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Kelly kept glancing at the bulletin board while the photographer tried to take her and her husband's Christmas card picture. This years picture would not be the best. Her husband, James, had a perpetual scowl on his face ever since the young female photographer had mistakenly called him, Kelly's father. This wasn't that unusual since James was twenty-eight years older then his thirty year old wife. The message on the bulletin board read, "Naughty Pictures: $69.99 The perfect present for anniversaries, birthdays, or just to say I love you." Kelly was desperate to put a spark back into her marriage. Their tenth anniversary was next month and she thought that some sexy pictures might be just the thing to do the trick. James had pursued Kelly the moment he saw her at her debutante ball in Boston. He was an unattractive, slightly pudgy man, but he was extremely wealthy and she had agreed to date him. They had married less then a year later and James had taken her virginity on their wedding night. Sex had been uninspiring at first and had gone down hill ever since. Still, she had her needs and found her sex drive was actually growing as she aged, where James could barely manage one erection a month. James' nice five inch penis just flopped limply in her hand almost every time she tried to make him hard. Naughty pictures just might put a little steel into his penis once again. The problem was that Kelly was embarrassed by her body. She didn't like wearing even a modest one piece bathing suit or skirts shorter then knee length. Boys didn't even notice her until she wore her debutante gown. Then, all their attention made her so nervous she had never worn anything that daring again. She didn't think she could wear anything "naughty" in front of her husband let alone a strange photographer. They finished up their session and the photographer showed them the pictures on the computer screen. Her husband selected the one that flattered him the best and they left. He was still scowling as they walked out into the downtown Miami mall. They didn't like going places where commoners hung out and her husband led her straight towards the exit and his waiting mercedes. They were almost to the exit when Kelly realized she had forgotten her purse. Kelly told her husband she would be right back and she hurried back to the photography studio to retrieve her purse. She grabbed her purse (it was from Saks and she was relieved it was still there) and thanked the photographer. Kelly turned back to the exit and her eyes paused on the bulletin board again. Before she knew it she had walked back over to the photographer. "Excuse me," Kelly said. "I'm curious about the pictures." "They'll be ready in plenty of time for Christmas," replied the photographer. "Not them," Kelly said lowering her voice, "the $69.99 special." "Oh the naughty pictures," said the photographer a little too loudly. "Well for the $69.99 I will go to your home and take sexy pictures of you in various poses and outfits." "I'm not sure I would be comfortable wearing anything too revealing." "That's no problem," said the photographer smiling. "We can find something conservative and take it from there. Many wives even like wearing their wedding gowns." Kelly still wasn't sure she wanted to do this, but James was waiting and she made an appointment anyway. She gave the photographer a day in mid January that she knew James would be away. Kelly could always cancel the appointment later. The photographer wrote the date down on a wall calendar and Kelly left. She was vaguely aware of a young black man holding the door for her and was careful not to look him in the eyes or say anything to him as she hurried back to her impatient husband. Christmas and New Years came and went. James actually managed to get an erection once in the last month and they made love. Four minutes later, he was fast asleep and Kelly was resisting the urge to touch herself in a sinful way. She didn't sleep at all that night and her frustration finally made up Hardcore Porn Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Cuckold Porn Video "Don't answer that," said Ali. "It's probably Jack." "Right," said Mike. He had been automatically reaching for the phone."Ow, ow, ow," said Mike suddenly. "Sorry." Ali had reached over to fondle her husband's penis and for the first time this trip it responded a little, but the sunburn made it hurt. "Hey, why don't you rub a little calmine lotion into it?" Ali laughed, but walked to the bathroom and poured a little onto her palm. She returned and pulled Mikey's little boy's prick out from his scrotum. "Gentle," begged her husband. "Oh nice," he whispered. "So cool. Feels good." Ali looked at her fist with the pink lotion oozing out between her fingers, Mike's entire penis invisible to her eyes. If it were Jack's black cock she were holding, there'd still be eight or nine inches rising proudly skyward. Picturing Jack's cock in her hand made her think about the hand job and her hand stroked Mike's little penis. "Oh, oh, ow," whimpered her husband torn between pleasure and pain. His penis grew, turning harder, but still limp. "Ow, ow, oh, oh, aaahhh," he whispered. Ali watched as a calmine pink bubble burst and turned white as Mike orgasmed. His semen parted the calmine lotion and shot up on her thumb. It was no more then a few drops. Ali got up to go clean up.In Black Cock Videos Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Eunique Styles at Gagging Black Cock the towel back up and wiping her ass. "Hold the pose." He grabbed the base of his big cock and squeezed. Ike bent over and stuck his tongue just above her cheeks so that it looked like he was getting ready to tongue her ass-hole and took some more pictures. He then stood back up straight. He was still squeezing his cock and it had swollen even bigger from the blood filling it. He held his cock above her ass and posed so that it looked like he was about to cum. "Hold the pose," he said trying to stuff his cock back into his shorts. He walked around in front of her again and got behind a tripod. "Hold, hold," he said snapping some pictures, "and were done." Kelly sighed with relief and stretched. "What's next?" she asked. "We move up to the bedroom. How much time do you need to dry your hair and get ready?" "Around a half an hour," she replied. "Good," he said. "I'll need that much time to set up the cameras upstairs and if you'll show me your computer, I'll show you what the pictures are going to look like when we're done." Mrs Johnson showed him the computer and he quickly worked to email himself all the dirty pictures. Then Ike went down to his car to get the other camera. This one was connected to a video camera. -------------------- Ike whistled at her when she