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| Added: 2009-05-25
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OK first I want to make sure that everyone is aware that we have been at it for several years now, but I think I need to post a little less frequent less I run out of true adventures, I don't want to make shit up, First it's hard and time demanding and you all deserve the truth right? so here goes one still fresh in my mind A little background Interracial Gangbang Creampies Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Black On Cougar I work everyday, get too many traffic tickets and have just enough money to get by. My wife is 36 and by anyones standards, she's a real beauty. Soft red hair, sparkling emerald green eyes and the body of a twenty year old. She's the sexiest woman I've ever seen. I love her totally and without reservation. I'm equally certain that she adores me. We're the couple next door or down the street. The only thing unusual about us is the amount of time we spend having sex together. We may overdo it sometimes but so what? She really loves the feel of a man between her legs and nothing arrouses me so much as watching her get what she wants. Watching her get it from a strange man is every bit as gratifying as giving it to her myself. Still think I'm the guy next door? Friend, you ain't heard nothing yet. For years, we've been meeting strange men in motels for 3-ways. This kind of 3-way is usually a husband with a camera watching and taking photos while a stranger recruited from the pages of a swinger's magazine feels up, makes out with, strips, and fucks his mostly bored, occassionally energetic wife. Its pretty much like that with us too except in our case, the wife is never bored and tirelessly energetic. She loves giving it to strange guys. She loves the anticipation, the naughty whorishness of it. And, for her and me as well, nothing can top the excitement that grips us both the first time we have sex with somebody new. Its that FIRST TIME FEELING everytime we do it. With me, its not supressed homosexual tendencies, penis envy, Leah Luv Mandingo Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Eunique Styles at Interracial Blacks On Blondes inside a booth , we heard doors openeing all around us, they caught a glimpse of my wife as she walked in and that's all we needed.As luck would have it , we walked into a booth showing 2 guys (doing a gloryhole suckoff) movie playing. not our first choice, since we prefer straight films but gay films are fun also. My wife was wearing a knee high Black Dick Anal Eunique Styles Gloryhole Initiations Blacks Dick admitted she felt more sexually pleased knowing how it happened , as she put it herself " My whoring ways got me this way huh baby? How could I refuse a woman like this. This is a true story and pretty extreme, hope no one takes offense by it, like I said You guys are getting the truth , no matter how graphic or tasteless till next time