak for a while. She readily agreed and wore the leotard in as she didn't own any bathing suits. Both Jennifer and Sara wore what Michelle considered to be completely scandalous bikinis. At first she was a little put out but then decided that if her body ever got that fit she'd show it off with a little bikini too. The girls laughed and talked for a while. Michelle really liked them, they had a lot in common, her three friends had all been popular cheerleaders like her, though they had kept their bodies in good shape after school. Michelle did find them to be a little stuck up though. "What's taking Carla so long," she asked? Jennifer and Sara stopped talking and looked at her for a minute. Then Jennifer spoke up, "Tyrone often gives us some , ah, private lessons." Michelle thought back and did remember that after each class, Tyrone would leave with one of the three girls. Perplexed she asked, "What do these private lessons entail?" "Oh, mostly he justs makes us stretch," Jennifer replied and she and Sara giggled together. Must be some private joke, Michelle thought. She looked up when Sara announced she was hot and going to go swim a few laps. Jennifer went with her and Michelle changed to go home. She was heading out the door when she saw Carla leave Tyrone's office. Her friend's hair was all matted and she was walking kind of bow legged. Michelle figured Tyrone must have really made her stretch. Maybe he'd give her a few private lessons some time? **************** It was one month until the wedding and Michelle had accomplished her goals. She was five pounds heavier then she had been in school, but she attributed it to her increased breast size as the rest of her body matched her teenaged self. She had been busy with wedding plans and had missed a couple workouts. Funny, she thought but the girls have grown kind of distant this past month. Tyrone had positioned her at the front of the class with them and she had figured they were upset with her for intruding on their little click. Michelle was furious when she returned home to Dennis that night. "That bitch, those bitches," she screamed at her fiance. "I asked Sara to spot me and she had the nerve to ask for her leotard back and they told me they didn't want to be friends with me anymore." Dennis watched his future wife crying, she could be so niave sometimes. "Honey they're just jealous," he told her. "Wh.. what do you mean?" she said. "You know how competitive women are," he replied. "Think back to your high school friends, and with your new body you outdo them in every category imaginable." Michelle remembered her high school days. Dennis was right, she thought. All her friend s had always been constantly trying to outdo each other. Clothes, makeup, boys, everything. And she had won, she thought. She had the hottest boyfriend and the biggest breasts back in high school. All last month at the gym. Tyrone had been paying her a lot of attention as her body shrunk to fit the leotard. Blondes Black Dick Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Dark Secret semen on the floor. They had the stamina of eighteen year olds and had cum about four times each, and they both seemed exhausted. Michelle just crawled over to their king and stated slurping on his cock again. He pulled her up had her ride him as he sat on his throne. Dennis heard his fiance scream and then she collapsed on Tyrone's massive cock. Tyrone looked unperturbed and he just put his beefy hands under her thighs and lifted her up and down on his cock like she was a pair of dumbells. She waked up, moaning as he fucked her and Tyrone lifted her off his cock and set her down in the chair as he stood before her. He put both her hands around his cock and had her jerk him off. "Are you my cum-slut," he asked? Michelle just nodded yes, as she stared as his cock in awe. The huge head seemed to double in size before the pee slit opened and sprayed her face with his cum. Dennis watched the four lovers laughing and then Tyrone threw Michelle over his shoulder and the group headed off to the showers to clean up. Dennis drove home still shaken by what he saw. He sobbed off and on, crawled into bed after hiding the flowers and putting away the dress. He pretended to be asleep when Michelle came home about two hours later. The wedding went off without a hitch and it was the happiest day in both Michelles and Dennis's life. They honeymooned in the islands and Dennis could see the love in her eyes every time they looked at each other. He even screamed in triumph when she had a small orgasm as he made love to her. It was the first time he had ever made a woman cum wih his penis and he was elated even though he knew it was mostly a love orgasm and not a sex one. They had been back from their honeymoon about a week when he heard Michelle scream in the bathroom. He ran in to see what was wrong only to find her standing on the scale naked. "I've gained three pounds," she told him. "I've got to start going back to the gym." "Whatever you want dear," Dennis said and he sadly returned to the living room. Tyrone cock sprung up the moment he saw Michelle walk into the gym again. He did a quick calculation in his head. It ha been about four weeks since they had fucked her, It looks like Steve won the pool over how long it would take her to come back. Dennis decided that as long as she only loved him she could get her satisfaction from Tyrone and the boys. Other then Michelle's sexual pleasure the only good thing to come out of her working out occured several months later. Dennis and Michelle had left the movies holding hands when who should come out of the bar in front of them but Jed, recently released from prison. Dennis had tried to defend Michelle as a drunken Jed grabbed her but Jed had just punched him in the stomach, doubling him over. "Come here my pretty cock-slut," Jed slurred. Everything she learned in her fitness class jumped into her mind and she kicked her ex husband in the shin and punched him twice in the face. A crowd was gathering and Jed had limped away screaming that Michelle was his slut and would always be his slut. Dennis had argued that they should by a gun to protect themselves and Michelle had just calmly said not to worry about it. A few days later Dennis read in the paper about an ex-con in critical condition that had gotten mugged near their house. The police were baffled because the man hadn't been robbed. The assailants were described as two large caucasion males and one giant black male.