walked out of the bathroom wearing her wedding dress. "You make a beautiful bride Mrs Johnson," he said. Kelly blushed. Ike had a way of making her feel special, sexy even. She looked around the room. He had set up a series of cameras all pointed at her luxurious canopied bed. She sat down on the bed and he snapped a few pictures from various angles. "lie down and pretend your asleep," said Ike getting some close ups. He noticed a lacy white sleeping blindfold laing on the nightstand by the bed. "Here put this on," he said snatching it up. Kelly put the mask on and laid back down pretending to be asleep. She heard the camera going off just over her head as the photographer took some close-ups. Little did she know that his massive black cock was trembling in the air just inches over her face. Ike was fucking proud of his big fat cock and it looked even bigger through the camera lens. "Yawn Mrs Johnson like your just waking up," he said pushing the head of his cock dangerously close to her lips when she did. This caption would be: the virgin bride while wailing for her husband doesn't suspect there's an intruder in her room. "Keep the mask on, but sit up on the bed," he said taking pictures of his cock outlined against her face from various angles. In one pose he stood before the camera/ video arrangement and flexed his ass so that it would look like he was coming in her mouth. Finally, Ike finished and stuffed his cock back into his shorts. "You can take the mask off now." Kelly did and smiled at him. She was really starting to enjoy modeling for Ike. "Put this on," he said handing her another white box.. She looked inside and saw a lacy white lingerie ensemble. It was beautiful and matched her wedding dress. Kelly fell in love with the lingerie the moment she saw it. She quickly ran to the bathroom to put it on. It was sexy, but not as revealing as the bikini. It consisted of white nylons and a garter belt. The bra and panties were lacy, white and teased the viewer with a hint of nipple and pubic hair underneath. The only strange thing was that the panties had no crotch and she thought it was an ingenious idea for going to the bathroom. She couldn't believe how sensual it made her feel when she finished putting it on. She'd ask to keep this outfit too. "Put the wedding dress back on over it," called Ike from the bedroom. Kelly frowned. She didn't want to cover back up. She could wear this outfit forever, but she obeyed him and put the dress back on. She immediately felt smothered by the dress. Kelly was relieved when Ike said that he wanted some shots of her undressing and she liked the idea. He posed her in front of the big camera and she slowly stripped for him. He helped her unzip the back Rough Interracial Gangbang Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Biracial Love from last month. "There must be some mistake," replied Kelly smiling as she thought of Ike, "Your man came by yesterday and took the pictures." "I don't think so," said the photographer. "I'm the only one at the studio and even if we did have a man working for us, I would never send him on a "naughty pictures" shoot." "But I remember a black guy in the studio the last time," said Kelly the smile quickly leaving her face." "The only black guy I know of that would be in my studio, would be Troy. He's a janitor for the mall." Kelly was shocked. Who the hell had fucked her yesterday. It certainly couldn't have been a mere low-class janitor and if Ike wasn't a professional photographer, who was he? -------------------- A month earlier. Troy wanted her the minute he saw her getting her picture taken with her father. He was surprised to find the old man was the sexy white bitches' husband. What a waste, he thought. He tried to catch her eye as the couple left, but she wouldn't even look his way. He went back to emptying the trash cans He smiled at her, again to no avail when she returned to the store for her purse. Troy's eyes lit up when the photographer mentioned the naughty pictures. He could just picture the white bitch dressing up for him in lingerie and a skimpy bikini. His cock started stiffening up in his pants. He watched the photographer write the woman's information on her calendar and then the women left. Troy held the door for her as she walked out. He could see what looked like large nipples poking out under her bulky top. He nodded at her, but it was like he didn't even exist. He hated that. Troy picked up his broom and swept over towards the calendar. A nasty idea was forming in his head. His uncle owned a pawn shop and he could always borrow some camera equipment from the shop. The photographer excused herself and Troy walked over to her calendar and changed the date on it after copying the information down. He didn't know anything about photography, but he had a month to learn. -------------------- One week later. Kelly would die if anyone she knew saw her here. Not that they would recognize her. Her light brown hair was tucked up under a baseball cap and she was wearing dark sunglasses. She was now a golden tan from laying out in the skimpy bikini and was no longer the pale white woman she had been a week ago. Kelly had driven an hour into downtown Miami to find this particular type of store. She was nervous as she walked over to the dildos and vibrators hanging on the wall. Most were too small to satisfy her now. Her wimp husband had gotten an erection on their anniversary last night and she hadn't felt a thing as he entered her. She desperately needed to cum again. She saw a big penis shaped dildo and was reaching for it when her hand stopped. A giant fourteen inch black one was just above it. Her eyes lit up as she reached for her prize. She grabbed it and headed for the counter. Kelly's face turned red when she saw the large black man behind the counter. He ignored her until he saw the giant dildo. Jose smirked when he saw the black dildo. He looked at the woman then looked again. He couldn't believe it. This was the local slut from the "pool boy" and "white bride/ black intruder pictures" he had seen posted on a local internet site. He had been checking his mail every day for the video he had ordered of her fucking the black guy. He planned to copy it and sell it in his store. Jose rang her up. "Listen if you'd like to try the real thing, I'll be closing up in a few minutes and I have an apartment in the back." He knew a slut like her couldn't say, "no" and he had a hidden video camera that would let him make his own video. Kelly was shocked at first. Had she really fallen so low as to be propositioned by a low-life like this? The counter was elevated and she was eye level with his crotch. He had a large, impressive bulge under his jeans and her pussy started gushing while her nipples popped out. She couldn't say, "no". THE END